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A Marketer’s Guide: How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

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How do you promote your YouTube channel?
To promote your YouTube channel, you should consider the aesthetics, technicalities, relevance, and consistency of your content and videos. Double-check minor and major details as they could drastically affect you and your channel. Most importantly, take into primary consideration the backbone behind your YouTube channel's survival—your viewers.
Are you simply a YouTube viewer or one who aspires to grow your YouTube channel? If your personal brand or business is looking to maximize viewers and drive traffic to your social account, you’ve landed on the right page. Here’s our handy guide on how to promote your YouTube channel and get desirable results. It's indeed undeniable that alongside digital innovation came a hundred different opportunities for people to learn, create, and solve problems. With the various social media platforms available online, the possibilities are endless. One video streaming platform that has been gaining fame over the years is YouTube.

What is YouTube?

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YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that originated in America. The platform was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—former Paypal employees. YouTube allows all of its users to experience a variety of things related to video sharing. The platform enables streaming, uploading, sharing, commenting on videos, creating playlists, reporting videos or users, and subscribing to other YouTube accounts.

There are two kinds of users on YouTube:

  • Unregistered users. These are the users who haven't created their own YouTube accounts. They may watch videos, but they can’t upload and fully engage with others. They can't also comment on other videos and subscribe to other channels.
  • Registered users. They’re the opposite of the unregistered ones. Registered users are those who've created their own YouTube accounts. They’re permitted to upload unlimited videos on their channel, and they can like, comment, and subscribe to other videos. Registered users are the only ones who can view age-restricted videos.

How Do I Create A YouTube Channel?

Like any social media, creating a YouTube channel requires creativity and charisma.
Creating a YouTube channel is profoundly easy, particularly if you already have a Gmail account. If you do, you may sign up on YouTube using your existing Gmail account; if you don't, you have to create one. However, signing up doesn't necessarily give emergence to a channel.

Here are the three easy steps to creating a YouTube channel:

  1. Open YouTube and sign In. Head over to the website and click on the "Sign In" option found on the page's top right corner. Next, log in using the Google account that you wish your channel to be associated with.
  2. Go to your YouTube settings. Click on your profile icon found on your screen's top right corner, and press "Create a Channel."
  3. Create your channel. In creating a channel, you have the option to utilize the name and icon on your Google Account, or you may use a custom name and different icon for your channel. After deciding on your channel's name, you may proceed to filling in your channel’s description and adding links to your other sites (if you have any).
Creating a channel is easy. Anybody can do it. But promoting your channel and making it popular can be quite tricky, especially for those who are still starting.

How Do I Make My YouTube Channel Popular?

Anyone can become a YouTube star. Just stay committed to your goals and always make better content.
As of writing, there are ten widely known YouTube channels with 60-156 million subscribers. Apart from the ten, there are still other YouTube artists with millions of subscribers and viewers. With the competition being so tight, the challenge is to develop certain things that would make your channel stand out. Here are several tips to increase your viewers and subscribers:

Design Your Name

Decide on your videos' specific theme and work on how you want your fans to know your channel. You might want to focus on lifestyle, tutorials, or music covers. Whatever you want your viewers to see, make sure to stick to it and be consistent. Your videos must have a distinct and unique quality for your channel to stand out. It would be best to incorporate an element that would make your viewers want more and more of you. Furthermore, your channel's name should also reflect the kind of videos that your viewers can expect from you. Having a logo and header that would attract your audience is a bonus.

Produce Quality Videos

True enough, excellent content would excite your viewers. But if the quality of your video is low, nobody will want to watch your videos. That’s the ugly truth. Do you want to watch a video with very dark lighting and poor sound quality? If your answer is a clear no, expect your viewers to have the same answer. So, keep that in mind when producing your videos. Other than time and dedication, you have to invest in your video-making devices. Invest in a great performing video camera and film high-quality videos and photos. A smartphone with a beautiful camera and clear audio could already do the job. Additionally, use video editing programs that are recommended by professionals. There are a lot of video editing applications on the Internet. Take the time to explore which software works for you.

Create Videos of the Right Length

To gain viewers who are in it for the long haul, you must know the length that suits your videos. A too lengthy video might bore your viewers, and brief ones might make them feel lacking. To be accurate with your video lengths, you must first identify the kind of video you would be posting. Do you think a 10-minute tutorial video on doing make-up would suffice? Or would a 30-minute reaction video make your viewers stay? I doubt so, too. Hence, be appropriate with the length of your video.

Fill In the Description

Never forget to write down significant notes or information on the description box. It would help your audience remember important details about your video. On the bright side, it might entice them to rewatch to see if your description matches your video; thus, increasing views. A simple gesture as filling in the description box would let your viewers see that you’re exerting extra effort for them. It’s a clear hint that you’re serious about what you’re doing.

Put Tags

Putting tags will let your videos be categorized; thus, making them appear on searches quickly. Tags must be relevant to the video. Putting random tags such as names of famous artists is a big no. If your video is a quick tutorial on content writing, you must list the appropriate and specific tags. For example, "How to be good at content writing" must be your prioritized tag. And other related tags such as "Content writing 101" should follow.

How Do I Increase Traffic to My YouTube Channel?

Engage with your viewers and upload appealing content to increase your YouTube traffic.
The only traffic you won't hate is the traffic on your YouTube channel. Driving traffic to your YouTube channel is essential, as it shows that a lot of people are viewing your videos. Here are the different tips on how to increase and maintain your channel's traffic:

Pick Out the Right Thumbnail

Your videos' thumbnails play a crucial role in driving traffic to your account. Thumbnails are what people would see upon first glance when they search for your videos. That’s how important choosing a click-worthy thumbnail is! Hence, make your thumbnails appealing. The best option is to customize and upload uniform thumbnails. You don’t have to be a graphic artist to create attractive ones; you can always browse the Internet for easy-to-use thumbnail maker apps.

Compose the Right Title

Your title's first term should be relevant to the video and build a phrase based on your video’s features. Your video titles should be kept clear and concise. The right title and an in-depth description could drive traffic. Hence, take the time to think about the best title.

Engage With Viewers Through Comments

Viewers would always want to feel like the artists are actually building a relationship with them. So, engage with your viewers and allow time to read and respond to their comments. Try asking for their opinions or suggestions. They would love that. However, it would be best to delete or report spam and rude comments. Clean up your comment section if you must.

How Do I Promote My YouTube Channel?

Promoting your YouTube channel doesn't solely rely on money. You can do it organically through many creative ways.
Creating and editing the videos and content for your YouTube channel entails dedication and hard work, but so does promoting it! For amateur YouTubers, particularly those with little to no fans and subscribers, promoting their YouTube channel could be tiring. Learning how to promote your YouTube video is important, particularly if you want to use your channel for business. You may wonder how to promote YouTube videos for free or ask, “how do I make my YouTube channel 2020 fast?” Here are some brilliant ways:

Offer Something Valuable

It sounds cliche, but this is what should be served on the table. Your content, in one way or another, should be of help to your viewers. Viewers love a YouTuber that would help them get to the solutions to some of their problems. Pranks are fun, but do they offer real-time solutions?

Cross-Promote Your Channel on Other Sites

It would be wise to promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms and websites to build a wider audience. Look for brilliant ways to incorporate your channel or videos into your blog, electronic newsletters, and other social media accounts. Still wondering how to promote YouTube videos without paying? Here are the different websites to promote YouTube channels for free:
  • Facebook. This platform now utilizes tags, and with Facebook tagging, your videos could reach a number of active people on this platform.
  • Twitter. To promote on Twitter, write down the applicable hashtags, and along with it should be the link to your video.
  • Instagram. You may place your latest video’s link on your IG bio and post a teaser on your feed with a caption indicating where they could click the link for the full video.

Utilize Holiday Celebrations to Your Advantage

Don't let the holidays go by without serving some fresh content! Utilize the holidays as opportunities to post exciting, relevant content. If you have a baking channel, you may make a tutorial on making the most delectable desserts. Examples are a pleasing cake for Christmas, spooky-themed cupcakes for Halloween, or cute heart lollipops for Valentine’s Day. Whatever your channel theme is, this strategy of incorporating the holidays has been proven to work across the years. Definitely a no-fail!

Create a Weekly Series

Posting videos on a regular schedule would keep your viewers excited about what's coming. For this to work, you must use a catchy name for your series. An example is "Cimorelli Saturdays" by the YouTube artists Cimorelli. Every Saturday, Cimorelli would be uploading their new vlogs at 11:00 A.M. eastern time. Because of this, their subscribers and viewers look forward to Saturdays for their new video.

Go Live

Take advantage of YouTube's live features to converse and engage with your viewers. During your live sessions, you may play games, conduct Q&As, or do giveaways.

Collaborate with Other YouTube Influencers

Collaborating with other influencers is an exceptional strategy. Their viewers could check out your video, while your audiences could check out other influencers’ videos. And remember not to limit yourself to an influencer having similar themes as yours. If your channel is about music and singing, you may scout for a YouTube influencer who does make-up tutorial videos but could actually sing. It would surprise both of your viewers; hence, paving the way for massive traffic!

Are You Ready to Promote Your YouTube Channel?

Handling and promoting a YouTube channel isn't as easy as it looks on the output, and flourishing YouTube influencers didn't gain progress overnight. Successful YouTube stars and influencers worked their way to the top. Success doesn't happen overnight. However, with patience, consistency, and a whole lot of tips and tricks, you would get the progress you have aspired for in your channel. We sincerely hope we have answered the nagging question "how to promote your YouTube channel. Want to explore another video-sharing platform to promote your business? Check out our article “TikTok Influencer Marketing Guide: Campaigns and Influencers.”
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