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Philanthropist Influencer MrBeast Rebuilds A School in Cameroon

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Famous philanthropist YouTube influencer MrBeast did it again!

From helping plant trees to building a hundred wells in Africa, MrBeast is widely known and loved for his philanthropy cases. And just recently, the influencer posted a YouTube video showing how he helped rebuild a school in Cameroon.

The school he and his team visited in Cameroon was in a deplorable condition, with no ceiling insulations, damaged materials, and classrooms filled beyond capacity. To make things worse, the school has no running water or electricity and is being shared by over 3000 students and staff.

Despite the school’s mission to empower young women and become a haven for the students who experience domestic abuse, it cannot accept any more enrollees due to overcrowding and its dilapidating infrastructural conditions. Hence, MrBeast and his team decided to rebuild the school’s infrastructure to give kids a better opportunity to learn and help them see the bright future ahead of them.

His team members, Dan and Darren, initially went to Cameroon to check the actual condition of the school. There, they met with Francis, an extraordinary lad from Cameroon who helps fight inequality and suffering and the founder of an organization that facilitates the installation of solar power, builds wells, and aids educational development in the country.

With the powerful team behind this project, MrBeast was able to build an infrastructure that can hold over 3000 kids and has more than one toilet to avoid oversharing.

This project is more than just giving the kids a place conducive to learning. Much more than that, rebuilding the school building enables the students to see how bright their future is and allows them to speak their voices. As mentioned, most of the students, especially the females, are victims of domestic abuse and other ill conditions at home, so their only place of refuge is the school.

Because of what MrBeast did, the school can now accept more enrollees, giving more children a chance at a better life.

Furthermore, the school is located between the French and English portions of Cameroon, making it a common point for the two populations and their ongoing conflict. MrBeast believes the school can help unite the communities around it, but its lackluster conditions hinder this development. So, it urged the influencer to help rebuild the school and turn it into a sanctuary of learning and hope.

To top things off beautifully, the community surprised one of MrBeast’s team members, Darren. Out of their overflowing gratitude, the village leaders of the area where the school is located conducted a Cameroonian induction ceremony to make him a village elder. This traditional ceremony doesn’t randomly happen to anyone, let alone to foreigners of their land. However, due to their deep respect and gratitude for Darren, the village leaders saw him as a man worthy of respect in their community.

MrBeast and his team do not fall short of extraordinary acts to help improve the lives of others and help make the world a better place.

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