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How To Stand Out On TikTok And Make Money Out Of It

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Are you ready to get on this social media platform but don’t know how to stand out on TikTok? Or perhaps you’ve heard about all these TikTok influencers earning millions of dollars by promoting various brands and services? Does this sound too good to be true to you? Well, not really. They just have a very effective TikTok influencer marketing strategy.

In this post, we’ll give you all the juicy details so you can get a piece of this pie, too. If you’re thinking, oh I bet only the Top 10 TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio can make it, not a newbie like me. Nope, because we will show you exactly how the TikTok algorithm works so you can get more views, likes, followers, and engagement, and be on your way to becoming a TikTok money-making machine!

If you want to know how to stand out on TikTok, first things first. All your marketing strategies will be ineffective if you don’t have any idea how their algorithm works. Here’s what you can do to be in their favor. 

How To Stand Out On Tiktok: TikTok Algorithm Hacks (Phases 1-4)

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Understanding the TikTok algorithm is the first step to becoming a TikTok influencer

Do these easy hacks and make sure you implement these changes if you don’t want the algorithm to work against you.  There are two main goals of TikTok. One is to attract people to the platform, and the second is to make people stay on the platform.  So that is your main role, and if you accomplish that, TikTok will reward you for it. 

Every time you post a video on TikTok it is first shown to a small number of people in the first phase. When they see that you meet their criteria, say for watch time and interactions, your video will be qualified for the second phase. 

Now in this next phase, a larger group of people will be shown and your video goes through the same process. If you meet the same criteria for interactions and watch time, your video will again be able to go to the third phase. And this will not be as daunting if you have a social media scheduler. Read our Mishu Guru review to know how to make life easier. 

The same process will take place in this phase but again, to a bigger group of people. Before it jumps to the fourth and final phase where it goes viral, something happens. It will not be an AI but a human being who will check your video to ensure your content adheres to the social media platform’s policy. Only then will this turn into a viral video. So here’s what you do to get through phases 1-4. 

Add Keywords

Add keywords to your videos. Keep in mind that the algorithm understands what your content is all about. They can then share it with other users who are also in that niche. This is crucial because when the algorithm finds people who are truly interested in your niche content, the higher the chances they will watch it until the end. 

Thus, you need to add related keywords to your videos. This is how brands, influencers, and content creators grow on this platform because this is how you generate followers and boost your views. 

Call To Action (CTA)

How do you get a lot of attention on TikTok? You need to put a call to action in all of your videos if you intend to grow on TikTok. The algorithm tracks your video engagement, which means all its likes, follows, comments, shares, and saves. 

So the more interactions or engagements you have in your videos, the TikTok algorithm is more likely to pick up the message. The message that your content is worth sharing with a lot more people. If you keep doing this, the higher your chances of your video going viral. 

Your call to action may be directing users to your video’s comment section where tons of info about your content can be found. You can also ask a question that is good news to TikTok’s algorithm. Why? Because while viewers are reading the comments, the video is still in the background playing, which helps in boosting your video views. 

A better way however is to put your call to action at the start of your video. You may find it a bit weird but there’s a good reason for it. If you’re just starting and checking your analytics, you may notice that not everyone gets to the end of a video. Therefore, if you put your call to action at the end of the video, not everyone will be able to follow through. 

Add Hashtags

When you’re adding TikTok hashtags you’re telling the algorithm what your content is all about, and to share it with the right type of people who are most likely to watch them until the end. The platform will then reward you by showing your content to more and more people who are into your particular niche. 

You’re also doing your viewers a favor by making it super easy for them to find your videos through your hashtags. Also, spend some time doing your research and finding out the hashtags being used by the top viral videos on TikTok. If it works for them, it can work for you. 

Join The Community

girl recording a video of herself
No man is an island, so belong to a TikTok community to help you grow and flourish as an influencer

If your game plan merely consists of posting your video, doing some scrolling time, and then getting off TikTok, you ought to know—you’re not going to make it. For those who wish to grow their brand, they must interact with other TikTok content creators apart from themselves. When TikTok sees this it will reward them for it. 

What you’d want to do is to follow profiles of those that are in your niche and even those who are not but are showing genuine interest in your videos. By doing this you’ll be able to come up with more unique and out-of-the-box ideas. The more time you spend on TikTok, the more you get your creative juices flowing. 

Not only will you get inspiration to create something different outside your niche, but you will also be an active and valuable member of the community. So make it a habit to interact with other content creators and brands, and make sure your comments are sincere all the time. Phonies can be spotted a mile away. Don’t like and share if you will never recommend or use the product, nor should you endorse anything that will jeopardize your brand.

How To Stand Out On TikTok: Why Should You Want To?

graph reflecting TikTok's traffic ranking
Amazing TikTok traffic statistics according to Cloudflare

Up to this point, you may still be thinking, but how can I become TikTok famous quickly? Will these hacks work? Won’t I be safer staying on my Instagram or YouTube social media platforms? The TikTok Marketing Statistics tell you otherwise. 

The thing is, something happens on TikTok where you only need a single video to go viral and your brand or business can explode at a snap of a finger. This may sound like a gross exaggeration, but this happens a thousand times a day, every day. You see it on posts, Facebook, or Instagram. 

This one person hits the perfect audience at the perfect time. All of a sudden they have generated 10,000 new customers. So from being a small pop-up store it turns into something massive overnight. 

TikTok managed to outpace Google in being the top 1 destination on the internet. There were more hits on TikTok compared to Google. This is according to a study by Cloudflare about the most popular domains in late 2021. This is the first time in history since Google’s launch. So if that doesn’t prove anything, what does?

How Much To Charge For TikTok Post

Person counting bills
Value your brand and your efforts, but don’t forget to give your clients their money’s worth either

Alright, so in case you’re now convinced that you should go on the TikTok bandwagon and be successful at it, how do you go about it? How do you make money via partnerships or sponsorships with brands and companies? Furthermore, is there such a thing as a TikTok money calculator to know how much to charge/earn? 

We’ll talk about all of that. But for now, we’re going to discuss the different ways of reaching out to brands so you can start working with them. Regardless if you have a few hundred or thousands of followers, you can begin by learning a few important strategies. 

Allow Brands To Reach Out To You

Here you did not make a pitch, you did not promote your brand or tell them what you can do for their company. Nothing. You just wait for them to come to you because you know (by checking your analytics) that your videos are doing great on TikTok. 

Be Part Of Influencer Platforms

Another way to connect with brands is by becoming part of influencer marketing platforms. There are plenty of similar platforms to choose from. So find one that suits you, one you’ll have successful collaborations with. 

Send Emails

This one is another straightforward approach. All you have to do is send an email to the brand you wish to partner with. Do your research and make sure you know how to sell yourself, make your convincing power work! Also, make sure your email is readily seen in your TikTok profile so brands can easily reach you when they find your profile. 

When doing this you will need a media kit. A media kit is a presentation that shows your potential client the number of followers you have, how much engagement you get, or the demographics your brand caters to. This will also feature your type of content. Your type of content will ultimately determine if you are suited to this particular collaboration. 

On Charging Your Clients

Influencer recording a video of herself
Keep your client’s loyalty by providing content that’s worth their hard-earned money

Now for the exciting part, how much do you charge your client? Honestly, plenty of creators undercharge, when they ought to be charging more. It depends on how big the brand or the company you will be partnering with. Again, your analytics is your friend so don’t hesitate to use it. Also, conduct your research in your TikTok community so you have a good idea of how much to charge. Even if it’s just a ballpark figure. 

Some content creators who have over 45,000 followers charge around $800 for one TikTok video. Remember, however, that you should never be afraid to negotiate. You aim to have a higher quote because what usually happens is these brands come up with a lower offer. So in the end that’s how you will decide on the entire cost of the collaboration. 

Be Authentic

Be careful when doing collaborations. Money should not be your only motivation. Choose brands whom you truly feel a connection with. What is your reason for creating content for them? Is their brand really good, and are their products reliable? Or is it all hype? 

As mentioned earlier, phonies can be detected a mile away. People will know if you are veering away from your brand, from your authentic self, or your beliefs, all for the sake of money. This will be your downfall. If their products prove to be major rip-offs, you too will be dragged through the mud. So, be careful. 

Learning The Best Way On How To Stand Out On TikTok

The first thing you need to understand, despite how massive and dominating TikTok is today, it is not evergreen. It’s not like posts on Google or YouTube that last. Years after they’ve posted their content, people can still look it up and find it. TikTok needs consistency and hard work. The good news, however,  is that everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Modern technology, apps, and tools like scheduling your TikTok and other social media posts can be conveniently achieved. Learn more about it in our  Lately review

But perhaps the most important thing for you to succeed in becoming an influencer on TikTok is not being afraid of failure. As a matter of fact, you should welcome it. Some of the most brilliant minds and inventors of our time did not succeed until hundreds, even thousands of tries. Had they given up so soon, we wouldn’t enjoy the conveniences we have today. So be strong, be brave, and have loads of fun along the way!

Now that you know how to stand out on TikTok, you might be interested in knowing more on how to advertise on the platform. Read our detailed guide “TikTok Advertising: How to Much Does It Cost to Advertise on TikTok?

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