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Crafting a Video Marketing Strategy: Tips On How To Do It And More


The digital video marketing industry in the United States is worth $135 billion. This shows how much brands believe in the power of videos. As a business owner or marketer, it’s vital to have a strong video marketing plan. It helps reach your audience, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make an impact with your video marketing strategy.

Nowadays, video is a big part of our online world. People spend about 19 hours every week watching videos. This is both a challenge and a chance for marketers. By using video marketing well, you can create content that connects with your audience. It’s a great way to stand out from other brands.


Key Takeaways:

  • The digital video marketing industry in the United States is a $135 billion market. This shows how important video content is to businesses.
  • Having a strong video marketing strategy is key. It helps engage your audience, spread brand awareness, and increase sales.
  • Video watching is at an all-time high. On average, people spend 19 hours a week watching videos online.
  • Video marketing can make your content more engaging and help your brand connect with the people you want to reach.
  • This guide will show you how to create a successful video marketing strategy. You’ll learn about your audience and how to use the latest trends and technology.

The Power of Video Marketing

In today’s world, people watch a lot of videos online. On average, they spend about 19 hours every week on this. Marketers see this as a big chance to reach out. Video marketing is now a key way to attract and keep people’s attention.

Online Video Consumption Growth

digital marketing and video content statistics
Relevant statistics on the rise of video marketing. Source: Social4Retail

With fast internet and more smartphones, more people watch videos online. Videos take up over 82% of internet traffic now. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are very popular. This means there’s a good chance for businesses to get their message across in a powerful way.

Platform Diversity

There are many more places for video marketing now. It’s not just about TV or YouTube anymore. You can post short videos on TikTok or stream live on Instagram and Facebook. This variety helps businesses find their target audience wherever they are most active.

Mobile Dominance

Most videos are now watched on mobile phones, and over 60% of views happen this way. Making videos that look good on small screens is very important. Businesses that focus on videos for mobile are more likely to grab their viewers’ attention.

By getting the hang of video marketing, companies can do great things for their brand. Engaging and creative videos can meet marketing goals.

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy

First, know your audience well to start a video marketing plan that works. Understand who they are, what they like, and what bothers them. Know where they watch videos. This way, you can make videos just for them.

Know Your Target Audience

big happy family
Your target audience has different interests and needs. So, always consider them.

It’s key to really understand your viewers. Know their age, what they enjoy, and how they act. This information will help you create videos that speak to them.

Understand Audience Behavior

Figure out how your audience watches videos online. Learn what videos they enjoy most, where they watch, and when they’re online. Using this information will help you better reach and engage them.

Create Buyer Personas

Create detailed buyer personas to get who you’re making videos for. Include what they like, what they need, and their favorite video types. This way, your video can hit home with them.

Align with Business Goals

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Your purpose and goals guide your efforts on the right track.

Make sure your video strategy fits your business’s big goals. Look for ways to measure success, like new leads or more sales. This will focus your videos on reaching those goals.

Set Key Performance Indicators

Choose clear goals to monitor the success of your videos. Track views, likes, and the number of people who took action because of your video. Keeping an eye on these numbers can help your videos improve even further.

Types of Video Formats

There are many types of videos for your business, each serving a unique purpose. They vary from showing off your brand’s culture to teaching valuable tips. Let’s dive into some of the best video types to boost your marketing game.

Company Culture Videos

These videos show what your company is really about. They can feature your team, what your business believes in, and fun office moments. Sharing your culture this way helps you connect with people who share your values.

Tutorials and How-To Videos

Let’s talk about how useful tutorial and how-to videos are. They educate your viewers and make your brand a trusted adviser. You can cover everything from using your products to insider tips about your industry. This makes you a reliable source of information and grows your fan base.

Product Demonstration Videos

Product demos are great for showing off your goods. They highlight why your product is awesome and how it solves problems. These videos can help turn interested folks into buyers.

Explainer Videos

influencer discovery
Viewers today turn to videos to understand a concept or learn something.

Explainer videos break down complicated topics, making new products or services easy to understand. They are excellent for telling people how your brand makes their lives better. Explainer videos stand out by being clear and engaging.

Whatever the format, you can create impressive and highly-creative videos using a tool like this Adobe Premiere Pro review.

Video Creation Process

To make video content that the audience loves, I mix storytelling, keeping the brand in mind, and making it work well on phones. This way, video storytelling builds a strong emotional tie with viewers. It also helps my brand get noticed in the busy online world.

Storytelling and Emotional Connection

The best videos touch the viewer’s heart. I use real stories, people you can relate to, and messages that matter to make video content that informs and moves our audience. I aim to smoothly blend my brand’s goals, values, and style into the story, offering a real and connected watching experience.

Brand Consistency

Keeping my brand’s look and feel the same is key in video marketing. This makes our brand more familiar and remembered. I make sure our videos match our brand’s look, sound, and message. This gives our viewers a unified and memorable experience everywhere they find us.

Mobile Optimization

Now, people watch more on their phones than ever. So, it’s vital to tweak my video content for mobile devices. I focus on the video’s appearance, size, and quality so everyone gets a great watch, no matter the device. Taking care of mobile users’ needs helps widen my videos’ reach and impact.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Instagram grid examples
Instagram is full of great video content.

Social media platforms are now key for video marketing, letting businesses connect with their audience. Each platform, like Facebook or TikTok, has its own style. This means videos need to fit where they’re posted.

Knowing what your audience likes on these apps is very important for video marketing. Instagram, for example, loves short, eye-catching videos. But, on LinkedIn, viewers might be more into videos that show off products or share expert advice.

I create a detailed video marketing social media plan for my business. It aligns with our main goals. I use a range of strategies, such as making videos just for one platform or ones that work on many. This way, I aim to get lots of people interested in and maybe buy our products.

To make our videos stand out, I follow the latest trends in social media and video making. This keeps our audience engaged and happy. I use all kinds of video tricks, like going live, trying out new interactive features, or letting users make their own content. It’s all to keep us on top of the game.

Video Marketing Strategy Best Practices

Creating a video marketing plan involves several steps. It needs careful preparation and action. A good video marketing strategy on social media includes clear objectives, interesting video content, adjusting for various platforms, and checking results.

Setting clear and doable goals is vital in video marketing. This might mean making your brand known, driving traffic to your website, gaining leads, or increasing sales. Your videos should match the goals of your business to be effective.

Businesses can use many video types to reach their audience. These range from how-to guides and showing off products to telling stories about your brand. It’s important to keep your brand style and make sure your videos work well on mobile.

To see if your video strategy works, keep track of how your videos are doing. Measure things like how many views they get, how engaged viewers are, and if they lead to sales. This feedback helps you understand what your audience likes. Then, you can adjust your strategy based on this data.

To manage your video marketing efforts, invest in a software like the one in this Vyrill review.

Measuring and Analyzing Video Marketing Performance

As a smart video marketer, I know it’s crucial to watch how my videos do. Otherwise, how can I make my strategy better? When I check my video marketing performance metrics and video marketing analytics, I look at key points for great insights.

First, I watch how many times people view my videos. This shows me how many are seeing and liking my content. But that’s only part of it. I also check who’s taking part by liking, commenting, and sharing. These actions show me what my audience likes and help me see what videos do best.

I also pay close attention to the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate. The CTR tells me how well my videos lead to actions, like going to my website. And the conversion rate shows how many actually buy or sign up. These help me connect my videos to real business wins.

By digging into my video marketing performance metrics and video marketing analytics, I can choose what to change based on facts. This way, I can make better videos, improve my marketing plan, and get great results for my company.


Thinking back on creating a good video marketing plan, we see how videos impact businesses greatly. Video is key to grabbing people’s attention, increasing brand recognition, and boosting sales.

We have seen how strong video marketing is, given the massive growth in watching videos online and using videos on mobiles. We must use various video types to connect with audiences, like showing our work culture or how our products work.

Looking ahead, we need to anticipate where video marketing will go, keep up with new trends and tech, and ensure our videos speak to people and make a real difference. Brands need to keep improving their video strategies, use videos in all parts of selling, and try out AI tools.


  • What is the size of the digital video marketing industry in the United States?
    It’s a $135 billion market, showing how much brands value video. They’re putting effort into making and sharing videos.
  • Why is creating a successful video marketing production strategy crucial for businesses?
    Having a good video marketing plan helps businesses connect with people, establish their brand, and lift sales.
  • How much time does the average person dedicate to video consumption per week?
    People usually spend about 19 hours every week on videos. For marketers, this is both a big challenge and a chance.
  • What are some of the most effective video types for businesses to leverage?
    Company culture videos, tutorials, and product demos are very effective. Explainer videos also do a great job of informing.
  • What are the key elements in crafting compelling video content?
    Great video content mixes good stories with your brand’s look. Make sure it looks good on mobiles, too. Telling stories that touch people makes your brand memorable.
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