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TechSource’ Profile

Full / Real Name: Edgar Oganesyan
Niche: Technology
Date of Birth: Apr 8, 1988 (Age, 36 years old)
Country: Russia
Ex-Wife / Spouse: Breanne LaBuff (Status: Divorced)

Who is TechSource?

Edgar Oganesyan, popularly known online as TechSource, is a Russian YouTube tech influence who does tech reviews, PC gaming, unboxing, and other interesting series.

Due to his interest in computers, Edgar studied computer science at Los Angeles Valley College. He married in 2018, and his wife appears in multiple YouTube videos, such as in his Cool Tech series.

The influencer loves to engage with his audience and give them rewards for sharing their coolest tech on Discord, which ended up in the Cool Tech series. As a result of his active engagement with his fans and awesome content, Edgar grew to be the influencer he is today.

He also created the Setup Wars series, where subscribers and viewers submit their unique PC setups for others to see. With over 200 episodes, some of the best submissions are those with the worst setup where he roasts them. Edgar's sense of humor isn't so bad, so his viewers don't mind when he sometimes roasts them.

Unfortunately, Edgar got robbed and lost a lot of tech equipment in the incident. While he's pretty sure who the culprit was, he has no concrete facts to back his knowledge.

Other than that incident hindering him from posting content for quite a while, Edgar is doing wonderful as a tech guru who has amassed more than 3.5M subscribers on YouTube, 253K followers on Instagram, 68.4K on TikTok, and 44K on Facebook.

He used to have a Twitter handle linked to his YouTube channel but has been down for unknown reasons.

TechSource’ Awards and Recognitions

  • 2020 Amra & Elma: 100 Top Tech Influencers

TechSource’ Prominent Campaigns

Lenovo Legion and Intel Sponsorship

Lenovo Legion and Intel Sponsorship
Source: TechSource YT

Lenovo Legion, along with Intel, sponsored multiple tech influencers to showcase the Lenovo Legion Pro 7i gaming laptop. Edgar then gives an in-depth review of the product on his channel.

Best Buy Sponsorship

Best Buy Sponsorship
Source: TechSource YT

Consumer electronic retailer Best Buy sponsored Edgar to build a console gaming setup for $1500. All the gadgets used in the setup are available at Best Buy.

LG Sponsorship

LG Sponsorship
Source: TechSource YT

Edgar has tons of different brands sponsoring and collaborating with him, and among these brands is LG. LG partnered with the influencer to showcase and review the LG OLED EVO G1, aka the best gaming tv.

TechSource’ Other Information

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