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Niche: Beauty
Country: Afghanistan

Who is Murad Osmann?

You may have seen the iconic travel couple photo of a photographer standing behind the lens with his hand outstretched to his partner in front of a picturesque landscape. The pictures became viral and grew into a trend that lives up to this day.

Murad Osmann, a Russia-based travel photographer and influencer, is the mastermind behind that viral trend. Going viral was pure coincidence, and it happened through their first-ever "Follow me to..." photo in Barcelona. The image became a hit and the stepping stone to his and his wife Nataly's success as Instagram influencers. The couple manages a joint website under their #FollowMeTo project. 

Murad has 3.4 million followers on Instagram and 237 on TikTok. The couple's #FollowMeTo project has 58.4K YouTube subscribers and 185K Facebook followers. 

Murad Osmann’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 Forbes' Top 10 Travel Influencers
  • 2018 Influencer Awards Monaco: Influencer of The Year
  • 2020 World Social Media Awards: Influencer of The Year (Worldwide)
  • 2020 World Social Media Awards: Influencer of The Year (Russia)

Murad Osmann’s Prominent Campaigns

Le Tour De Bochic

Le Tour De Bochic
Source: Katerina Perez

New York jeweler Bochic collaborated with Murad on its #LeTourDeBochic creative campaign. The campaign tapped Nataly as its muse and featured images with the classic #FollowMeTo style by the Osmanns. They shot photos and films for the campaign at various locations worldwide, including Georgia, India, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka. 

Binance #HODLMeClose

Binance #HODLMeClose
Source: Binance TikTok

Binance launched their #HODLMeClose campaign for Valentine's Day this year, and Murad is among the influencers the company worked with for promotion. As part of the campaign, users who registered during V-Day had the chance to win a MAYC NFT or participate in reward pools. 

Experience Abu Dhabi: Find Your Pace

Experience Abu Dhabi: Find Your Pace
Source: Pinterest

To help boost the country's tourism sector, the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi launched its Experience Abu Dhabi: Find Your Pace campaign in 2022. The campaign featured all the attractive tourist destinations and exciting experiences in Abu Dhabi. Through the campaign, Murad and Nataly, along with other renowned influencers, were able to bask in and promote Abu Dhabi's wonders.  

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