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Janni Delér’s Profile

Full / Real Name: Janni Olsson Deler
Niche: Travel
Date of Birth: Apr 4, 1990 (Age, 34 years old)
Country: Sweden

Who is Janni Delér?

Janni Olsson Deler is a Swedish influencer and content creator known for her travel, lifestyle, and fashion-related content. She was born on September 4, 1989. With a passion for exploring the world, Janni shares her adventures and experiences through various social media platforms.

On Instagram, one of her primary social media channels, Janni Olsson Deler has amassed a considerable following of over 1.2 million followers. Her visually stunning photos, showcasing picturesque landscapes, exotic destinations, and trendy fashion choices, have resonated with a wide audience, making her one of the prominent travel and lifestyle influencers from Sweden.

In addition to her Instagram presence, Janni runs a successful YouTube channel. Her YouTube videos often feature vlogs from her travels, offering viewers an immersive experience of the places she visits. On YouTube, she had garnered a substantial subscriber base with hundreds of thousands of followers who eagerly anticipate her content.

Janni's niche revolves around travel and lifestyle, with a focus on sharing her global escapades, fashion inspiration, and glimpses into her daily life. Her positive and adventurous spirit, coupled with her eye for aesthetics, has garnered her a dedicated and engaged following across various social media platforms, allowing her to inspire and connect with people from all corners of the world.

Janni Delér’s Awards and Recognitions

  • Best Ensemble Cast - 2019 Festigious International Film Festival
  • Best Original Song "Running Around" - 2019 Festigious International Film Festival
  • Best Supporting Actress - Seoul Webfest 2019

Janni Delér’s Prominent Campaigns


Janni Olsson Deler for Desenio

Janni Olsson Deler was the official Swedish Ambassador for Desenio in 2021. She collaborated with the company to create her own capsule collection of prints that represent her beachy and relaxed style. The collection was a hit with fans, and it helped to raise awareness of Desenio's brand.


Janni Olsson Deler for Dior

Janni Olsson Deler was the face of Dior's 2019 "Miss Dior" fragrance campaign. She starred in a series of ads that promoted the brand's new fragrance, which is inspired by the city of Paris. The campaign was a critical and commercial success, and it helped to solidify Janni's status as a fashion icon.


Janni Olsson Deler for Revolve

Janni Olsson Deler is a brand ambassador for Revolve, an online fashion retailer. She has appeared in a number of the brand's swimsuit campaigns, promoting its latest fashion trends. The campaigns have been very successful, and they have helped to raise Janni's profile among fashion lovers.

Tokyo Cowboys

Janni Olsson Deler for Tokyo Cowboys

Swedish TV host Janni Olsson partnered with the award-winning Tokyo Cowboys team in their thrilling outdoor documentary series, "Getting Dirty in Japan." As they chased down Janni's personal outdoor dreams, the show explored Japan beyond the typical tourist spots, featuring adrenaline-pumping adventures and heartwarming campfire talks over traditional Swedish treats.

Janni Delér’s Other Information


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