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Product Launches and Influencer: Best Strategies for Collaboration


Did you know a big 87% of shoppers have bought something because of an influencer? This shows how strong influencer marketing is for product launches. Creators make brands feel real and easy to relate to, which helps gain attention and interest easily. But, just as with any marketing, having a good plan is crucial. A recent survey found that 90% of marketers believe influencer marketing works well. For 89%, influencer marketing brings in better returns than other types of marketing. Plus, 68% of marketers plan to spend more on influencer marketing. This means the strategy keeps getting more important for product launches.

Key Takeaways

  • Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for driving awareness and interest in product launches.
  • 87% of shoppers admit they were inspired by an influencer to make a purchase.
  • 90% of marketers say influencer marketing is effective, and 89% say the ROI is better than other channels.
  • 68% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets.
  • Developing a strategic, adaptable influencer approach is key to success.

Understanding Product Launches

skincare products
Product launches gives your consumers a first look into your new products.
A product launch is key for anything new hitting the market. It is as important as making the product itself. If a launch isn't done right, customers and staff may miss the new item. It could even hurt sales if handled poorly.

What is a Product Launch?

Introducing a new product or service to people is a product launch. It means a plan to make people aware, excited, and buy it. A good launch makes a brand grow, but a bad one can stop the product's success.

Importance of Early Planning for Influencer Involvement

In 2024 and after, starting early for a launch is crucial, especially with influencers. Picking the best influencers needs lots of thought. You must think about the content, platform, goal, timing, and what impact you want. Bringing in influencers early helps. They can make people eager and increase sales when the new item comes out.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Product Launches

Using influencers in your product launches has many perks. They can boost brand awareness, sales, and product credibility. Plus, they help create user-generated content.

Driving Brand Awareness

Influencers have followers that can introduce your brand to new people. This is key for product launches. It spreads the word to a big group and gets people interested right away.

Boosting Sales

Influencers can really help sell your product. More than half the people online connect with an influencer daily. So, when they recommend something new, their fans often buy it.

Enhancing Product Credibility

Influencers make your product seem more trustworthy. Their advice means a lot to their fans. This can boost how confident people feel about buying your product.

Generating Influencer-Generated Content

Teaming up with influencers, you'll get lots of great content. This content is not just beautiful; it feels real because it’s from someone people admire. It’s perfect for catching people's eyes online.

Identifying and Selecting Influencers

a graph on how to find influencers
How to find and work with brand influencers. Source: Faster Capital
Choosing the right influencers for product launches is key. You should look at several factors before making a decision. This ensures success in working together.

Determining Influencer Following

An influencer's audience size matters a lot. You need a mix of big and small influencers. This way, you reach many people through various channels.

Evaluating Engagement Rates

High follower count isn't everything. You also want an influencer with lots of likes and comments. This shows their audience really cares about what they say.

Assessing Brand Partnerships and Fit

It's also crucial to check an influencer's past brand partnerships. It helps to see if their image matches yours. This ensures your collaboration is truly effective. Getting the right mix of influencers is crucial for success. Don't forget to look at their audience, engagement, and how they match your brand. These steps help in creating buzz and boosting sales with your new product.

Pre-Launch Influencer Strategies

To make a product launches more successful, engaging influencers before the launch is key. They'll get involved early, feeling a part of your project. This involvement is important as they'll offer insights that match the target audience's views.

Teaser Posts

Posts that tease on social media help give a hint about the product to influencer followers. These tantalizing bits stir up curiosity, starting conversations. Branded teaser content with influencers lets their style and fans help naturally spread awareness.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

filming team
Creating BTS content involves teamwork.
Showing influencers what happens behind the scenes in product creation makes it more real to them. They can then show their fans special videos, interviews, or product stories, boosting excitement. This makes the launch even more anticipated by their followers.

Product Seeding

Letting influencers try the product before its launch is a clever move. They can then feature it in their content more naturally. This method often leads to sincere endorsements, which can strongly influence their fans. The key is to choose influencers wisely for this tactic to work well.

Launch Phase Influencer Tactics

Influencers play a big role in product launches. They create buzz and draw people to new products. Actions like sponsored social media posts, attending live events, and making unboxing videos really help. Big influencers often make posts that include the new product. This tells their followers about it in a way that feels real. When influencers go to launch events, they can share their thoughts online. This gives their fans an up-close look in real-time. Influencers can also make unboxing videos. This is when they first show the product being opened. These videos are exciting to watch. They show the product's features and let people hear about it from someone they trust. Using a range of influencer strategies can really boost a new product's launch. By working with influencers, brands can get more people interested and sell more products.

Product Launches Content Types

Using influencers in a product launches plan is key for spreading the word about your brand. They can help increase sales and make your product more trustworthy. When influencers put your new product in their posts, it's a major part of the launch strategy. This lets companies use the influencer's connection with their followers to create buzz around the launch.

Sponsored Social Media Posts

Instagram feed
Instagram influencers and creators can benefit from an appealing aesthetic.
Influencers craft various posts, like images and videos, to present the new product in a real and exciting way. These posts not just inform but also serve as proof others love the product. When brands team up with influencers that fit well with their brand, they get access to that influencer's large group of fans. This way, they can go beyond their usual customers.

Launch Events

Brands can also host special events for the launch and invite these influencers. These gatherings offer chances for influencers to share photos and stories that feature the new product. By doing this, influencers show what it's like to use the product before it's officially out. This sneak peek helps build up excitement.

Live Unboxing

Among the most thrilling influencer activities during a launch is the live unboxing. In these sessions, influencers open the product on camera for the first time, showing their real reactions. This kind of video can be very engaging. It might even push people to buy the product right away because they're so excited by what they see.

Post-Launch Influencer Engagement

Brands should keep working with influencers even after product launches. They can reuse the top-performing content from these big creators. Doing this can make the product launch marketing last longer, reaching more people through ads and emails. It also helps in creating long-term partnerships with influencers for more collaborations and endorsements.

Repurposing Influencer Content

Influential partners' content doesn't stop being useful after the launch. It can be used again smartly. Brands can share this content on social media, in emails, and ads. Doing this keeps using the trust and excitement influencers bring. It helps people keep thinking about the new products even after they've launched.

Ongoing Influencer Partnerships

Staying connected with influencers for a long time has big benefits. Brands get to work with them more in future. This could mean they talk about the product again, showcase features, or make special content for new releases. Having trusted influencers talk about your product regularly keeps the hype going. It also makes the product hold a strong place in people's minds.

Measuring Impact and ROI

loss illustration
Consistent measuring of ROI helps avoid losses.
Understanding how well an influencer product launches did is key for brands. It helps them see if their marketing worked. Giving each influencer a unique promo code is one smart way to do this. To measure your ROI, utilize a tool presented in this ROI Influencer review. This method shows which influencer helped sell more. It's good for figuring out which ones and what methods were best for getting people to buy.

Tracking Promo Codes

Brands can see exactly which sales came from who. By giving out codes, they know what content and teamwork really sells. This makes future marketing plans smarter and better.

Analyzing Engagement and Sales Data

Looking at numbers like clicks and sales tells a lot about what works. It shows which type of content got the most attention and sales. This information helps brands see if their marketing money was well spent. You can look at the data using a tool like this Tailify review. Staying on top of how well launches do helps brands keep improving. It highlights what partnerships are strong and how to make the next launch even better.


Working with influencers is a smart move for launching a product. They help get people excited and interested from start to finish. This includes getting the word out before, during, and after product launches events. Brands use the unique connection influencers have with their followers to really make a difference. Even though it's not always easy to measure how well this strategy works, those who work hard at it see big results. Having influencers as part of your team makes your launch more real and personal to your audience. They create buzz before the product is even out and keep it going after. This keeps the interest alive for a long time. Picking the best influencers and making engaging content are keys to success. And by keeping an eye on how everything is going, brands can really boost the impact. Product launches 2024 are becoming more important, and working with influencers is a big part of the plan. Influencers help get through to customers in a way that feels honest. This builds trust and helps sell the new products. So, using their voices smartly can really help new offerings succeed in the long run.


  • What is influencer marketing and how does it benefit product launches?
    Influencer marketing is partnering with popular content creators. They have big followings to highlight a product. This can boost sales, create trust, and bring user content for a launch.
  • How do I identify the right influencers for product launches? Look at the influencer's followers, how they interact, who they've worked with, and match with your brand.
  • What are some pre-launch influencer strategies to build excitement? To build excitement, use teaser posts, sneak peeks, and let influencers try the product beforehand.
  • What types of influencer tactics can be used during the actual launch phase? During launch, use influencers for special posts, events, and “unboxing” videos where they show the product.
  • How can influencer partnerships continue to benefit a product after launch? Use the influencer's content afterward. This helps maintain the relationship and further promote the product.
  • How do I measure the success of an influencer-driven product launches? To see how well the product launches examples did, track things like how many used promo codes and sales. This tells you what worked best with influencers.Aside from product launches, you can also boost your events.
Discover how to do so in this "Live Video Production To Boost Your Events" article.
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