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The downside to video ads: people often skip them.

Mobile Ad Networks: Choosing The Best One


By 2024, the global mobile advertising market could hit nearly $400 billion. To earn from your website or app, sign up with a mobile ad network. It lets publishers and app developers sell ad spaces. It's tough to pick the best network for your needs. This guide will help you choose wisely. Look for one that fits your niche best.

Key Takeaways

  • The global mobile advertising market is projected to reach nearly $400 billion by 2024, highlighting the immense growth potential for mobile ad networks.
  • Mobile ad networks provide a way for publishers and app developers to monetize their digital assets by selling ad inventory to advertisers.
  • Selecting the right mobile ad network can be challenging, but this guide will cover the key factors to consider, such as ad formats, targeting options, and performance metrics.
  • Focusing on mobile ad networks that specialize in your niche is crucial to maximize revenue and ensure a good fit with your audience.
  • Utilizing ad mediation platforms can help publishers manage multiple mobile ad networks from a single dashboard and optimize their ad strategies.

Introduction to Mobile Ad Networks

mobile ad networks
Considerations in choosing the right mobile ad networks. Source: Izootoo
Today, mobile ad networks are key players in the digital world. They help publishers, app makers, and advertisers connect. This connection is essential. It links those who want to sell ad space with those wanting to reach mobile users.

What is a Mobile Ad Network?

A mobile ad network links ads for mobile apps. It connects those selling ad space (publishers) with those buying it (advertisers). This setup makes sure ads reach the right places efficiently. It's a smooth process, thanks to these networks.

Benefits of Advertising on Mobile Apps

Mobile ad networks rise with apps becoming ads' hotspots. Ads in apps get noticed more thanks to high click rates. Plus, app ad spending is growing fast, showing big opportunities. The mobile app world is lively and invites user actions. This helps ads stand out and encourages interactions.

Understanding Mobile Ad Mediation

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Understanding mobile ad mediation is crucial in mobile advertising.
In the world of making money from mobile apps, mobile ad mediation is vital. It lets publishers and developers link many ad networks using just one software development kit (SDK). This makes earning money easier and more effective.

What is Ad Mediation?

Ad mediation is a tech tool for mobile app makers. It helps them smartly handle their ads from various mobile ad networks. By using a mediation platform, they can pick the best ads for users from many options, making ad management simple. This way, they can earn more from their mobile apps. This tool saves app publishers time. Instead of searching for top-performing ad networks themselves, mediation software does it for them. This frees up the app makers to focus on their content and user experience. The software ensures high-earning ad spots are well-used in the app. Choosing a mediation platform when you're starting out with ads in your app is smart. It helps keep your ad work neat and efficient, letting you focus on growing and making money. With all ad campaigns managed together, making the most from your app becomes a clear path.

Mobile Advertising Business Models

Facebook ad
Every brand must invest in mobile advertising.
Mobile ad networks help publishers and app developers earn money through various business models. Knowing about these models is key to picking the right one for your app or site. It's essential for making profit from your mobile advertising space.

CPM (Cost-Per-Mille)

CPM pays publishers for every 1,000 ad impressions. Publishers focusing on growing their audience and increasing ad revenue find CPM very useful. This way, they earn money whenever ads appear in their app or on their site.

CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

CPC charges advertisers when users click on their ads. Advertisers aiming to increase their app or site traffic benefit from this model. For publishers, it means constant earnings from ad interactions.

CPI (Cost-Per-Install)

The CPI model tracks how many installs an ad drives, with payment for each installation. It's great for those wanting to boost their app installs and grow their users. App developers and publishers often prefer this model.

CPA (Cost-Per-Action)

In CPA, advertisers pay for specific actions users take after seeing the ad, like making a purchase. Publishers profit when displaying these ads to their engaged users. It's a win-win for both sides.

CPV (Cost-Per-View)

CPV works well for video ad campaigns on mobiles. Advertisers pay for each view of their video ads. It's good for publishers with quality video content that attracts viewers to ads. Knowing the details of these models helps publishers and developers choose the best ways to earn from their mobile platforms. Trying different models can increase revenue and keep users happy.

Factors for Choosing a Mobile Ad Networks

Choosing the right mobile ad network matters a lot. You need to think about key things. They will affect how well your mobile ads do. This includes the ad types they offer, the quality of their tools for tracking, and the ways you can target ads.

Mobile Ad Formats

Before you choose a network, look into the ad formats they have. The best networks have many types, such as interstitial, banner, native, offerwalls, and rich media ads. Learning about each type can help you pick the ones that will work best for your goals and audience.

Reporting and Analytics

person with laptop
OpenSea users can view NFT analytics and insights on the platform.
Good tracking and analysis are vital for your ad campaign's success. Choose networks that offer clear dashboards. These should show metrics like impressions, clicks, installs, and earnings. You should see this data for different places, devices, and ad types. With this info, you can improve your ad strategy. Aside from you ad campaigns, you must look into the analytics of your other campaign efforts, such as social media or email. To do this, use a tool like one in this HubSpot review.

Ad Targeting Options

Targeting specific audiences is key in ad campaigns. Look at what targeting options each network provides. They might include location, device type, operating system, and more. Choose a network that lets you target your ads well. This will lead to more successful campaigns.

Evaluating Top Mobile Ad Networks

The top 16 mobile ad networks for 2024 include names like Publift and Facebook/Instagram. Also on the list are AdMob, Smaato, and Unity. Each network has its own special features and ways of targeting audiences. As a publisher, picking the right one is crucial for your success.
Mobile Ad Network Key Features Ad Formats Targeting Options Business Models
Publift Advanced programmatic solutions, header bidding, managed services Banner, interstitial, native, video Geo, device, OS, interest, audience CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA
Facebook/Instagram Vast user data, advanced targeting, cross-device capabilities Feed, story, in-stream video, carousel Demographic, behavioral, interest, location CPM, CPC
AdMob Google's ad network, integration with AdSense, mediation capabilities Banner, interstitial, native, rewarded Geo, device, OS, interest, audience CPM, CPC, CPI
These networks provide many advertising options and ways to reach people. It's key to think about what you need if you're sharing content or selling a product. Also, consider who your audience is and what you aim to earn. Knowing the best and worst of each network helps you choose well. This way, you can boost your chances of doing well with mobile ads.

Testing and Optimizing Mobile Ad Networks

As a mobile publisher or app developer, testing and optimizing your mobile ad network is key to making more money. One way to do this is by using an ad mediation platform. It lets you handle multiple ad networks all at once from a single place.

Utilizing Ad Mediation Platforms

With platforms like AdMob, MoPub, or Fyber, you can pick which ad network to show first. You choose based on how well they do or how much they offer. This way, you can make your ad spots better and find the top ad network matches for your app or site. If you are into social media advertising alongside mobile advertising, you can benefit from a tool like this Publer review.

Monitoring Key Performance Metrics

It's important to watch over how your ad networks are doing. Take note of things like how often ads fill, the money you make with each thousand views, and the number of clicks. Also, look at the total cash you bring in. This shows you which ad networks are the stars and how they compare to one another.

Optimizing Ad Placements and Formats

Besides network performance, keep trying different ad spots, types of ads, and how often they appear. This can make the experience for users better while making more money. Try various ads like full-screen, small banners, or those that blend in naturally. Testing what works best for your app or site is key. With ad mediation platforms and careful tracking of key numbers, plus regular tweaks to ad styles and placements, you can fully sharpen your mobile ad network strategy. By doing this, the potential to earn from your app or site grows.

Mobile Ad Networks Market Trends and Future Outlook

market trends on laptop screen
The future of mobile ads is looking brighter than ever.
The global mobile advertising market is growing quickly. Spending is set to rise from around $360 billion in 2023 to nearly $400 billion in 2024. The popularity of mobile apps is a key driver. So are the better ways to target and measure ads on mobiles. Companies in the mobile ad space are changing fast. They're adding more advanced features to compete and meet the needs of their clients. These include real-time bidding, cross-device targeting, and using AI to make ads perform better and improve user happiness. The future of mobile ad networks is bright. More growth is forecast for the industry. By choosing the right networks and strategies, publishers and app developers can boost their ad income and build a stronger financial future.


Finding the best mobile ad network is key to making more money from my app or site. I need to look at my current situation, research various networks, and test their performance. By doing this, I can pick the right ones for my needs. This choice is important for my app or site to grow and make money in the long run. It’s crucial to choose the right ad networks for my app's success. I should look at things like the types of ads, how they report, and who they target. This helps me pick networks that match my business goals and reach the right audience. Using ad mediation and tracking my app's performance will also boost how much money I make. Keeping up with mobile ads is important, as the market changes quickly. Knowing the latest trends and using new ad styles keeps my app competitive. The right ad networks can help my business grow and make more money over time. So, it’s vital to stay up-to-date and use new strategies to succeed.


  • What is a mobile ad network?
    A mobile ad network links advertisers with app developers. It helps advertisers find app space to put their ads. This network works between advertisers and app makers.
  • What are the benefits of advertising on mobile apps? Ads inside apps are seen and interacted with more than on web browsers. People engage more with ads in apps because the app world is lively and interesting. This makes it a good place to talk to potential customers.
  • What is ad mediation? Ad mediation joins lots of ad networks into one. It uses a single system to show ads from different places. This makes more money for the app without a lot of work.
  • What factors should I consider when choosing a mobile ad network? Look into the ad types they offer and how they show results. Also, see how well they can direct ads to the right people. Checking their success stories and if they fit your app well is key too.
  • How can I test and optimize my mobile ad network strategy? Use a mediation platform to mix different ad networks in your app. Through it, you can shape how ads appear and find what works best. This helps fine-tune your ad strategy.
  • What are the future trends in the mobile advertising market? The mobile ad world will keep growing fast. This growth comes from more people using apps and better ways to show ads. Soon, ad networks will use new tech like smart bids and advanced targeting to keep up.
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