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12 Best Remote Jobs in 2021 That Pay Well in 2024

12 Best Remote Jobs in 2021 That Pay Well

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Alongside the changing of the tides is the highly increasing demand for remote working. This setup is setting the trends for many professionals and entrepreneurs. There may be minor challenges in remote working, but they’re nothing compared to the benefits you can get. To fully convince ourselves to adapt to this modern work setup, here are some of the best remote jobs 2021 that you may get yourself into. Companies are primarily centered on telecommuting jobs to obtain the best and brightest skills across the world. Fortunately, an exciting range of careers has now been made available to people with various experiences desiring to work from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they want to be. If you’re wishing to get out at the four corners of a company office, reading until the end of this article might just be the push you need.

What is a Remote Job?

Remote work or job, popularly known as work-from-home (WFH) or telecommuting, refers to a flexible working setup that allows employees to work outside the bounds of a corporate office to a remote location. It can be part-time, full-time, or short-term or long-term freelancing. This kind of working setup ensures employees a sound work-life balance. For the company’s part, they may benefit from an increased employees' productivity and success rate, an increased retention rate of the employees, and huge savings on physical resources.

What is the Highest Paying Remote Job?

Maintaining a well-balanced work and personal life with a high salary is a dream for most people. Thankfully, the days of remote work that meant less pay have been long gone. Here are some of the highest-paying and best remote jobs 2021:

Graphic Designer

Graphic design job
Designing is one of the best forms of creativity, and the aim should be a WOW.
Designers make visual works and representations of ideas through computer-powered applications or traditional mediums. Remote-based graphic designers can create digital arts, fonts, logos, layouts, ads, and other design elements. If you enjoy creating and designing through various styles and aesthetics, this career suits you the most. The national average salary for this job is $3,444 monthly.


Freelance writers compose written content based on the clients' needs and the writers' field of expertise. This expertise may include creative, marketing, and technical writing. If you possess a knack for written communication and aim for a $20+ average hourly rate, you may consider pursuing freelance writing. You can also check this Node App review if you’re looking for a tool to help you build your success story.


A remote accountant's job is similar to those working in a corporate office—the place of work is the only difference (and some other benefits). Remote accountants review and prepare financial document accounts for different businesses and individuals. Additionally, they provide financial counsel and ensure that clients' monetary sustainability is based on their budget and operating expenses. Most accountants are highly skilled in mathematics, tax law, and analytical thinking, and their national average salary is $55,915 per year.

Travel Agent

As the term suggests, travel agents arrange travel schedules and advise on business trips and vacations for different clients. They may work over the internet or phone by coordinating flights and hotels for their clients. Travel agents are often needed by large agencies that require workers from various time zones. If you love to interact with other people and enjoy learning about different places, this might be the job for you. The national average salary that travel agents earn is $42,933 per year.

Online Teacher/Tutor

E-learning is fastly becoming one of the most cost-effective methods to educate children and adults alike.
The subjects that online tutors teach range from English to mathematics and biochemistry. They use online communication platforms and teaching software to connect with national and international students of any age, either in a group or one-on-one setting. Most teachers teach from a specific program designed by the company, while others construct their own lesson designs. If you enjoy teaching and want flexible working hours, you might as well try online teaching. It offers a national average salary of $21.59 per hour.

Social Media Manager

Many companies hire a social media manager to manage their social media accounts and construct social media marketing strategies for their products and services. Based on 2018 social media marketing statistics, this job is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs, and it continues to be one of the best remote jobs 2021. The national average salary for a social media manager is $61,668 in a year. However, the more experienced workers may earn $80,000 per year.

Software Engineer

A software engineer develops and enhances software applications by working on programming languages. They also create video games and network systems depending on what a client needs. Like social media management, software engineering is one of the highest-paying and best remote jobs 2021. The national average salary for software engineers is $111,713 per year.

Will Remote Working Continue in 2021?

Remote working is an opportunity that's hard to pass, and we all fear the dreaded end of this working setup. But, will it ever end, or will it thrive in 2021 and onto the coming years? Moreover, will we ever wake from the dreamy life of remote working coupled with good pay? As the end of 2021 nears, it's pretty clear that the shift towards remote working is still gearing up. Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, most work and education have shifted to the remote setup. The companies who opted for this work setup are still hesitant to get employees to work full time, while employees are equally hesitant to return to the office. According to remote work statistics, a good 97% of employees say that they don't desire to go back to the office at all.

What Jobs Will be in Demand in 2021?

Because of the massive changes in the workforce (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), it’s easy for most people to conclude that not all jobs withstand the test of natural calamities and pandemics. However, there are still jobs that thrive in 2021, and they’re definitely hiring like nuts!


Alongside the digital and technological innovation of our time is the constant rise of cybercrimes and threats. According to recent news, the pandemic has caused a massive 600% increase in cyber-attacks because most people are working at home with unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, a study shows that data theft related to video conferencing had occurred over 500,000 times between February to May of 2020. These threats and attacks simply mean one thing: the need for cybersecurity experts is also rising. Hence, we shall expect more remote job opportunities for cybersecurity and IT experts now and in the succeeding years.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives
The best advice for customer service representatives: your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
Another effect of the pandemic is the growth in e-commerce sales. According to the US statistics, there’s a 44% e-commerce sales growth. Because of the lockdowns, many Americans (and other nationalities) were stuck in their homes and could barely go out. As a result, the primary means of procuring consumer goods was through delivery from online retailers. The increase in online purchasing, often paired with delayed deliveries, ignited the need for more customer service representatives. If you’re eyeing an entry-level remote work with the potential for growth into decision-making roles, customer service work is the perfect springboard. This job also serves as a great stepping stone to better-paying jobs or positions. Additionally, you can check this TV Page review if your company is looking for a platform to grow your e-commerce.

Digital Marketing

We know you’ve heard and read this everywhere—digital marketing is one of the top increasing job opportunities for remote employees. This fact doesn't surprise us anymore given that we're spending so much time on the internet. Because people frequent the internet, it's no wonder the marketing and PR spaces are primarily focused on digital marketing as their major strategy. Hence, more digital marketing job opportunities will surely resurface, luring remote workers. Based on recent digital marketing data and statistics, digital marketing is one of the top 15 and best remote jobs 2021.

Education Professionals

Between 2019 and 2020, there was significant growth in job hirings in the education sector. The pandemic didn't just reveal the opportunities for remote workers—it has reframed our perspective on learning and education. With the popularity of homeschooling and the support needed by educators in navigating the new normal of online education, more education professionals are being sought—even remotely.


Translation jobs
Translation isn't just a matter of words. It's a matter of connection and discovering a whole new culture.
The internet is often dubbed as a 'global village.' Within this huge village are villagers speaking various languages and dialects. Amidst this global village's digital connectedness is the rising demand for bilingual and multilingual remote workers. The demand is so high that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed that interpreting and translating jobs are expected to spike by 20% between 2019-2029. If you have good multilingual or bilingual skills, this remote job is tailor-made for you!

What is the Best Job for 2021?

2020 and 2021 are quite difficult for most (if not all) of us, regardless of our work, race, and social status. The COVID-19 pandemic took a punch in a way we didn't see coming. Most establishments closed down, and education was done at home. In a positive light, the best remote jobs 2021 have helped people survive the pandemic. With the threat of catching the virus outside our homes, remote jobs are the best options to take because they don't require people to work in a fixed office. While we may begin to go back to normal, remote jobs are here to stay.

What are the Top Countries with the Highest-paying Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs can be done regardless of where you are in the world. However, several countries stand out in terms of payment. If you’re a remote worker or desire to become one, consider these top 5 highest-paying countries for remote jobs:

The United States

The United States' national median pay is around $48,500. That amount is 8.3% more than what workers from non-remote companies earn for the same position. Since 2005, remote workers have increased by 150% in the United States. Moreover, it offers over 100,000 remote jobs.

Hong Kong

The country’s salary range is $1,170 to $3,986 per month. This pay includes bonuses for remote workers.

The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the average salary that remote workers earn is roughly $56,431. Since 1998, the number of remote workers has increased from 11% to 14%. To date, the UK has job offerings that pay over $80,000.


Today, Dubai has launched a one-year virtual working permit for remote employees, with a minimum monthly salary of $5,000.

South Korea

If you don’t know it yet, South Korea is the most ideal place for remote or work-from-home employees because they have the world's fastest internet connection speed. On top of that, the country’s highest monthly average wage almost touches $5,570.

Apply to one of these best remote jobs 2021 now!

Remote Jobs Board Growth 2015-2021
This data just shows that remote work is rapidly increasing and won't be stopping soon. | Source: VirtualVocations
Living the dream also entails earning well, coupled with the freedom to work anywhere you'd like. The best way to live this dream is through remote working. So, if you desire to have a healthy work-life balance, take note of the significant pointers in this article and grab every remote-working opportunity you’ll meet along the way. You may not necessarily immigrate to your dream country, but you can always find available online remote jobs with companies or employees based in your dream country. Just constantly explore the job market until you find the job for yourself. To become the best remote employee, read this post about “Talent Management: Fundamentals, Processes, and Significance.”
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