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Altug Galip’s Profile

Niche: Beauty
Country: Afghanistan

Who is Altug Galip?

Born in London, Altug Galip is a prominent Cyprus-based Instagram travel photographer and influencer. Since joining Instagram in 2011, he gradually fills his IG feed with fascinating photos of picturesque locations from around the world. 

Although Altug Galip's forte has always been photography, he just recently entered YouTube through the help of his brother Alp who he says is good at videography. Most of his YouTube content is in the form of Shorts. 

Altug's passion lies in traveling and exploring new places, and he translates this passion into photography. He has explored over 50 countries, including Tokyo, Istanbul, Bhutan, Korea, Moscow, Milan, Santorini, and Mykonos, to name a few. Because of his beautiful content, Altug is among the top 100 travel influencers worldwide. 

This travel influencer has a whopping 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 17.3K on TikTok, 2,680 on Twitter, and only 78 subscribers on YouTube. 

Altug Galip’s Awards and Recognitions

  • World Travel Influencers Awards - Platinum Category

Altug Galip’s Prominent Campaigns

Croatia Full of Magic

winter in Croatia
Source: Total Croatia

As part of boosting Croatia's tourism sector, the Croatian Tourist Board came up with a promotional campaign called Croatia Full of Magic. The campaign intends to promote Croatia as a winter tourist destination to attract travelers and foreigners to the country during the winter. 

To boost the promotion, the Board organized a magical Croatian winter trip for journalists and travel influencers, including Altug Galip and his brother Alp. 

Samsung's What Matters Most

Samsung NX campaign
Source: Samsung Global Newsroom

In 2014, Samsung launched its What Matters Most campaign for the Samsung NX camera line. Because of social media, many people capture photos to have a moment instead of capturing images because a moment is meaningful. Hence, Samsung launched the campaign to get back to the basics of capturing beautiful moments. 

In this campaign, Samsung collaborated with Altug Galip with 11 other travel photographers and influencers. 

Sri Lanka Tourism

sri lanka travel bloggers
Source: Sri Lanka Travel Blog

In 2019, Sri Lanka's Tourism Promotion Bureau kickstarted the Visiting Bloggers Program. The Program is the country's influencer marketing promotional campaign, and among the invited influencers is Altug Galip. The campaign is the country's effort to build social media visibility and brand Sri Lanka as the best holiday destination. 

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