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Mobile Advertising and Ad Networks: A Beginner’s Guide


Did you know mobile advertising spending will hit $405 billion by 2024? This shows how important mobile ads are. It also shows the key role ad networks have in placing ads online. As we rely more on mobiles, knowing about these ads can help businesses and publishers. It helps them connect with their audiences. Ad networks are like the hidden stars in digital ads. They link advertisers with publishers who have good spots for ads. Ad networks started small but now they are big parts of ads online. They make ad transactions smoother and better for everyone involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile advertising spending is projected to reach $405 billion globally by 2024, highlighting its growing importance.
  • Ad networks serve as intermediaries that connect advertisers to publishers with valuable ad impressions.
  • Ad networks have evolved from handling remnant inventory to becoming an integral part of the programmatic advertising ecosystem.
  • Understanding the role and types of ad networks is crucial for the success of any mobile advertising strategy.
  • Factors like network reach, ad format variety, and programmatic compatibility are key when choosing an ad network.

Ad Networks: An Overview

In the world of online ads, ad networks are key. They connect advertisers and publishers. These platforms gather ads from many sources and link them with ads needed by advertisers.

What are Ad Networks?

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The future of mobile ads is looking brighter than ever.
Ad networks help sell ad space between publishers and advertisers. They gather ads from many publishers and sell them to advertisers. This process makes online advertising smoother for everyone involved.

The Role of Ad Networks in Online Advertising

Ad networks serve a crucial function in online ads. They connect advertisers with the best ad spots through partnerships and tech. This helps publishers make money and advertisers reach their audience better.

Types of Ad Networks

Ad networks come in various types to meet different needs. Some include:
  • Horizontal ad networks: They have a wide variety of ad space, giving advertisers a broad exposure.
  • Vertical ad networks: They focus on specific industries or content, letting advertisers pinpoint their audience.
  • Programmatic ad networks: These use advanced tech for efficient ad placement and performance.
  • Mobile ad networks: They specialize in ads for mobile devices to tap into the mobile market.
Knowing about different ad network types helps publishers and advertisers. It allows them to pick the best networks for their ad strategies and goals. Furthermore, you can effectively manage your ads through a tool like this HubSpot review.

Significance of Mobile Advertising

relevant mobile advertising statistics
Mobile advertising statistics we cannot ignore. Source: Clevertap
Mobile advertising is now key in the world of digital marketing. People are using their phones more, so ads are popping up on their devices. These ads can be text messages, banners, videos, and more. Many ads are also seen in mobile apps, like games.

Definition of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising sends ads to people's mobile devices. This could mean ads on websites or in apps, or getting an ad directly through a text or a notification. The cool thing about mobile ads is they meet people when they're out and about, using their phones.

How Mobile Advertising Works

Mobile ads involve advertisers, publishers, networks, and users. Advertisers run ad campaigns, publishers show these ads on their apps or sites, and networks help them meet. They work together to make sure ads are relevant to users, often using real-time and data-based methods.

Advertising Models for Mobile Devices

There are different ways ads show up on mobiles. Some common types include:
Model Description
Banner Ads Static or animated ads shown at the top or bottom while using an app or site.
Interstitial Ads Ads that take over the whole screen when you're moving between app pages.
Native Ads Ads that feel like a natural part of the app or website you're using.
Video Ads Clips that show before or during videos or games. Edit video ads using a tool like this VideoProc review.
Programmatic Advertising The smart, automatic buying and selling of ad spots to target the right people.
These varied ad models help advertisers connect with people on mobile devices in different ways. It's all about meeting the user's needs and the advertiser's goals.

Ad Networks for Mobile Advertising

Ad networks are key players in mobile advertising. They stand between advertisers and publishers. Their job is to make sure ads get to the people most likely to click on them. They do this by handling the technical stuff of ad setups. They also help with the money side, so publishers can make money from their apps easily.

The Role of Ad Networks in Mobile Advertising

Facebook ad
Mobile advertising is at the forefront of digital advertising today.
Ad networks keep the world of mobile ads running smoothly. They help advertisers find the right apps to place their ads. At the same time, they help app owners make money by showing these ads. They work by using smart technology to figure out which ads should go where. This way, they maximize each ad's chances of getting noticed by the right viewer.

Supply-Side and Demand-Side Platforms

Supply-side and demand-side platforms (SSPs and DSPs) are at the heart of ad networks. SSPs gather ads from app owners. DSPs connect advertisers to these available ads. The ad network plays matchmaker, ensuring ads reach the right people at the right time.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network

Choosing the right ad network to work with is critical. You should look at the size of their reach and inventory. This affects how many people see your site or app, and how much money you can make. Also, check what kinds of ads they support. Everything from banners to videos and native ads. Your chance to grab your audience's attention depends on it.

Network Reach and Inventory Size

A network's size and reach matter a lot in your choice. A big network can connect you with more people. This means more views and clicks that can boost your earnings. Make sure the network reaches the areas and people you want. This ensures your ads reach the right audience.

Variety of Ad Formats Supported

mobile ad networks
The downside to video ads: people often skip them.
The types of ads an ad network offers are very important. You want one that supports various ad styles. This might be basic banners or interactive ads like videos and native ads. Having many options lets you find what works best for your audience. It’s a way to really engage those who see your ads.

Compatibility with Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a big trend in digital ads. When picking a network, see if it supports this. A network that does can make your ad strategies more efficient and effective. It helps with managing, targeting, and placing ads. This improves how well your ads do with your target customers.

Choosing Ad Networks

google icon
Google is equipped with multiple platforms for various marketing needs.
Google AdSense, AppLovin,, Publift, PopAds, and Adcash are big names in ad networks. They each offer unique services to help publishers and advertisers. This can be from big networks that cover a lot to smaller ones that focus on specific areas. Google AdSense stands out as a way for website owners to earn money. It shows ads that match the content on the site. For mobile ads, AppLovin is great for boosting revenues. focuses on putting contextually relevant ads on sites. Publift and PopAds, meanwhile, aim at certain industries or types of content. When picking an ad network, it’s key to think about how far their ads can reach. You should also check the types of ads they can show. Lastly, make sure they can work well with programmatic ad platforms. The best networks are strong in all these areas. They provide the tools needed for successful ad campaigns.


Mobile advertising and ad networks have changed how digital ads work. They help companies make money from their content. They also let advertisers show their products to people on mobile phones. These days, more people use their phones for almost everything. So, knowing about ad networks and how to pick the best one is key. It helps any mobile advertising plan to do well. The mobile ad market is set to become very big soon. This means both publishers and advertisers should look into it more. Ad networks make it easy to find the right people on mobile. This can lead to better results for everyone. This new way of doing ads has opened doors for many. All involved can benefit with the right approach. By keeping up with what's new in mobile ads, anyone can succeed in this fast-moving field.


  • What are ad networks? Ad networks link advertisers to websites with good ad space. They pair ads from sites with what advertisers want.
  • What is the role of ad networks in online advertising? Ad networks help sell ad space between sites and advertisers. They gather ads from many sites and find ads that fit what advertisers are looking for.
  • What are the different types of ad networks? Different ad networks serve various needs. From general to specific networks, some popular ones are Google AdSense, AppLovin, and
  • What is mobile advertising? Mobile ads show up on phones and tablets. They can be text, banners, video ads, and appear in apps or games.
  • How do ad networks play a role in mobile advertising? In mobile ads, ad networks connect advertisers to app owners. They help both sides show and track ads, making everything easier.
  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing an ad network? Network size, ad types, and fitting with automated ads are important when picking a network. Compatibility matters too.
  • What are some examples of major ad networks? Google AdSense, AppLovin, and Adcash are important ad networks. They cater to both advertisers and site owners.
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