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11 Best Social Media Management Software for Successful Campaigns

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What is the best social media management software?
Hootsuite remains the best social media management tool in the market. It has over 15 million users and is trusted by large brands including Airbnb, Chicago Tribune, Nokia, and Herschel. Hootsuite is a one-stop-shop that allows you to create and schedule content, run social ads, and measure your social media performance.
Like all other marketing roles, a great social media manager has to possess a wide range of skills to create engaging content. How do you create good content and increase your online visibility? You need to use social media management software.

11 Best Social Media Management Software

When you publish good content, you’ll get more engagements and conversions. Your social media followers can turn into your loyal customers. As a result, you’ll generate more sales and revenue. It’s easier to engage with your customers and build your online reputation when you’re using a social media management tool. Of course, the software won't replace social media managers. But it’ll help managers to successfully engage with various audiences across multiple communication channels. If you’re struggling to find a social media management software that suits your business’ needs, then this article will be very insightful for you.

What is a Social Media Manager?

Before anything else, let’s first acquaint ourselves with what a social media manager is and how important the role is. Simply put, a social media manager is somebody within an organization who is entrusted with the role of performing, refining, scaling, and monitoring your company’s social media presence. Due to their line of work, they’re often known as the "voice of the company." Before the advent of the Internet, social media management roles are most similar to the roles of public relations representatives. Social media managers formulate and handle company info, brand promotions, and marketing campaigns across various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, they monitor the analytics via analytic-monitoring tools and respond to queries and comments regarding your products or services. These managers hustle daily to produce fresh and unique content for the company and then measure how well that content performs.

What is Social Media Management Software?

Being a social media manager isn’t an easy task. It requires skills, effort, and creativity. Hence, to aid social media managers in their everyday tasks, several social media management programs have been developed. A social media management software, or SMMS, is an application program that expedites a brand's ability to engage in social media. It allows businesses to connect all their social media accounts, and then monitor, analyze, and manage interactions from only one dashboard. Most SMMS software allows for real-time and simultaneous posting to multiple channels. They also keep track of conversations to help brands evaluate what their followers and potential customers are interested in.

What Software Do Social Media Managers Use?

To stay on top of all their tasks, social media managers maximize some of the best social media management software. These apps come in free and paid versions. But what is the best social media management software? There has to be; otherwise, they're all the same. Some tools were created to be the cream of the crop, and we’ll go over them one by one.

Best Free Social Media Management Tools, 2020

You may wonder what is the best free social media management tool. While the list doesn’t include completely free software, we’ve picked 11 tools that are already useful in their free versions. If you want to leverage your social media marketing, you can always go for paid subscriptions.


The number one marketing tool and a robust platform for multiple channels.
Hootsuite is one of the biggest social media management tools in the market. It’s utilized by over 15 million people and more than 800 organizations of Fortune 1000 companies. Hootsuite is a one-stop, all-in-one platform that allows you to schedule and create content, run social media advertisements, and measure your ROI. With the software, you can monitor multiple accounts and keywords, bulk-schedule your social media posts, and connect with over 35 social media networks and platforms. If you want to try a platform that highly focuses on KPIs and ROI, read our ShopMyInfluens review.

Revive Old Posts

ROP is a must-have tool to boost website traffic, grow social media followers, and keep existing followers engaged.
Reposting certain content is best for promoting older content or product posts in your catalog of content. With this tool, you’re allowed to set a specific time in between each post-share, days before sharing, and the number of posts you’d like to share. The standout features for Revive Old Posts are the following:
  • Automatically share old and new content to promote everything on the site
  • Customize each post before sharing or posting on social media
  • Customize a schedule for strategic audience targeting
However, the social media management software free version only targets the two major marketing platforms of today—Facebook and Twitter.

Buffer Publish

This social media tool enables marketers to efficiently control their active accounts and keep them up-to-date.
Buffer Publish, formerly known as Buffer, is a streamlined and spontaneous social media management tool trusted by large companies and small businesses. It helps drive significant social media engagements and outcomes. The tool has a suite of various products for engagement, analytics, publishing, and effective team collaboration. With Buffer, you can easily post photos, videos, and other content. The software’s free version offers a single social profile network only. To utilize multiple profiles, you have to purchase the paid version. The free version is only compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sprout Social

The best thing about Sprout Social is the recommended posting times, which help improve engagement with individual posts across social platforms.
With its key features similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social merges several social media tools in a single platform. The tool provides strong CRM and help desk features. It’s also one of the few social media management solution starters, giving it an edge over other marketing platforms. Sprout Social doesn't offer any free plans. However, it offers a hassle-free 30-day trial that won't require you to put down your credit card. After the 30-day trial, you may stop using the tool or you may avail of the premium plans. The three paid plan options include:
  • Standard Plan: $99 per month with 5 social profiles
  • Professional Plan: $149-fee per month with 10 social profiles and added features
  • Advanced Plan: $249 per month with still 10 social profiles but offers more features than the Professional plan


The best value social media scheduling tool in the market.
Sendible is a solution for agencies that manage social media for multiple clients at once. With the tool, you can either integrate your post with blogs and sharing sites, or schedule posts across several social media platforms. The software can also formulate an organized editorial calendar for your blog and report brand mentions, allowing you to respond effectively to people and increase your social media presence. On top of that, the tool gives you the freedom to customize your dashboard according to your company's branding to attract clients. Like Sprout Social, Sendible has a 30-day free trial but no free plan. Its cheapest plan pricing is $29 per month with $299 being the most pricey. Regardless, this software is definitely worth the price!


Daily social media monitoring is made easier using Agorapulse.
Agorapulse covers the basic tasks needed for social media marketing, managing, and monitoring. The tool offers comprehensive analytics similar to Facebook Insights. However, Agorapulse’s analytics is much easier to read than Facebook's. It also reports data that you can't find on FB Insights, such as average fan profiling, page views, post recommendations, reach and engagement breakdown, competitor analysis, and ROI analysis. The said data are powerful because they allow brands to gather more relevant information regarding their viewers and followers, hopefully converting them into loyal customers. Good as the tool may be, it doesn't offer any free plans and limits its users to a 14-day free trial and other premium plans. Its price ranges from $49 to $299 per month. If you’re keen on the budget, Agorapulse is one off your list.

Post Planner

Works like a charm—easy to use and has a lot of nice features.
Post Planner aims to support businesses in three main tasks:
  • Plan the perfect publishing calendar
  • Post on a consistent schedule
  • Locate high-quality content
Aside from planning posts, the tool helps in curating your content based on keywords and specific hashtags. It also assigns ratings to content based on how significant it could be to your audience. There are good news and bad news relative to Post Planner premium rates. The bad news is it doesn't offer either free plans or free trials! However, the good news is its most affordable plan doesn't hurt your pocket at all. Post Planner's premium plan rate starts at $3 per month and the most top price is only $299 per month.

Sked Social

An app that will post directly on Instagram for you—no need for queues and push notifications!
Formerly known as Schedugram, Sked Social's most noteworthy feature is Instagram scheduling. The tool's content queue allows you to prepare photos, hashtags, and captions for duplicated use. It provides a real-time preview of your IG posts before they go live on your feed. This feature allows for convenience in changing your posts whenever you aren't pleased with your feed's aesthetics. The best part? This program isn’t limited to Instagram only. You may also use this for your Facebook or Twitter marketing. As for the pricing, the only free plan that Sked Social offers is a 7-day free trial. Their premium plan rates are $25, $75, and $135 per month.


An effective scheduled content publishing tool that optimizes social media and CRM.
SocialPilot fits many social media management tools into an uncomplicated dashboard. It offers basic and some advanced tools needed for an effective social media marketing campaign. The tool fares great in automated post scheduling—the fundamental of any great-functioning social media management software. Although automated posting isn't possible for Instagram and TikTok accounts, SocialPilot sends a reminder so you can publish your content at a certain schedule. Furthermore, the tool's content-recommending feature is superb! You can look for specific keywords and it will collect a list of posts to consider. If the post's content is deemed relevant to your followers, you may add it straight to your schedule. SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing plans. The cheapest is the $25-monthly professional plan, then the $41.66-monthly small team plan (the most popular among the three), and the $83.33-monthly agency plan.


A one-man-show—easy to use, stress-free, and saves you a lot of time.
CoSchedule, more than just a social management tool, is an effective calendar app to manage your different marketing processes. With it, you can collaborate with your team to curate and manage your social media posts, events, tasks, and content. The software works well for marketers who desire to organize all their projects like content, events, and emails in one place. Plus, the app's ReQueue feature helps you to find optimal posting times and fills the gaps in your social media schedule with great posts. CoSchedule offers a 14-day free trial and a single plan for $29 per month. The platform also offers a marketing suite but its monthly cost isn’t revealed to the public.


A social management tool that's on fire—a perfect platform to control your analytics and grow in them.
Crowdfire is designed to support businesses to drive customer engagement across different platforms. Its system includes but isn’t limited to content curation, content publishing, bulk scheduling, hashtag recommendation, and post analytics. Among other tools listed in this article, Crowdfire stands out the most because it lets you connect your blogs, online shops, and YouTube channel to the platform. Plus, it creates posts for every update that you have on your sites. The software is particularly best for driving social media growth and engagement. The good news? Crowdfire offers a free version! The free subscription may have limited features, but it’s already useful for startups and small businesses. The software is also available on mobile devices so you can check your socials anywhere, anytime.

Why is Using Social Media Management Software Important?

Most brands are active on social media today and are becoming overwhelmed by the complexity of managing all their accounts at once. Hence, they decide to invest in good social media management software. Here are the reasons why using social tools is essential to your business:
  • To guarantee nothing important is missing
  • Organize conversations
  • Plan posts ahead of time
  • Analyze results
  • Monitor keywords for leads and relevant information
  • Handle multiple social media accounts
  • Increase ROI
  • Spare more time for real-time engagement
  • Speedily enhance posts with images
  • Simplify the content curation process
If you want to produce quality social media content with the help of relevant influencers, read our Matchmade review.

Get the right social media management software for you

Knowing the top social platforms is one way of determining the best marketing tool for your brand. | Source: Oberlo
Social media management tools indeed play a great role in the success and effectiveness of social media marketers. These tools reinforce their capabilities and help them become much more efficient in their assigned tasks. What are your social media marketing goals? Outline them and choose the software that best fits your needs. Aiming to start a marketing stint on one of the hottest social media platforms today? Read our post “TikTok Advertising: A Brief Guide for Marketers.”
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