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Email Design Trends That Matter in 2024


Did you know that email design trends have changed a lot over the years? Back in 2016, emails mainly shared information using text. But now in 2023, email design is key for making emails more interesting and personal for everyone. It’s really important to keep up with the newest trends so your emails can catch people’s eyes and get them interested.


In this article, we’ll explore the latest email design trends and their effect on email marketing. We’ll talk about things like gamification, dark mode, interactive features, and dynamic content. Plus, we’ll look at the importance of making emails accessible and using bright color schemes. These trends can make your emails stand out and have a big impact on your readers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping up with email design trends is vital for successful email marketing.
  • Using gamification, interactive elements, and dynamic content can make your emails more engaging.
  • Adding dark mode to your design creates a smooth and good-looking view for readers.
  • Designing for accessibility means everyone can enjoy and understand your emails better.
  • Using monochromatic or bold colors can make your emails unforgettable and attractive.

The Evolution of Email Design

Since it began, email design has changed a lot; hence the different email design trends. The history of email design shows us how it grew. We saw emails start with plain text and grow into using fancy HTML and responding to different screens.

Technology getting better has made email design cooler. As our internet got faster, we could send emails with colors and images. This made emails look better for everyone.

Mobile phones and tablets have changed how we design emails, too. Now, we make sure emails look great on small screens and can be touched. This is called responsive design.

Email users also want better and more fun emails. They expect the same great design as they see on cool websites and apps. So, we now add games, interactive parts, and special content to make emails more interesting for them.

So, email design trends have changed, thanks to better technology, users wanting more from emails, and the need for them to work well on any device. Knowing the past of email design helps designers and marketers make emails that people love to get.

Email Design Trends for Better Engagement

To engage users more, it’s key to keep up with email design trends. Here, we’ll look at three big email design trends for boosting engagement.

Gamification: Boosting Interaction through Fun

Gamification is one of the top email design trends that boosts how users interact and makes emails fun. It uses game elements like challenges, rewards, and tracking to grab attention. From interactive quizzes to full games, there are many levels of interaction to explore.

Interactive Elements: From Quizzes to Sliders

use interactive polls
Polls may count as an interactive feature.

Adding interactive elements is another one of the email design trends that makes emails dynamic. Things like quizzes, polls, and sliders let users join in and give feedback. This makes for more engagement and a personal touch.

Sliders let users explore options right in the email. So, users can easily see what you offer. These elements turn emails into a two-way street and give you useful feedback.

Dynamic and Real-time Content: Personalization at Its Peak

Real-time content is a hit in email design now and on the top of email design trends 2024. Updates like countdowns or live feeds make emails urgent and fresh. This kind of content lets you send personalized emails, keeping users interested.

By using dynamic content, you can connect better with your audience. It paves the way for better user experiences in your emails.

Adapting to Dark Mode in Email Campaigns

dark mode email
Relevant dark mode email statistics. Source: Southampton

Dark mode is now loved by many for its comfy and cool look, although it has also been an email design trend 2023. For email marketers, this means making sure messages look good in dark mode. This is key for reaching users who prefer dark themes on their devices.

When designing for dark mode, keeping texts and images clear is crucial. Let’s explore some top tips for crafting emails that shine, even in the dark:

  • Use high-contrast color schemes to keep your content readable. In dark mode, colors can look different. So, picking colors that stand out is essential.
  • Testing your designs on all devices and email apps is a must. Each one might show your emails in dark mode a bit differently. It’s vital to check them everywhere to make sure they look good for everyone.
  • Make sure your images and graphics look right in dark mode. Using alt text helps give your visuals context, making them clear in both light and dark settings.
  • Get creative with designs that are made just for dark mode. For example, try using white text on a dark background or adding color layers for a unique touch.

Creating emails that work well in dark mode means your subscribers get a smooth user experience. They’ll enjoy great-looking emails no matter their screen preference. Check out the image below for a clear example of this:

Making your emails shine in dark mode aims for a delightful and constant look. By embracing dark mode, you not only cater to your audience’s tastes but also make your emails more memorable in the inbox.

Crafting Inclusive Email Experiences

Inclusivity and accessibility are key email marketing design trends this year and for the coming years. Making emails accessible is key to including everyone. Design your emails with accessibility in mind to reach more people. This ensures a smooth reading experience for all subscribers.

Designing with Legibility in Mind

Legibility is key when creating emails. Use easy-to-read fonts and colors that don’t strain the eyes. This simple step makes your emails more welcoming for everyone.

Alt Text and Semantic HTML for Screen Readers

For those with vision issues, screen readers are essential. Include alt text and use semantic HTML to help them understand your emails. Alt text describes your images, benefiting those who can’t see them.

Semantic HTML helps screen readers better interpret your content. This way, no subscriber is left out when they read your emails. By adding alt text and semantic HTML, you’re designing for everyone.

Trendsetting with Monochromatic and Bold Color Palettes

taking photo of wall
Colors can make or break your emails. Choose them wisely!

Color is key in email design, snagging your reader’s interest and memory. We’re diving into two hot color email design trends now: monochromatic schemes and bold colors.

Monochromatic color schemes stick to just one color but play with its many shades. This gives your emails a sleek and unified vibe. This style makes your emails not just look good but catch the eye in any inbox.

Bold colors are all about popping out. They use vibrant shades to really grab attention. This makes your emails fun to look at and stands out from the rest.

Check out this email design with just blue shades and one bright orange button. It looks classy and catches the eye with that pop of color. This is how you make emails look fancy yet fun. And don’t forget the cool call-to-action.

neutral palettes
Colors that invoke professionalism

Using monochromatic or bold colors can make your emails truly memorable. But, pick colors that fit your brand and move your readers. Try different combos to see what works best for you and your readers.

The Subtle Charm of Cinemagraphs in Emails

Cinemagraphs are subtle, yet powerful, looping animations. They bring sophistication to emails and grab the viewer’s attention. Let’s delve into how these animations work in emails. We’ll look at their use in highlighting products and setting moods. Adding cinemagraphs to your email designs can elevate their appeal. Your messages become more interesting for anyone reading them.

Using Movement to Captivate

Cinemagraphs excel in presenting products and are great email design trends. They blend motion with still images to shine a light on what makes your products special. Imagine a dress softly moving as if caught by a breeze. Such images bring an air of sophistication and charm. This method makes your products stand out, making people more likely to buy them.

Creating Atmosphere with Thoughtful Animations

Animations are powerful tools for stirring emotions and setting a scene. Cinemagraphs, in particular, can craft the perfect mood for your email. A scene of a crackling fireplace, for instance, can make offers seem cozy. Choosing the right cinemagraphs can make your emails truly unforgettable. They fit your brand’s look and feel, making your message more immersive for the reader.

Storytelling through Custom Illustrations and Animations

people talking
The art of storytelling has been alive since the beginning of time.

Storytelling boosts email marketing to amazing heights. It adds life to your designs. By using custom illustrations and animations, stories become memorable. They draw your audience in.

Custom illustrations are key in email design storytelling. They set the mood and show feelings. They make stories that people want to see. From characters to products, they add a special flavor to your emails.

Adding animations to your emails can make a big difference. They guide readers through a story journey. This makes your brand feel closer to them. Use animations to show content slowly, highlight important info, or make fun interactions.

Using a series of illustrations or animations in your emails tells stories better. It keeps readers interested the whole way through. This not only grabs their attention but also makes your brand stick in their minds.

Custom illustrations and animations let you be creative in your emails. They show who your brand is, explain hard ideas, and bring out emotions. Storytelling in your emails makes your messages more powerful. It gets through to your readers. You can create great animations through a tool like this in our Adobe After Effects CC review.


As we wrap up, let’s remember what we talked about email design trends. In marketing, knowing the newest trends is key. This helps your email campaigns shine and keeps you ahead of the curve.

Adding games, quizzes, and sliders can make emails more fun. This encourages readers to join in and get to know your brand better. Also, using content that changes in real-time makes emails feel like they were made just for the reader.

Designing for dark mode is important too. It makes your emails easy on the eyes for dark mode fans. This makes sure your content looks good across all devices.

It’s also vital to make emails easy to read for everyone. Choosing easy-to-read fonts and high-contrast colors is a good start. Adding alt text helps people who use screen readers understand images.

Choosing unique color schemes can make your emails stand out. This brings life to your message and helps your brand be more memorable. Using moving images and illustrations can make your stories more engaging. It’s a great way to connect with your readers on a personal level.

To succeed in email marketing, keep up with these email design trends. By using the latest strategies, your emails can truly speak to your audience and achieve your goals.


  • What are the key email design trends for 2023?
    In 2023, emails will be more like games. They’ll have interactive parts and change based on what’s happening right then.
  • How has email design evolved over time?
    Emails grew from plain words to colorful designs. They now fit any screen and look good anywhere.
  • How can gamification enhance engagement in email campaigns?
    Adding games can make emails more fun. This might include puzzles or challenges that get people involved.
  • What are interactive elements in email design and how can they be used?
    Emails can have things like quizzes and moving sliders. They make the email feel like a two-way chat, getting people to click and play.
  • How does dynamic and real-time content enhance personalization in emails?
    By using live info, emails feel like they’re just for you. This means, the content changes to suit what you need at that exact moment.
  • How can email designs be optimized for dark mode compatibility?
    Making emails dark-friendly is about smart color and font choices. This way, your message is clear no matter the theme.
  • Why is email accessibility important, and how can it be achieved?
    Making emails easy to read helps everyone. Using friendly fonts and adding descriptions for images also supports those who use screen readers.
  • How can monochromatic and bold color palettes be used effectively in email design?
    One color or strong colors can make emails pop. They create a memorable look in a crowded inbox.
  • What are cinemagraphs and how can they be utilized in emails?
    Cinemagraphs are moving images that are not too flashy. They can highlight items or set a unique mood in an email.
  • How can custom illustrations and animations be used for storytelling in emails?
    Unique pictures and moving images can tell stories in emails. They draw the reader in, making the message feel personal. You can use Videocribe for animations. Check out our VideoScribe review for more.

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