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How to Become a YouTuber: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you an aspiring YouTuber wondering if it’s too late to ride the bandwagon in 2023? Do you have a vague idea of what niche you wish to enter but are unsure how to go about it? You’re in luck because today, we will discuss everything you need to know about starting a YouTube channel in 2023!

So, does the question of how to become a YouTuber been haunting you for years, but you have yet to have the guts to begin? Do you need some helpful tips, advice, or an extra push to finally give you that ‘umph’ to take the plunge? And can a normal person become a YouTuber? Absolutely! In this post, we will show you how to do just that!

Mr Beast
Mr Beast rose from the ranks and now has 129M YouTube subscribers.

Is it hard to be a YouTuber? 2023 is by far the easiest time to start a YouTube channel. However, you need to be aware of the changes happening to play your cards right and stay in the game for the long haul. We will also share some helpful tips that could switch your mindset from feeling small and inferior to becoming bold, brave, optimistic, and well on your way to success! Let’s get to it!

Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

If you search on Twitter and Instagram about people’s biggest fears about starting a YouTube channel, one of their biggest worries is about their friends and families finding out and what they would think of them. But the one thing you will realize after uploading your first video is that this fear is totally unfounded.

Believe it or not, nobody cares about you uploading videos on YouTube. They are too busy with their thoughts, worries, and concerns to make a big deal about what you are doing. So if you’re afraid of how your friends, family, or co-workers will react or think about your videos, remember that they don’t care. The sooner you put that into your head, the better.

Gear Shouldn’t Be Your Top Priority

YouTube Gear
Can they see and hear you well? Does it make life easier for you? If yes, then go ahead and use it!
Another reason people keep putting off starting a YouTube channel is that they feel they are not equipped with everything they need to succeed. They think their content is not YouTube-worthy if they don’t have the right gear. This is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Yes, gear will matter in the long run, but if you’re starting, your gear should not be your main priority and certainly should not serve as a deterrent for you to begin.

So many of the wealthiest and most successful YouTubers today started with just their mobile phones, sitting or lying in bed, pointing their cameras at themselves, and just started vlogging. They knew nothing about editing, lighting, or post-production. Most of them had to make do with free YouTube tutorials because they couldn’t afford expensive shooting, filming, or editing courses.

The point is if you have a device that could record a video like your phone, start with that. Don’t put too much emphasis on your gear because you can upgrade later on; start with whatever is available at the moment. And if you need to upgrade something, start with your audio quality because people could sit through bad video, but no one can stand poor clanky audio quality.

Don’t Obsess About the Analytics

YouTube stats
Subscribers vs uploads data are crucial since they can help creators see where they land and whether or not they need to upload additional content for maximum exposure.
How to become a YouTuber and succeed? Don’t obsess about the analytics at the beginning. Accept that you are going to make tons of mistakes over and over and over again. That’s part of your learning curve. It would be best to accept that the learning process is a long and winding road and that things will worsen before they can improve. If you put in 7 hours of filming, and 3 days of editing, then finally publish it for the world to see, don’t be disheartened if the numbers aren’t in your favor, or worse, nobody bothered to watch it at all.

How many views do you need to get paid on YouTube? That is the last thing you should be worried about when you’re just starting out. You need to keep producing more videos and don’t think about who or how many people are watching them or if anyone subscribes to your channel.

Checking out the Tube Buddy stats, you will see that the average YouTube channel with 1,000-10,000 subscribers has already created 152 videos. So you see, don’t even think about complaining until you have published 152 videos. Only then can you think about tweaking your growth prospects on this platform.

Stacking the Deck In Your Favor

So given that you will start your YouTube channel without caring about what other people may think or say and focus on succeeding, you still have to know how to stack the deck in your favor. But how you will do this will depend entirely on your goal.

Is creating your own YouTube channel purely for fun and entertainment? Are you thinking about this as a hobby you wish to do in your spare time so you’re not concerned about numbers? That’s perfectly alright. However, if you’re considering YouTube an amazing business opportunity, you must think of practical ways to grow and achieve your goals.

There are two ways you can do this, either by utilizing time or money. In terms of time, you need to learn how to improve your style behind the camera, but this naturally happens as you make more videos. It would be best if you also had time to improve at editing videos which, again, will happen the more you produce videos.

Take James Jani, for instance, who went from zero to 1.52 million subscribers on YouTube. But if you check his videos, he only has about 12 of them, but when you’re watching it, it’s like watching a movie. This is how he stacks the deck in his favor by spending insane amounts of time conceptualizing, scripting, and editing his videos before he publishes them.

The other way of doing this is by using money, investing in gear, hiring your own team, or even outsourcing video editing at a low price. If you have a job that pays more than $10 an hour, you may wish to outsource video editing who would take the job for less than ten bucks an hour.

Choose Quantity Over Quality

When you’re just starting your YouTube journey, it’s alright to come up with a hundred nasty videos than an attempt at making 10 perfect ones. Of course, unless you are committed to going the route that James Jani took. But for most who wish to get their feet wet, get in front of the camera and talk about whatever you’re comfortable with. Share your life learnings and your experiences. Just don’t be afraid to make lots of videos and commit many mistakes. Don’t think of them as failures but as learning opportunities instead.

Don’t Force Your Brain to Come Up With a Niche Right Away

Evan with Jimmy Fallon
Evan started his multi-million dollar YouTube career at age 5 and became world famous.
But how do YouTubers make money? They work around specific niches, right? So you’re frantically worried, asking yourself how to become a YouTuber gamer. Or maybe you have read about EvanTube’s history and are now wondering how to become a YouTuber as a kid. Can you get mega-rich starting out as a toy reviewer at 5, then becoming super famous worldwide with over 7 million subscribers? You can. But don’t obsess about finding a specific niche yet.

Just start making videos about things you genuinely enjoy talking about. What are the things you’re good at that you might want to share? As time goes by, your audience will begin to resonate with some of these things, which is how your niche emerges. So don’t worry, and don’t overthink. Just enjoy what you’re doing at the beginning. And to help you easily create plan, and schedule content, try social management software to suit your needs and budget. Read about it in our Hopper HQ review.

Be Patient and Consistent

How to become a YouTuber? Be patient and consistent. Start by publishing at least one video weekly and be consistent about it. Have the patience not to worry about getting any traction any time soon. It would be best if you accepted the fact that there is no such thing as “overnight success” as a YouTuber. Some of the most successful YouTubers now didn’t make a dollar until their 80th or 100th video. You won’t see any traction at first, but if you are patient, consistent, and disciplined enough to stick to it, you will be delighted to reap the rewards of your hard work in a few years.

Put Your Systems In Place

Now that you know that you need to consistently put out a video or two per week for the next three years, what kind of system can you come up with to make things easier for you to do? How to become a YouTuber? Do you go one video at a time, creating a topic, scripting, filming, and editing? Then you do it again the following week?

You will realize quickly that this is almost impossible to sustain if you do not have systems in place. How do you generate as many ideas for your future content? Then afterward, come up with titles, hooks, and thumbnails. When do you block specific hours of the day to plan out a video that will be pushed out several weeks in advance?

How can you maximize the use of your content calendar so that you only film once but come up with five videos in a row? So there’s no need to set up lights, background, and camera every time? The sooner you find the answers to these questions, the easier your life will get. Speaking of making things easy, why not start with a user-friendly and affordable social media scheduling tool that allows you to manage and automate your content in the fastest and easiest way possible? Read it in our Social Aider review.

Just Get On With It

How to become a YouTuber? Do it. Just do it! Take your phone out, film yourself planning to start a YouTube channel, then press that publish button- it’s that simple. Don’t panic, and don’t overthink. If an average channel needs to come up with around 152 videos before it can generate 1,000-10,000 subscribers, why should your first video matter? Just take your time and try to get the feel of it until you feel at ease talking in front of the camera.

Roblox YouTuber
Gamers exploded on YouTube and became super popular with kids and teens

How to Become a YouTuber In 2023

All these tips are great, and there’s no way for you to find out unless you try them out. But you must remember that YouTube is changing, and if you want to make it big this 2023, take note of the following. Viewer behavior is changing, and it’s important to understand this evolution. Back in the day, your subscribers were King. Getting a lot of views on your YouTube videos meant you had a lot of subscribers. So when you publish a video, YouTube will push it out to your subscribers.

For instance, you have a thousand subscribers and upload a new video, such as YouTube Shorts. YouTube will only push it out to a portion, say, a hundred of your subscribers. Then it will see if your subscribers clicked on it (CTR). So if they’re not interested enough, they will scroll past it and won’t watch the video. And if they do click on it, what is the average view duration? Did they get bored and jump off your video? If they did, you’re in trouble because the distribution of your video stops. It will not be shown to the rest of your subscribers.

On the flip side, this is good news if you only have about a hundred subscribers, but your click-through rate and average view duration are high. If about ten of these subscribers click on your videos and watch them until the end, then YouTube will see this and continue pushing it to your subscribers and even those who aren’t subscribed to your channel. And if they, too, see this on their home page and do the same thing, they click through it and watch it all the way; then your video will be pushed even further. Generating more and more views for you.

Thus, adapt or be left biting the dust! For more tips and tricks on how to become successful on YouTube, read our post PewDiePie Net Worth: What It Means to Be a Phenomenal YouTuber.

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