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How to Become an Influencer on Facebook Without Breaking the Bank

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Do you want to find out how to become an influencer on Facebook without breaking the bank? Today’s your lucky day because we are going to discuss all the important things you need to know for just that. 

From winning more followers to increasing your Facebook engagement to get more likes. We’ll also teach you how to grow your page organically, optimize, and eventually win people’s trust. All these will allow enable you to become an influencer and eventually make money. 

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The Power of Facebook and Social Media

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is the largest social media channel and is, therefore, a must-have social media platform for influencers and marketers. Getting the right information will make you 10 steps ahead of the competition. You need to know how users are utilizing this platform and make calculated decisions about your social media strategy. 

Numbers don’t lie. According to Facebook currently has 2.91 billion active users every month. That’s a 6.2% increase from last year’s 2.74 billion users. No wonder so many people want to jump on the influencer bandwagon. The question is, what is the secret of how to become an influencer on Facebook? Let’s go ahead and find out. 

How Many Followers Do You Need To Be An Influencer On Facebook?

There’s no specific number of followers for you to be considered a Facebook influencer. However, most of these influencers have a few hundred to 20,000 followers. The most famous Facebook influencers have over 200,000 followers. These influencers having big followings can drive major traffic and conversions for brands. Thus, they can be very expensive. 

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Certain factors need to be placed on the equation, not just the number of people following you. So here are some initial steps to increase your followers if you’re starting from scratch.

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The Facebook Influencer With A Business Acumen

Post Daily

You can use Facebook as leverage for building your brand by starting with something as simple as this: posting daily. If you fail to do this, then you fail to build your brand. 

These can be in the form of motivational quotes, or things closely related to your chosen industry. Posting daily videos is another good idea. But it has to have something to do with that personal brand you’re building. 

For instance, you wish to be known as an online marketer. So the majority of your posts, videos, and status updates need to be marketing-related. It’s perfectly okay to throw in some personal stuff now and then. After all, social media is about connecting with your audience on a personal level. But most of these posts need to be industry-related. 

Engage With Communities

This next step is very important in building trust and reputation. Engage within your community. Whenever somebody leaves a comment, never fail to open, read, and respond to that message. 

Participate in other groups. If you’re only engaging with people on your fan page, then no community engagement’s happening. 

Look for other groups and pages within your niche. Make it a point to engage with those people and try to help them. Helping them will encourage them to look for your fan page, like and add you as a friend, and consistently follow you. 

Create Live Videos

Live video is another thing you can leverage on Facebook. Somehow people are so fascinated with reality TV because you can see what’s happening to people every single day. 

One of the ways the biggest influencers create large personal brands is through Facebook Live. The more live video you put out there, the faster the growth of your fanbase. 

What Is A FB Influencer?

But what exactly is an FB influencer? He or she is someone who knows how to increase Facebook engagement to get more likes. Here’s how you can do that. 

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The Facebook Influencer As A People Person

Analyze Your Posts

Find time to sit down and analyze all your posts. See what content performs better compared to the other things you’re posting. Then post more of those. On the other hand, if you discover some posts that aren’t exactly doing well, post less of that stuff and focus more on content that people engage with. 

Next, what content form do they like best? Are they text, graphics, or videos? What topics do they enjoy most? Some simply perform better than others, depending on your audience. So once you figured out how you can make your post stand out, go ahead and create more of those. Read this Postfity review to find out how the app can help you do these things.


Keep It Short and Sweet (KISS). Take YouTube shorts or IG reels for example. They are so popular because people enjoy brief, digestible content. That’s why TikTok became such a big hit in such a short period. 

Realize that majority of Facebook users are on mobile devices. 98.3% to be exact. Not that they’re not using laptops or desktops, it’s simply more convenient for them. Long posts are also needed now and then. Just make sure the text isn’t so distracting and your audience can focus on your core message. 

Still unsure how to go about it? Read this Social Champ review to find out how the app can aid you in coming up with snack size content.

Consistently Post At The Right Time

Timing is everything. You need to be able to post consistently at the right time. Learn how to optimize them and publish them at times you know people are on Facebook. This will increase your odds of engagement. 

This is where Facebook Page Insights is of big help. Here, you can check the time your fanbase is online. This will give you a better understanding of the best times and days for posting. Boosting your engagement to a higher level. 

Use The Rule of Seven

Are you familiar with the rule of seven in marketing? It is said that when a person sees and engages with brands seven times, there are higher chances for recall and purchase. 

So post consistently to get the same effect. Then make sure you’re active in Facebook groups. There’s no need to create a group bearing your brand name. It’s enough that you go to other groups and participate. But make sure these are related to the brand you’re building. 

Say No To Engagement Bait

You know how tempting it is to ask followers to like, share, and comment on your posts, right? Please don’t. Facebook analytics can see through your content and know if you’re using tricks or engagement bait. There’s no penalty, nor will you get banned. However, you will not get the reach you are aspiring for. 

Your audience should want to engage with you because of one thing and one thing alone: amazing content. So if you have some extra money, allot a small budget to boost your Facebook post with your current audience. More of them will see it, and in the future when you have a post that isn’t boosted, they will still engage. This will make you do a whole lot better. 

How to Become a Social Media Influencer and Make Money

Start organic, stay organic. Here we’ll share with you some powerful tips so you can start growing your page and personal brand absolutely free. 

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Facebook Influencers Reach Everyone, Everywhere

Don’t Ask Uninterested Parties To Like Your Page

If they’re liking your page because they like you and not your niche, that’s a big problem. Facebook will show them your content on their newsfeed. If your family and friends don’t engage with it, Facebook will assume it’s poor content immediately. It will no longer suggest it to more users. Thus, lowering and impacting your overall reach. 

For instance you have a page that’s for dog lovers only. But you will force yourself on people who will go and like your page who are not in the least bit interested in dogs. This will only hurt the overall performance of your page and decrease your chances for going viral. 

Only Post HD Videos

Posting HD videos cannot be stressed enough. Who wants to watch blurred and grainy videos in the first place? It’s not enough to know the type of videos you are going to make. Not only should you provide value and useful information. Giving it to your audience in crystal clear format is also top priority. 

No Relationship = No Sales

Do not post your products or services if you’re just starting out. We know how tempting and frustrating this can be because everyone wants to make money asap. That’s one of the main reasons people want to be influencers in the first place. 

But majority of these people fail with their Facebook page because their primary focus is on selling even if they haven’t established a solid relationship with their audience. You need to earn their trust first, especially if we’re talking about organic traffic. Only after you have provided them something of value can you ask them to buy from you. First you give, then you ask. 

Facebook Page Optimization

When people reach your Facebook page you have to let them know that they’re in the right place immediately. So if you’re in the catch niche make sure you have related videos, images, or a banner in place so they’d know what it’s all about. 

Never leave your audience confused or guessing. Thus, the reason for your videos and images as they are powerful tools to let people know what you and your brand represent. 

Utilize Related Hashtags

Use hashtags to a minimum. Pick one or two of the most popular ones in your niche then add that to your content. Another good idea is to use branded hashtags. 

These hashtags are brand specific to you, making it easy for you to trace how much traction your brand has created. Or if people share your content elsewhere with this specific hashtag. This will show how much people are actively engaging with your brand. 

How To Be A Beauty Influencer On Facebook

If you wish to make it to the forefront as a beauty influencer on Facebook, there are some important things to remember. 

Your content needs to be informative, entertaining, and most of all inspiring, especially if it is Facebook Live. You can’t just throw something on a wall then find out what sticks. 

More and more brands are using Facebook Live to existing aspects of work. Whether it be in health, beauty, fitness, or all of the above, remember that Facebook influencers are free and more than capable of doing more than just one thing. This feels more genuine to the audience and will keep viewers tuned in. 

Facebook spelled on Scrabble tiles
Facebook Is Here To Stay

List of Facebook Influencers

If you’re curious who are currently the top Facebook influencers on the planet, we’ll give you eight people who made it to the top 20 based on the number of fans (in millions).Hopefully, you get the inspiration you need to push forward and reach your goals. 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 122.28
  • Shakira 100.03
  • Vin Diesel 96.71
  • Leo Messi 90.16
  • Eminem 86.52
  • Rihanna 79.01
  • Will Smith 77.08
  • Justin Bieber 76.3

Not only is he the most followed sports celebrity on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the most followed individual on Facebook. Having more than 122 million subscribers on his FB page in March 2022. 

Only Facebook itself and Samsung had more followers on the social media platform. His ranking position is even more impressive, considering that the most popular Facebook fan pages are dominated by worldwide brands and not individual celebrities. 

More Than Just A Facebook Influencer

Love it or hate it, Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the web. So if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. Now you that you know the things you can do and have learned how to become an influencer on Facebook, use all these things to your advantage. 

Soon you will convert your visitors into customers. You can then offer promos to your fans on your Facebook page. This will help increase engagement and encourage them to buy from your business. It can be that simple. Start doing these today and your efforts will soon payoff. Because you are not just a Facebook influencer, you make a difference in people’s lives.

If you want to learn more about Facebook and what it has been doing for businesses, check out article “83 Facebook Statistics for Marketers in 2021.”


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