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5 Best Platforms To Help You Find Niche B2B Influencers

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We can’t underestimate the value of paid advertising yields. However, we have seen a decline in its performance over the years. At the same time, fees and levies continued to soar. In hindsight, if you knew any better then, wouldn’t you gladly have jumped ship to something that produced the same outcome (or perhaps more) with less outlay? If you answered yes, influencer marketing is your best bet. And if you are in the business-to-business (B2B) world, we have even better news. Using B2B influencers in your marketing strategy is a gold mine for you.

What is B2B Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves having a prominent figure spread brand recognition by highlighting your brand message on a larger scale. It sounds a lot better than the traditional way of directly selling what you have to offer, right? The majority of these marketing campaigns utilize social media elements mixed with content marketing, and the outcomes are always excellent. B2Cs intuitively take advantage of it, and the reported healthy ROIs are a testament to its effectiveness.
Unfortunately, looking at the stark contrast between the number of B2C and B2B companies employing influencers, you have to wonder why aren’t B2B milking influencer marketing for what it’s worth. B2B influencer marketing might be the very thing you need to succeed. B2C uses empathy and analysis to prosper. It is hard for B2B companies to tap into these factors when targeting other businesses. For B2B, the approach is different. You need industry experts to back you up because your customers happen to have a deep understanding of how things work in your niche. You are not appealing to emotions, you are appealing to their knowledge.

Why is Influencer Marketing Not as Typical in B2B Companies?

B2B influencer marketing can’t rely on social media, unlike in the B2C world. Don’t expect reputable companies to get swayed by Instagram celebrities. According to plenty of B2B experts, it is much harder to implement a B2B influencer marketing strategy. One of the main difficulties is not being able to discover a key leader that can put your brand on the map. For one, there aren’t just as many of these famed celebrities that support B2B topics. This is a general fact, and it differs from niche to niche. The more complicated your niche is, the fewer B2B influencers available for you to go after. As a B2B marketer, this is hugely discouraging news. We all have heard about the success of B2C influencer marketing. And as much as you want to take advantage of the untapped potential in your industry, it seems like the odds are against you. Not entirely. There are available B2B tools to take the load off your back to focus on strengthening other areas of your B2B marketing campaign.

What are B2B tools?

B2B marketing professionals need to accomplish plenty of things in a day. Tasks like executing deliverables, observing the time limits, formulating strategies, and verifying the results are difficult to do without any help. There is no shortage of tools that can lighten the workload. However, in this article, we will only tackle one of the most critical tools in your B2B influencer marketing strategy.

Tools that Can Help You Find Top Niche B2B Influencers

With these influencer marketing platforms, you will be able to quickly detect leading voices in your niche who have excellent command and good standing. These tools can make an impossible task, such as searching for an influencer, appear like a cake-walk for you and your marketing team.


A lot of experts swear by this content analyzer tool, which also works as an influencer marketing platform. Buzzsumo can help your company find influencers who have authority, not just reach and connections. Furthermore, it allows you to check the strengths and weaknesses of an influencer. Since you are a B2B marketer, you need to weed out millions of influencers that won’t serve you any purpose. The main objective of Buzzsumo is to help companies such as yours select influencers who have valuable content to offer to your industry. Hopefully, these influencers can highlight your brand exponentially. BuzzSumo also provides clients with various search tools to sift the most active and highly engaging accounts related to your brand virtue. In this case, you are given a gift of extra time because you no longer have to come across ineffective leads and deadends. You go straight to the power-sharers.


Upfluence has a vast database of about 3 million. Their trademarked algorithms organize and update the influencer profiles concurrently. Moreover, it is responsible for analyzing each content to determine its reach and engagement. What B2B marketers appreciate the most is the different filters that make researching very easy to maneuver. You get to choose among age, location, and gender, so it is easier to find an influencer in your niche through demographics. You can grow your influencer network though Upfluence, as well. Additionally, since they can be integrated with other CMS and marketing tools. Managing your marketing campaign can go a lot smoother and hassle-free, especially when it comes to results monitoring.

Little Bird

Little Bird allows you to establish connections with experts and thought leaders that are in the same industry or at least share the same ideas as your brand message. One way this influencer marketing platform ensures that you get what you need is by allowing you to search the topic you have interest in and providing you with knowledgeable industry insiders in that realm. How? Through Twitter, of course! Little Bird mines data from the Twitter world using their patent algorithms to pinpoint only the prominent figures. The software assesses not only the tweets on the accounts but also factors in the sum of industry experts following them on top of the total number of followers. It also checks an account’s relevance and overall reaches. You are sure that the list they produce after the search is reliable. But, it does not stop there. Little Bird also provides you with the means to connect or access those on your influencer list.

Group High

Since the beginning, GroupHigh has been useful as a search tool for influencer marketing, and it has only gotten better over time. This cloud-based software has a whopping 15 million profiles. You would think it was pretty overwhelming to use, but on the contrary, the platform is easy to maneuver and pretty intuitive in design. Additionally, Group High does a great job filtering out authentic influencers with a substantial following. You can also check out the profiles intensively as each one has two year’s worth of history. Real-time updates enable you to stay ahead of the game. The platform itself allows you to connect and manage different bloggers and influencers you are doing business with.


As one of the most recognized marketing brands in Poland, Brand24 is a massive help to their B2B clients. It has a social media analytics platform that monitors keywords from across various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Youtube. Brand24 looks into overall social media reach and hashtag performance. All you need to do is click “Project” and add a keyword you like to keep tabs on. The tool will then gather all the relevant public mentions of the said keyword. This straightforward method helps you see the most powerful influencers in your niche and work out their total influencer score across different platforms. If you want more refined results, you can specify different keywords to include, as well as make a note of those you do not need. In this manner, you only pull in results that you are after. The tools could expand your horizons and boost your marketing strategies, instead of relying on PR and classic trade shows to help you search for the perfect B2B influencer.

Tips to Help you Find Top Niche B2B Influencers

Utilizing any of the B2B influencer marketing platforms listed above can bear good fruit. However, as a B2B marketer, there are plenty of clever ways to supplement your influencer marketing strategy and make it fool-proof.

Do manual labor

This is not about traditional marketing. However, doing a manual search through Google could also give you positive results. Check out at least the first few search engine results pages. These are most likely filled with quality content. To avoid chaos, be organized and note down things of relevance, such as websites or contact details that catch your eye. You can delve into them a little more later.

Know your progress while monitoring your competitors and the industry

While Googling is the first step, you don’t see the whole staircase with it. Sorry, Martin Luther King Jr, but in influencer marketing, this simply is not enough. You need to get a bigger picture to see where you stand. In this case, you need to find out more about what are the tools to be used for B2B marketing campaigns. Media monitoring tools can give you a summary of how many websites have mentioned your brand on theirs over the past few months. You can run the same for your competitors for comparison. In a nutshell, always keep an eye on your competitors.

Examine your website’s backlinks, as well as your competitors

There are SEO tools that backtrack links from one site to the very sites they came from. You can filter out influencers or journalists who have used your website as a reference for their content. This method goes much deeper than media monitoring because it can unearth more historical data.

Take a cue from top content in your niche

Reputable websites earned their place on the Search Engine Results Pages for a reason—their content has been shared by other websites in your industry. This is one way you could again use Google Search box to your advantage, but there are other alternative tools that are perfect for finding blogs on the internet.

Do what B2Cs do.

You can apply B2C strategies if the going gets extremely tough and just recalibrate your target by choosing people your target audience appreciates. If you are striking out in every way (although this is highly unlikely), you can apply B2C methods and hire influencers that your target audience can relate to. Some niches are more challenging to work on than others, so you need to branch out. Thankfully, you can find more influencer marketing tools for this task. Some software can offer you an array of influencers across different social media platforms. Just be smart about who you choose to work with. Influencer Marketing Works With B2B Wondering what companies are looking for influencers? In the B2B world, this is slowly becoming the norm. Adopting this marketing strategy can be a pain in the neck. However, there are plenty of tools for your disposal. We listed out five of the best ones out there to get you the key leaders in your field. Furthermore, the tips above are effective supplementary methods to your search. Hopefully, you take advantage of this new knowledge and start incorporating influencer marketing in your B2B organization. In case you're still having problems tagging the right influencers in your brand, read our guide on "How to Spot Influencers in Your Niche."
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