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Apps Like TikTok: Best 11 TikTok Alternatives To Try In 2023

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Many countries have banned TikTok; thus, a TikTok ban in the United States is not impossible. We have curated some of the best apps like TikTok, so we have an alternative in case a ban happens. 

TikTok has become a massive hit, especially among younger users. The number of 18 to 24-year-old TikTok users is a whopping 419.9 million, accounting for 38.5% of the app’s total users. While the app’s popularity is over the roof, a TikTok ban is not impossible, so it’s great to come prepared when it happens.

What if TikTok disappeared and never returned? What will replace TikTok if banned? It’s not a shocker that social media platforms come and go; take MySpace and Friendster, for example. What will TikTok creators, influencers, and the brands advertising on the platform do to reach their valued Gen Z viewers should TikTok vanish?

TikTok and WeChat Ban Stats
How Americans view the TikTok and WeChat Ban. Source: Statista

India has already banned TikTok so that it can happen in the US. Fortunately, there are TikTok like apps that we can explore, just in case something happens with TikTok. We have curated some of the best apps like TikTok.

What Are Apps Like TikTok?

tiktok logo
A worldwide TikTok ban is possible but may not happen soon.

Is there any app similar to TikTok? TikTok may be the most popular short-form video-sharing platform today, but it isn’t the only player in the market. Apps like TikTok are all over the internet and deserve to be known by potential users.

Here are some of the best apps like TikTok we can use and explore:


Triller is a TikTok alternative many users gravitate towards due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. Many celebrities use the app to record and edit videos. The app does the heavy work for us, so all we have to do is record our videos.

Triller’s video editing features and tools enable us to add filters, trim videos, and add audio, basically anything to vamp up our video content. The platform allows us to collaborate with our friends, although it isn’t a social media platform. We can only use Triller for video editing and share our videos directly from the platform to our other social media channels.

Compatibility: Android and iOS


Developed by former Vine content creator Brendon McNerney and professor and marketing veteran P.J. Leimgruber, Huddles is a video-sharing application still in beta mode. It is one of the best apps like TikTok. The app allows us to create and share unique, 21-second looping videos in a platform, and popular content surfaces on the Now Serving page, similar to the TikTok For You page. Unlike TikTok, the app does not have an audio library, so creators must provide the audio themselves. The app is more comparable to Vine than TikTok and emphasizes a more inclusive community for creators and users. 

Shortly after its release, Huddles already had over 250k users and trended #2 on Twitter following former President Donald Trump’s announcement on possible TikTok ban. The platform strives to help creators sustain a living through full-time content creation, especially those who make authenticity, community, and creativity the primary foundations for their content. 

Huddles is one of the best apps like TikTok for kids and adults alike, and it already pays its creators. Furthermore, it plans to release the DROPS systems, allowing us to support and reward our favorite creators in fixed micro amounts, much like TikTok gifts. 

We can download the app from the App Store if we are in the US or Canada. While its release is still limited, Huddles plans to expand to other markets in Europe with the addition of an Android version. 

Compatibility: iOS


Funimate is one of the most versatile apps like TikTok for adults. We can use it to edit our video content, including adding slow-motion effects, merging multiple clips, compiling multiple videos, creating video loops, and so much more. Unlike Huddle, Funimate has a vast audio library we can browse to create content and lip-syncing videos. 

The platform offers over 20 video effects, stickers, and font styles. Best of all, the app allows us to collaborate with friends by selecting a song and combining videos into a single video clip, almost like TikTok Duet or Stitch. Funimate is a great TikTok alternative, but we have to pay for a subscription to access the more advanced features. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android


“Meet new friends and say Cheez” is the tagline of another TikTok alternative to look out for this year. Cheez is best known for vlogs, fashion content, and comedic videos. The app allows us to earn rewards by getting engagement on our videos, including comments, likes, shares, or engaging with other creators’ videos. We can use the app to edit videos, as it has most of the tools we need, including snipping, filters, stickers, and cool effects. 

To add fun to the party, Cheez enables us to join challenges, publish topics, battle other users, and join DanceOff, the first-ever mobile dancing game. There are many entertaining things to do in Cheez, and we can’t wait to see the app expand. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android


Lomotif is among the closest TikTok alternatives, offering almost the same features and functionalities, such as video trimming and in-app editing, and applying effects like slow motion, filters, stickers, emojis, and more. The platform also has a vast library of music and sounds we can choose from to put on our videos. 

Our favorite Lomotif feature has to be the New Year and Birthday features that boost our profiles during these special occasions to increase engagement and app presence. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Vigo Video

Vigo Video can be a TikTok alternative, although it is more comparable to Snapchat or Vine. On Vigo Video, we can share videos up to 15 seconds long, so videos must be quick and direct to the point. The app has various filters and beauty effects, such as filters to remove skin blemishes, balance skin tone, and so much more.

Like Cheez, Vigo Video allows us to earn rewards in the form of actual money when our videos receive much engagement, like comments, shares, and likes. Vigo Video is straightforward and generally a satisfactory alternative. 

Compatibility: iOS, Android


Likee is one of the Android apps like TikTok. The platform has a full music and sound library and a Music Magic Filter that automatically applies video effects depending on audio volume or intonation changes. Alongside these audio features, Likee has a collection of various filters and tools we need to adjust our videos. These tools include the ability to adjust the speed of our videos, crop or trim clips, and combine multiple footage in one. 

Additionally, the platform has an involved and inclusive community where we can interact and engage with other users and discover their videos. The app also lets us share our content on other social media platforms for maximum engagement and online presence. 

Compatibility: Android


Firework has functionalities and features similar to TikTok but emphasizes producing quality video content rather than getting many followers, making it one of the best apps like TikTok. Regardless of our number of followers, a viral-worthy video can make us famous on the app. Typical video editing tools and features are in the app, including cropping, trimming, adding background sounds, and more. Aside from quality content, we can also find different lip-syncing videos on Firework. 

Aside from the different features, Firework also allows us to participate in multiple weekly challenges and the opportunity to earn rewards. So, if we have special skills, talents, and unique creativity, Firework can get us noticed even when we don’t have millions of followers yet. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS


Snapchat has been around for a long time and is five years ahead of TikTok. Snapchat is a photo and video-sharing social media platform that allows us to post 60-second videos (otherwise known as Snaps) that disappear after some time, depending on whether we are on Snapchat or Snapchat Plus. We can use Snapchat to send messages, photos, and videos. 

While Snapchat isn’t exactly a replica of TikTok, it offers unique features and filters that we cannot find on TikTok, especially when we subscribe to Snapchat Plus. Snapchat still stands as one of the best apps like TikTok. 

Compatibility: Android, iOS

YouTube Shorts

YouTube logo
YouTube Shorts are as compelling as TikTok content.

Following the massive TikTok explosion, other major social media platforms adopted the short-form video feature, YouTube Shorts being one. YouTube Shorts allow us to create short-form, vertical videos. It is a worthy addition to regular YouTube videos because it will enable us and other creators to post YouTube content straight from our mobile phones. YouTube Shorts last 15 seconds, and its algorithm is pretty much like TikTok’s. 

What makes YouTube Shorts special and different from TikTok and every other alternative in this list is its ability to convert Shorts viewers into channel subscribers, a must-do for influencers, creators, and brands. 

We can produce high-quality YouTube and Shorts content through the help of a reliable video editing tool. One of the best editors we know is Vegas Pro. Read more about the software in this Vegas Pro review

 Compatibility: Android, iOS

Instagram and Facebook Reels

Instagram logo
Instagram and Facebook Reels are great for influencers with massive followings on the platforms.

Instagram and Facebook Reels are, by far, the strongest TikTok competitors today. These two platforms are apps like TikTok but had already been around for years before TikTok came out, and they can create better features than TikTok. Reels are available within the Instagram and Facebook apps, and we can cross-post our Reels on both platforms. Reels allow us to shoot and edit 15-second videos. 

The only issue with Reels is that it isn’t as community-driven and fun as TikTok. Reels are buried within our Facebook and Instagram accounts and aren’t the first thing our followers or viewers see upon visiting our profiles, so we can’t expect them to view our Reels all the time. 

Nevertheless, Reels is a powerful alternative for creators and influencers with a huge Instagram and Facebook following. And even without the addition of Reels, both Facebook and Instagram are already social media giants that allow us to publish short-form videos, use hashtags to gain attention, conduct a live broadcast, follow other users, and add Stories. 

So, in case TikTok disappears for good, our best TikTok alternative is Instagram and Facebook Reels. 

We can better manage our Instagram and Facebook content through social media management software. One of the best we’ve tried is Planoly. Check out more of this software on our Planoly review

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Is There A TikTok for Adults Only?

One of the reasons why many social media users favor a TikTok ban is the vulnerability of children being exposed to TikTok. While other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, only allow users aged 18 and above, TikTok’s minimum age limit is 13. Yes, not very young, but still not an adult either. 

Unfortunately, TikTok does not have an “adults-only” feature, unlike YouTube Kids. The best parents and guardians can do now is regulate their children’s TikTok usage or ban them from using the platform until they reach the age of 16 or 18. 

Some of the apps like TikTok we’ve listed in this article are kid-friendly, so parents and guardians can check them out.

Why Are Countries Banning TikTok?

is tiktok getting banned
Will TikTok ever be banned?

Multiple countries have banned TikTok, including India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Somalia, Iran, and Kyrgyzstan, while some governments are considering the idea of a TikTok ban, and it all boils down to China. Lawmakers are concerned that ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, might give sensitive user data to the Chinese government. So, if a ban happens in our country, we can use the apps like TikTok.

Explore TikTok Alternatives

Whether or not a TikTok ban happens, exploring other apps like TikTok can also be fun and beneficial. It gives us more chances to engage and collaborate with other users and create more social media footprints. For influencers and content creators, exploring the alternatives allows them to increase their presence and gain potential followers and subscribers. 

Now that we know the top apps like TikTok and while we’re on the topic of alternatives, we can explore some of the best ChatGPT alternatives in this “ChatGPT Alternatives: 7 Best AI Chatbots To Try” article. 

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