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Influencer Marketing Budget: Top Things You Must Know


Did you know 63% of businesses only spend 10% or less of their marketing budget on influencers? However, this tactic can boost ROI up to 11 times compared to ads. As a smart marketer, I've found ways to use influencer marketing without spending too much.
influencer marketing budget

Key Takeaways

  • Influencer marketing can deliver significant ROI, even on a tight budget
  • Explore DIY methods, influencer database services, and micro-influencer platforms to maximize your budget
  • Determine the appropriate amount to invest in influencer marketing based on your overall marketing goals
  • Understand the key components of an influencer marketing budget, including influencer compensation and software
  • Implement strategies to get the most out of your influencer marketing budget

Budgeting for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing budget stats.
Influencer marketing budget stats. Source: Mediakix
Influencer marketing's success depends a lot on how you budget. You've got three main paths to pick from: doing it yourself, using influencer database services, or checking out micro-influencer platforms. Each method has its good and bad points. It's smart to look at what each offers before making a choice that fits your business best.

The DIY Method

The DIY approach lets you choose the influencers personally and talk about the deal straight with them. It takes a lot of time, though. You have to look for influencers yourself, get in touch, and run the campaign. This way can save money for businesses on a tight budget. Often, you can get lower prices by working directly with influencers.

Influencer Database Services

Services like Upfluence or Grin open the door to a bunch of checked-out influencers. This can help you find ones that are perfect for your brand. They also come with extra tools and stats, which can make things easier. But, you have to pay a monthly fee to use the database, and then the cost of partnering with influencers.

Micro-Influencer Platforms

woman holding a phone
While micro influencers may cost less than other types, they will need more resources because they may also be at their own starting point.
Platforms focused on micro-influencers, like Collabstr or AspireIQ review, help you target a specific audience. These influencers often have followers who really care. This makes them a great choice for brands with a clear target. Costs are usually less here, but you might have to work harder to find the right people for your campaign. When budgeting for your influencer marketing campaign, think hard about your options. It's all about what works best for your business and its goals. By looking at each option closely, you can make a plan that helps you succeed.

How Much to Spend on Influencer Marketing

The suggested amount to spend on influencer marketing is about 15% of your total marketing budget. This is because influencer marketing has become very important for engaging with audiences and boosting sales. Finding the right budget for influencer marketing means looking closely at your goals, who you want to reach, and what your competitors are doing. It's important to see how influencer marketing fits with your other strategies like creating content, ads, and sending emails. This way, you won't waste money on things that overlap.
Influencer Marketing Budget Breakdown Percentage of Total Marketing Budget
Influencer Compensation 60-70%
Influencer Marketing Software 10-15%
Content Creation and Amplification 20-30%
A good rule of thumb suggests that 60-70% of your influencer marketing budget should go to the influencers. Another 10-15% should cover software while 20-30% is for creating and sharing content. This helps you spend your money wisely and meet your marketing goals. Sticking to your marketing budget can make your influencer campaigns more successful. Always keep a close eye on what works and be ready to change your budget to match your business priorities.

Influencer Marketing Budget Breakdown

When planning an influencer marketing campaign, you need to think about a few things. The budget has two big parts: paying influencers and software costs.

Influencer Compensation

person counting cash
Look into compensation methods that best suit the influencer's and your schedule and contracts.
Influencers can be paid in many ways. This includes getting free products, one-time payments, or earning money based on results. The cost depends on the influencer's reach, how much people interact with them, and their impact. A smaller influencer might ask for as little as $100 for a post. But, those with millions of followers could ask for thousands of dollars. It’s smart to use different ways to pay influencers. For example, mixing product gifting with bonuses based on performance can be effective. It helps you work within your budget while getting the best out of influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Software

Aside from paying influencers, using special software like this BuzzGuru review is also helpful. This software can make managing campaigns easier, reach out to influencers automatically, and keep track of how well your campaign is doing. The price for this software varies. It can be a few hundred dollars a month for simple plans or several thousand dollars for the most advanced ones. Knowing all these parts of the budget helps you plan better. This way, you can set a budget that works for your business and gets you the best results.

Maximizing Your Influencer Marketing Budget

money and utilities on table
It's important to ask about your budget, as this can determine whether you can immediately setup a platform or put them at a slight disadvantageous.
Crafting a compelling value proposition is crucial for luring in influencers. This will help you maximize your influencer marketing budget. Offer influencers the chance to make content that their fans will love. This creates win-win partnerships that achieve real results. Also, putting influencer marketing together with paid media can extend your content's scope. This way, you can make the most out of your marketing funds. But, you must remember to consider compliance fees and other costs in your budget. Influencers might need more money to follow Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules. These rules make it essential for them to tell their followers when a post is sponsored. Knowing about these extra expenses will let you use your budget smarter. It will also help you keep your influencer partnerships legal.
Influencer Marketing Budget Breakdown Average Allocation
Influencer Compensation 60-70%
Influencer Marketing Software 10-20%
Compliance Fees 5-10%
Paid Media Amplification 10-15%
Strategically distributing your marketing budget is key. It can make your campaigns more impactful and lead to significant results. Remember, influencer marketing success is more than just reaching big numbers. It's about forming real connections and crafting content that your audience connects with.
influencer content
Influencer marketing is an effective marketing method, but it can also be costly. So, do the math properly to avoid loss.


This article deeply explored how to budget for successful influencer marketing. We looked at different methods, from doing it yourself to using databases and platforms for micro-influencers. We now have a full picture of where to put our influencer marketing money. We also talked about what to keep in mind when setting your influencer marketing budget. This includes paying influencers and the software costs. Understanding these parts helps brands make a smart budget. This means getting the most out of their money. The article made clear how important the influencer marketing budget is. It also discussed the influencer marketing budget template and influencer marketing budget breakdown. With the right advice, brands can plan, run, and check their influencer marketing with ease. This will help them reach their goals in influencer marketing.


  • What are the main approaches to budgeting for influencer marketing campaigns?
    The main ways to budget for influencer marketing are DIY, using influencer databases, and micro-influencer platforms.
  • How much should I allocate to my influencer marketing budget? Experts suggest setting aside about 15% of your marketing funds for influencers. This amount stays in line with what most companies do.
  • What factors contribute to an influencer marketing budget? Setting your budget involves looking at what you pay the influencers and the costs of needed software.
  • How can I maximize the effectiveness of my influencer marketing budget? To get the most out of your budget, make your offer to influencers stand out. Also, pair influencer ads with paid ones. Lastly, Don't forget about any extra fees or costs.
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