Facebook and Small Business: Expert Tips for Marketers

Facebook and Small Business: Expert Tips for Marketers

Facebook was initially developed to build social bridges. But recent developments in the platform have been geared toward business use. With that said, there could be tons of marketing possibilities for Facebook and small business. 

As the years went by, people realized that they could use Facebook for purposes other than communicating with faraway loved ones. These days, the social platform has become widely used by small and big businesses alike. However, we’ll take a more in-depth look at how Facebook and small businesses could operate together. 

Why You Need Facebook for Your Small Business

need facebook
When starting a business, it’s best to consider Facebook marketing.

You may ask, “do I really need Facebook for my business?” There aren’t any explicit or implicit rules stating that businesses need Facebook for marketing. However, utilizing Facebook for your business could give you an edge—a sharp one—over those who aren’t on the social network. 

We won’t tell you whether you need Facebook for your business. But we’re telling you that there are many benefits you can reap once you integrate Facebook into your business marketing strategies. 

In 2019, 79% of the entire United States population had social media accounts—Facebook being on top. That figure is continuously growing. Just imagine how vast your reach could be if you choose to market your business on Facebook. 

Benefits of Facebook for Small Businesses

Is Facebook good for small business? Big or small, businesses can greatly benefit from Facebook. But the social platform would do greater for startups—what might be five years in the making could be lessened because of Facebook. 

You may ask, “what are the benefits of Facebook for business?” Here are some reasons why Facebook is good for small business:

Facebook is the ultimate platform to build brand awareness

With more than two billion active users monthly, Facebook continues to be the most well-liked social media networking site. Its users visit the site regularly as opposed to other sites. 

Facebook is an excellent platform for businesses to introduce their brands to the local market, establish awareness, and connect with current and potential consumers. Statistically speaking, more than 80% of users are reported to have found interesting retail products on Facebook. 

In addition to the huge percentage of users who have found ideal products and services on Facebook, businesses earn more than $75,000 yearly—what tremendous means to connect with almost any target audience!

The importance of building brand awareness through audience engagement is an unquestioned fact, regardless of what your business is. Some researches show that consumers mainly make decisions based on emotions, then validate those decisions based on facts. Hence, you should connect and engage with your audience, no matter who they are. 

Facebook helps small businesses stabilize trust with search engines

Search engines like Google look for the most relevant results when you search online. And the trust between businesses and search engines is distinguished as search engine optimization or SEO. It assists search engines in locating your business when people look for something online. 

There are various ways to foster trust with search engines. However, remaining active on social media is an effective way to increase your business’ search ranking. 

If you’re wondering how it works, search engines review the content you’d post on your page and then consider the number of interactions people have with that post. Reactions are referred to as comments, likes, and shares. 

When your audience generates traffic to your page, search engines can recognize that your page has relevant and helpful content for that particular searched topic. Theoretically, this could enhance your search result rankings and the mark you’d make on your potential consumers. Thus, posting content, particularly those that encourage engagement, is vital to your Facebook account or web page. 

Facebook advertising could help you target your best audience and consumers

Facebook has several advertising options, and each option is an equally critical tool in locating a particular area or reaching a specific client. Moreover, it presents a wide variety of content, including video ads, click ads, and boosted posts. You may construct these different ads to attract your ideal consumers. 

facebook posting schedule
Boost your ad content by determining when Facebook users are most active. ║Source: Sprout Social

Take note that Facebook mainly requires users to engage in posts. This will help identify what a particular audience likes or dislikes. The platform analyzes what users share, like, click, and engage with on their personal accounts. Fortunately, small businesses can use this algorithm to strategically create ads that target their desired consumers. 

Take this example into account:

Let’s say you own a bakeshop, and you’ve found that most of your customers work within a two-block radius of your shop and are between the ages of 25-50. Instead of programming a Facebook advertisement and targeting a large mass, you can use the platform’s audience-targeting features to show your ad within the circle of your target market.  

Your ability to target your best clients on Facebook is an excellent means for your small business to reduce resourcing costs. Should you effectively target your desired audience, they’d notice that your ads apply to their everyday lives and become your new consumers. 

Facebook provides customer support

Your Facebook business page can be an excellent way to provide support to your customers. One way to do this is by replying to their queries or concerns, whether posted on the comments sections or sent via personal message. 

Today, this method of providing customers care and support is more efficient than the phone call method. This is because it allows other customers to read common feedback and questions without calling you directly. 

Facebook has a program offering grants to small businesses

Facebook recognizes that many businesses today are experiencing struggle, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With that, they’re releasing $100 million in ad credits and cash grants to help businesses in need. 

The Facebook small business grant can keep the workforce healthy, support the community, and aid with any operational costs.

Thirty thousand eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries would be able to receive a Facebook grant. For companies to be qualified, they must have: 

  • Employees between 2 and 50
  • Been operational for over a year
  • Experienced struggles and challenges because of the pandemic
  • A location near or within the perimeters where Facebook operates

This grant is all the more reason for you to partner with Facebook for your small business. The platform cares more than we know!

Facebook is an inexpensive marketing strategy

If you’re a startup with a tight budget, Facebook is the best place to market your products and services. Marketing campaigns and activities that cost thousands of bucks with other platforms can be utilized on Facebook for half the price. You could even start for free! 

It would be wise for small businesses to start on Facebook and large enterprises to conduct trial marketing strategies before creating more effective campaigns. Likewise, you can utilize a social media tool to help you plan and execute your campaigns. Look for good influencer campaign software reviews online to get the best assistance. 

Facebook allows for unlimited video and photo sharing.

Aside from textual posts, Facebook allows its users to post photos and videos on their pages, groups, or personal accounts. This is a powerful way for you to promote your products and services. You could post aesthetically pleasing photos of your products and post them on Facebook. If it’s of your liking, you could even post video feedback from your consumers.

Pro Tip: You may use a powerful marketing tool to create quality content and engage your potential customers. Check our influencer marketing software review and give it a shot!

Setting Up a Facebook Account for your Business

setting up ok
Setting up a business page isn’t as tedious as you think—it’s super simple and easy.

Any marketer may wonder: can I set up a Facebook account for my business? The truth is you don’t need a Facebook expert to create your Facebook business account. You can easily do it yourself! 

How to set up a Facebook account for your business:
  • Open your web browser, visit www.business.facebook.com/create, and click on Create Account.
  • Enter your business name and confirm your identity via Facebook login information.
  • Follow the instructions to create your business account. 
How to assign permissions and add assets:
  • Go to settings, look for People and Assets, then click on People.
  • Designate authorized people to ad accounts and pages with proper role permissions. 
  • After the authorization, go to business settings and then click on Instagram accounts to connect your Instagram business accounts, if any.
  • Make sure to add at least two people as your Business Manager admins, then add the rest as employees.
  • Next, go to Pages, then Add New Pages, and Claim A Page to connect your Facebook page. If you’re an admin of the page, your request will automatically be approved. If not, the current page admin will receive a notification to approve the claim request from you.
  • Lastly, go to Ad Accounts, then add a new account. You’ll automatically have access to add an account that you already own by supplying your ad account ID or requesting access to utilize another Business Manager-owned ad account. The entity that pays invoices must be the owner of the ad account.

Small Businesses on Facebook

We suppose you’re already convinced of the benefits of doing business on Facebook. However, you might still need more evidence of Facebook’s effectiveness in promoting small business. 

How many small businesses are on Facebook? Here’s what you might want to know for assurance: Facebook claims to have over 90 million small businesses. 

Yes, you read that right. Not 9,000 but a whopping 90 million! Facebook continually plays a significant role in giving small and big businesses opportunities to grow and offer more jobs. 

Moreover, the social network recognizes that small business owners are still tied to time. Therefore, Facebook is committed to constructing more tools to help these entrepreneurs save time and focus on the more essential parts. 

If you’re a small business owner, hear this out: Facebook commits to help and serve you! It’s currently making the management and promotion of your business across various platforms through several tools as easy as ABC. No wonder why over 90 million brands trust Facebook to grow their businesses.

Finding a Small Business on Facebook

To gain new customers, make sure your business page or shop is searchable on Facebook.

As mentioned, there are over 90 million Facebook shops. So you may wonder, “how do you find a small business on Facebook?”

Thankfully, Facebook has thought about that already and made sure that you won’t be experiencing any difficulties locating your desired shops or small businesses. 

For you to locate one, follow these easy steps:

Look for the search button. 

The search button is found on the topmost part of your Facebook page. Enter your location or city and the business type you’re searching for. For example, typing in “New York bakeshops” would yield various bakeshops in New York City. 

Check the drop-down window.

It should come with the top search results. Move to the bottom of the list and press “see more results” to navigate more extensive search results. 

Browse all the results to find your desired shop or business.

You may also filter results using Facebook’s search filters located on the left side of the page. This is applicable if there are many entries, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for. 

Click on the “Pages” filter.

This step enables you to view just the business’ official pages from the area you specified in your initial search. The various personal pages may show links to other relevant pages and some useful information about their business. 

Give your business that boost with Facebook

final thought
Online marketing requires smart strategies, such as choosing the best platform for your business.

Facebook remains a social media giant and the most useful innovation on the Internet. It’s an effective tool to build your business and gain new customers. If you want to know more about Facebook marketing, you can read our post “Facebook Group Marketing for Business: A Guide for Marketers.”

Discover also how to boost your marketing through its latest feature, Facebook Live. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Facebook and create a business account now!