Join Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Join?

As influencer marketing continues to rise, the challenges advertisers and brands are encountering are also piling up. With very high demand and ever-changing consumer behavior, a fully-automated influencer marketing solution can be the only ultimate solution.

Join Marketing is the biggest influencer marketing software in Europe. Founded in 2017, it already has already generated over 800 million impressions across social media platforms. It was primarily developed to streamline influencer campaigns, saving time, effort, and resources. This app is the by-product of the perfect balance of human expertise and sophisticated technology. It proves that high-quality service will not necessarily break the bank. You can start and launch a campaign with your own set budget. Yes, Join Marketing will be the one to customize campaigns according to your fund.

Stop wasting time outsourcing influencers only to find out about fake followers. The solution will help you discover and hire trusted brand ambassadors who have the "charm" in converting casual social media users into your paying customers. Use Join's faceted filters to optimize your search based on reach, target audience, and more. Don't worry about collaborating with a number of influencers as relationship management services are also available. Directly communicate with your influencers, no intermediaries, be the transparent boss that you can be! Finally, effectively analyze results. The app features live data monitoring and lets you compare results with your close competitors. Leave the guess works behind and evaluate your campaign with ease.

Benefits of Join

Hassle-free online campaigns

Running social media campaigns doesn't need to be a headache. Simplify every aspect of your marketing activities with Join. This AI-powered platform helps you cherry-pick and collaborate with over 21,000 nano-, micro-, macro-, and celebrity influencers from all over the world. Make sure your chosen influencers share the same passion as you, seamlessly brief them on your campaign goals, and give specific content instructions. You can approve influencer content before it is published and revamp such until you're convinced. And did I mention that you can also choose the app's algorithmic pricing? Indicate your campaign budget upfront, and keep track of your budget along the way.

Boost your business

Influencer marketing is not just about likes and shares. It is also about maintaining personal relationships and campaign optimization. Join Marketing will let you connect with your brand ambassadors in a personal way. Organize your campaign with automated planning and notifications by directly communicating with your influencers. Avoid conflicts by approving content before it’s published and give your feedback to steer your campaign in the right direction and maximize your results.

Be the next sought-after influencer

Why not turn your passion into a profession? Take your influencer career to the next level. Receive offers from the biggest brands and join their campaigns. Join serves over 500 global brands, looking for an influencer just like you. Be the best ambassador you can be with the help of the platform's AI-powered and easy-to-use marketing tools. Start your career by signing up and introducing yourself through your verified Join Marketing account. Then, let the solution's algorithm calculate and adjust your rates. In this way, you will only be approached for campaigns that match your prices! No more long negotiations, how does that sound?

Join Software Features

  • Customer relationship management
  • Campaign management
  • Faceted search and filter
  • Payment management
  • Social media reports
  • Influencer discovery
  • ROI tracking

Join Integrations

No information available

Join Software Pricing

It is free to sign up on Join Marketing. However, interested parties will need to reach out to the vendor for pricing details.

Join Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Join Prominent Customers

  • National Geographic
  • Herbal Essences
  • Silk'n

Problems That Join Solves

Join Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Join Languages Supported

  • English

Join Social Media Links

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