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Book Influencers: Transforming the Literary Landscape


Traditional methods of promoting books have evolved in an age dominated by social media and digital platforms. Today, a new breed of content creators, known as “book influencers,” has emerged as a driving force behind the literary world’s transformation. Through their passion for literature and online presence, these individuals have redefined how books are discovered, discussed, and celebrated. This article will delve into the fascinating world of book influencers, exploring what they are, how they operate, and their impact on the publishing industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Types of Book Influencers: Book influencers come in various forms, including Bookstagrammers, BookTubers, Book Bloggers, Book Podcasters, and Social Media Influencers, each offering a unique approach to promoting books.
  • How to Become a Book Influencer: Becoming a book influencer requires a genuine love for reading, consistent content creation, authenticity, engagement with the audience, and networking within the book community.
  • Impact of Book Influencers on the Publishing Industry: Book influencers have revamped marketing strategies, extended the reach of publishers, amplified buzz around books, facilitated partnerships and collaborations, boosted sales, increased visibility for books, promoted diverse book selections, validated books, and encouraged innovation in book promotion.
  • How to Find and Follow Book Influencers: Use hashtags, seek recommendations, join online communities, and explore curated lists to discover and follow book influencers aligned with your reading preferences.
  • Book Influencers to Follow in 2023 and Beyond: Notable book influencers include Jack Edwards, Leonie (The Book Leo), Jesse (Jessethereader), Charnaie Gordon, Kendra and Autumn (Reading Women), Mike Lowery, Kristen (My Friends Are Fiction), BooksandLala, Haya (Hayaisreading), and Ana (Inquisitivebookworm).

A book influencer is an individual who leverages social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, or other digital channels to share their love for books and engage with a dedicated audience. They are not traditional critics or literary experts; they are book enthusiasts who offer personal and relatable perspectives on the books they read. 

Book influencers work by creating various types of content, including book reviews, recommendations, author interviews, and discussions of literary themes. Their goal is to connect with fellow book lovers and foster a sense of community around reading.

Types of Book Influencers

What are book influencers called? Book influencers come in various forms, each with a unique approach to promoting books:

IG Bookstagram
IG Bookstagram


These influencers leverage the power of  Instagram to share aesthetically pleasing book photos, engaging captions, and short reviews. Over 95 million Instagram posts are tagged #bookstagram; their visually appealing feeds often feature bookshelves, cozy reading nooks, and creative book arrangements.


BookTubers utilize the robust capabilities of YouTube to discuss books in video format. They film book hauls and reviews and even participate in reading challenges, offering viewers a more personal and dynamic book-related experience.

Book Bloggers

Bloggers maintain dedicated websites publishing book reviews, author interviews, and literary essays. Their written content allows for in-depth exploration of books and themes.

Book Podcasters

These book influencers use podcasts to create audio content centered around books and literature, facilitating discussions and interviews that can be enjoyed while on the go.

Social Media Influencers

Some individuals incorporate book-related content into their broader social media presence on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook.

How to Become a Book Influencer

Becoming a book influencer requires a genuine love for reading and a commitment to building a dedicated audience. Here are the steps to get started:

Choose Your Platform

Select the digital platform that aligns with your interests and skills, whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, a blog, or a podcast.

Consistent Content

Create a content schedule and stick to it, producing regular book-related content to keep your audience engaged.


Be true to your personal tastes and opinions. Authenticity is key to building trust with your followers.

Engage with Your Audience

Interact with your followers by responding to comments, hosting Q&A sessions, or participating in book-related discussions.

Collaborate and Network

Connect with fellow book influencers, authors, and publishers to expand your reach and gain insights into the industry.

Impact of Book Influencers on the Publishing Industry

Global book market chart
Book Market Expected to Rally After Covid Slump (Statista)

Following a dip to less than $120 billion in 2020, the worldwide book market revenue is projected by experts to rebound to its pre-pandemic status to reach $130 billion in 2023. The influence of book influencers on the revitalized global publishing industry is multifaceted, with far-reaching outcomes:

Revamped Marketing Strategies

Book influencers have ushered in a new era of influencer marketing strategies. Traditional advertising has taken a back seat to creating more authentic and engaging content.

Extended Reach

The expansive reach of book influencers has allowed publishers to connect with diverse audiences, transcending geographical boundaries and demographics.

Amplified Buzz

Influencers possess the remarkable ability to generate anticipation and excitement around specific books. Their genuine passion and relatable content ignite interest among readers.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Publishers recognize the value of partnerships with book influencers. Collaborations often involve early access to books, exclusive content, and interactive promotional campaigns.

Sales Boost

Partnerships between publishers and book influencers frequently result in heightened sales figures. Influencer recommendations can lead to increased book purchases.

Increased Visibility

Books promoted by influencers enjoy heightened visibility, both within the book community and beyond. This exposure expands an author’s readership and contributes to a book’s long-term success.

Diverse Book Selection

Influencers actively promote a wide range of books, fostering diversity in readers’ choices and showcasing lesser-known authors and genres.

Validation and Credibility

Influencers’ honest reviews and personal recommendations lend credibility to books, helping readers make informed choices.

Innovation in Book Promotion

Book influencers have encouraged innovative book promotion techniques, such as interactive book clubs, virtual author events, and creative challenges.

How to Find and Follow Book Influencers

If you’re a newbie, you might ask, “How do I find a book influencer?” Finding the right influencers book enthusiasts can enhance your reading experience. To discover book influencers aligned with your taste:

Use Hashtags

Search for popular hashtags that are book-related on social media platforms to find influencers who share your interests.


Ask friends, family, or fellow readers for suggestions on book influencers they enjoy following.

Online Communities

Join online book clubs, forums, or book-focused subreddits to connect with like-minded individuals who share influencer recommendations.

Book Influencers to Follow in 2023 and Beyond

Who are the biggest book influencers? In the ever-expanding world of book influencers, 2023 presents a roster of dynamic individuals whose passion for literature shines brightly. Whether you’re seeking diverse book recommendations, engaging content, a list of childrens book influencers, or an opportunity to explore new literary horizons, these influencers are worth following:

YouTube Jack Edwards
BookTuber Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards (YouTube @jack_edwards)

With an impressive subscriber count exceeding 1 million, Jack Edwards is undeniably one of the most prominent booktubers in the community. His skillful fusion of pop culture and literature in his videos sets him apart. For instance, he’s known for amusingly judging celebrities’ taste in books, providing a fresh perspective that resonates with a broad audience.

In addition to tackling popular booktube tags and trends, Jack consistently offers a wide array of book recommendations and engaging reading wrap-up videos. His content is a delightful blend of entertainment and literary insights, making him a must-follow for those who appreciate a contemporary take on books.

The Book Leo (YouTube @TheBookLeo)

Leonie, the creative mind behind “The Book Leo,” has cultivated a dedicated following of 435K subscribers. Her channel is a treasure trove of bookish content, encompassing reading vlogs, book suggestions, and insightful reviews. One of her standout features is her participation in well-known booktube tags, including the humorous practice of roasting the reading preferences of her subscribers.

Beyond the standard booktube fare, Leonie delves into the realm of books that have gained fame through platforms like TikTok, often referred to as BookTok. Her discussions explore whether these trending novels are truly worth the read, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary literature.

Jessethereader (YouTube @jessethereader)

With a subscriber count of 391K, Jessethereader stands as one of the pioneers of the booktube community. What distinguishes Jesse is his infectious enthusiasm and cheerful demeanor, which permeate all his videos. While he harbors a deep affection for YA and fantasy books, his channel is a diverse playground where he experiments with various genres.

Jesse actively participates in booktube trends, engaging in activities such as roasting book covers and candidly discussing his book-related pet peeves. Moreover, he extends his influence to the Epic Reads YouTube channel, where he hosts a monthly series dedicated to books that have made their way onto the silver screen.

Bookstagrammer @hereweread

Charnaie Gordon (IG @hereweeread)

Charnaie Gordon has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of children’s literature. With her Instagram account, @hereweeread, she has undertaken the noble mission of diversifying family bookshelves. Since 2015, Charnaie has passionately advocated for inclusive and representative children’s books. Her impressive following of 356.6K followers reflects her status as one of today’s top children’s book influencers.

Charnaie’s Instagram feed is a vibrant collage of colorful book covers, cozy reading nooks, and, most importantly, a diverse array of children’s books. She is known for curating reading lists that showcase authors and illustrators from various backgrounds, ensuring that young readers can see themselves in the stories they read. 

Charnaie’s commitment to fostering a love of reading in children is truly inspiring, making her a must-follow for parents, educators, and anyone passionate about nurturing the next generation of readers.

Kendra and Autumn (IG @thereadingwomen)

Kendra and Autumn, the dynamic duo behind the “Reading Women” podcast, have taken the literary world by storm with their insightful discussions and thought-provoking content. Their impressive following of 220.2K followers solidifies their place among the major book influencers on Instagram and in women’s literature.

One of their standout contributions is the “Reading Women Challenge,” which encourages readers to explore and celebrate literature written by women. Their podcast dives deep into women-authored books, offering engaging conversations, author interviews, and recommendations that resonate with readers of all backgrounds. 

Kendra and Autumn’s commitment to amplifying women’s voices in literature makes them essential figures for anyone interested in exploring diverse and impactful reads.

Mike Lowery (IG @mikelowerystudio)

Mike Lowery is a creative powerhouse in the world of children’s books. As a prolific author and illustrator, he brings stories to life with captivating visuals and engaging narratives. His Instagram account, @mikelowerystudio, with 184.2K followers, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the magic that goes into crafting children’s literature. 

Have you ever wondered, “What influencers have written books?” Mike Lowery is one such influencer who has made a mark as both an author and an illustrator in children’s literature.

Mike’s feed is a visual treat, showcasing his artistic process, sketches, and colorful illustrations. It’s a haven for parents and young readers who appreciate the beauty and creativity of children’s books. Mike’s dedication to making books for kids is evident in every post, making his profile an essential destination for anyone seeking enchanting tales for young imaginations.

Kristen (IG @myfriendsarefiction)

Kristen’s Instagram handle, @myfriendsarefiction, is a vibrant corner of the bookstagram community where her passion for fiction takes center stage. With 164.9K followers, Kristen’s influence extends far and wide. 

She is not just a reader; she’s a storyteller, making her feed a dynamic blend of captivating novels, engaging book tours, and collaborative literary ventures.

What sets Kristen apart is her involvement in book promotions and tours. Through her collaborations with publishers and authors, she provides readers with exclusive insights into upcoming releases and a chance to discover new voices in fiction. Her account is a treasure trove for bookworms seeking their next immersive reading experience.

BooksandLala (YouTube @BooksandLala)

Hannah, known as BooksandLala on YouTube, boasts an enthusiastic following of 145K subscribers. Her channel is a haven for avid readers, focusing on concrete book recommendations. Hannah curates themed lists, such as books suitable for a one-day reading binge, titles that are guaranteed tearjerkers, or selections to help break a reading slump.

One of her standout content offerings is her reading vlogs, where she takes viewers along on her literary journeys as she completes well-known novels and series. Hannah’s dedication to offering tailored book suggestions and warm engagement with her audience makes her channel an indispensable resource for readers seeking their next captivating read.

Haya (IG @hayaisreading)

Haya, the book lover and content creator behind @hayaisreading, has crafted an Instagram presence that reflects her genuine love for reading. With 136K followers, Haya’s feed is a celebration of books in all their glory. Her bio, which includes her contact information, demonstrates her openness to connecting with fellow book enthusiasts.

Haya’s Instagram is a delightful mix of book recommendations, cozy reading spaces, and personal reflections on the joys and challenges of being an avid reader. Her warm and relatable captions make her followers feel like they’re sharing a cup of tea and a good book with a friend. Haya’s account is a welcoming haven for those seeking a down-to-earth, bookish community.

IG @inquisitivebookworm
Bookstagrammer @inquisitivebookworm

Ana (IG @inquisitivebookworm)

Ana, a twenty-something grad student with a profound passion for reading, showcases her love for books on her Instagram account, @inquisitivebookworm. With 127.2K followers, Ana provides thoughtful book recommendations across a wide range of genres.

One of Ana’s standout features is her Instagram highlights, where she categorizes book recommendations by genre. This thoughtful organization makes it easy for her followers to discover books tailored to their specific interests. Ana’s genuine enthusiasm for literature shines through in her posts and interactions with her audience, making her a trusted source for book recommendations and a welcoming presence in the online book community.

How to Use Book Influencers to Promote Your Book

Collaborating with book influencers can be a valuable marketing strategy if you’re an author or aspiring writer. Reach out to influencers who resonate with your book’s genre or themes, and consider the following approaches:

Send Advance Copies

Provide influencers with early access to your book, allowing them to review and promote it before its official release.

Interviews and Features

Arrange interviews or guest posts with influencers to discuss your book, its inspiration, and your writing journey.


Collaborate with influencers to host book giveaways, generating excitement and visibility for your work.

The Ethics of Book Influencing

While book influencing can be a rewarding endeavor, it’s essential to maintain ethical practices:


Disclose any partnerships, sponsorships, or free products from publishers to maintain transparency with your audience.

Honest Reviews

Provide honest and unbiased reviews, even if the book was provided for free. Readers trust authenticity.

Respect for Authors

Be respectful when discussing books and authors, even if you have criticisms. Constructive feedback is more valuable than negativity.


  • Q: What is a book influencer?
    A: A book influencer is an individual who uses social media platforms, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, or other digital channels to share their love for books, engage with a dedicated audience, and promote books through various types of content such as reviews, recommendations, author interviews, and discussions of literary themes.
  • Q: How can I become a book influencer?
    A: To become a book influencer, you need to have a genuine love for reading, consistently create content related to books, maintain authenticity, engage with your audience, and network within the book community.
  • Q: What impact do book influencers have on the publishing industry?
    A: Book influencers have significantly impacted the publishing industry by revamping marketing strategies, extending the reach of publishers, amplifying buzz around books, facilitating partnerships and collaborations, boosting sales, increasing visibility for books, promoting diverse book selections, validating books, and encouraging innovation in book promotion.
  • Q: How can I find and follow book influencers?
    A: You can find and follow book influencers by using hashtags related to books on social media platforms, seeking recommendations from friends or online communities, joining book clubs or forums, and exploring curated lists of book influencers.
  • Q: Who are some notable book influencers to follow in 2023 and beyond?
    A: Notable book influencers to follow include Jack Edwards, Leonie (The Book Leo), Jesse (Jessethereader), Charnaie Gordon, Kendra and Autumn (Reading Women), Mike Lowery, Kristen (My Friends Are Fiction), BooksandLala, Haya (Hayaisreading), and Ana (Inquisitivebookworm).

The Digital Renaissance: How Book Influencers Are Redefining Reading

Book influencers have become pivotal players in the literary world, reshaping how books are discovered and celebrated in the digital age. Their passion for literature, authenticity, and ability to connect with diverse audiences have made them influential figures in the publishing industry. Whether you’re an avid reader seeking book recommendations or an author looking to promote your work, embracing the world of book influencers can enhance your literary journey and connect you with a vibrant and passionate community of book lovers.

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