What is Onlypult?

Onlypult is a social media management platform designed to help brands, social media managers, and agencies to manage multi-network content posting. The software provides a single control panel for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Pinterest, and many more.

It enables users to directly upload local photos and videos to the web and publish them in real-time to their social handles. Also, the software protects brand security since social media managers can access content without giving them the password. Users only need to enter their respective email addresses into the portal.

The app provides smart analytics reports, which include monitoring the volume of users' followers. The system can also determine which times are best for publishing content and suggests the best hashtags to use.

Benefits of Onlypult

Seamless Content Posting

Onlypult has a friendly user interface that can help brands to publish their content seamlessly. Content managers can easily plan and plot their content across multiple platforms. Then, brands can post them in real-time or schedule them for a future date.

Moreover, Onlypult enables users to just drag and drop photos and videos from their local device. This allows them to easily create their content display and produce exciting posts that catch the audiences’ attention. 

Increase Sales and Engagement

Onlypult allows users to add their social channel links to their posts, which can help them to track and manage traffic. In addition, the software can gather visitors' valuable information based on their activities. 

Users can also add links that lead to their messaging apps and enable easy access to customer communication. Also, it can make online shopping hassle-free, which consumers like the most and are also beneficial to the brand's ROI. 

Smart Monitoring

Onlypult can monitor brand mentions, including their competitors’ interactions. It tracks potential customers 24/7 and identifies their current locations. Users can configure the system and get comprehensive results in just 10 minutes. 

Brands will no longer miss any mentions and conversations. It can help them to gather leads quickly, reach out, and close sales. The app also has an advanced filter that can help them monitor all necessary mentions and deliver excellent customer service.

Onlypult Software Features

  • Content planner
  • Built-in image and video editor
  • Automatic post deletion
  • Analytics reports
  • Social integrations
  • Multi-network publishing
  • Visual calendar
  • Collaboration tools
  • Account delegation
  • Mention tracker

Onlypult Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Pinterest
  • Medium
  • Odnoklassniki
  • VKontakte
  • Telegram

Onlypult Software Pricing

Start - $15/month

             $10.50/month (billed annually)

  • 3 users
  • 1 social media manager
  • 10 user files monitoring up to 50 MB
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page link builder
  • Brand mentions monitoring

SMM - $25/month

              $17.50/month (billed annually)

  • 7 users
  • 2 social media managers
  • 15 user files monitoring up to 100 MB
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page link builder
  • Brand mentions monitoring

Agency - $49/month

                  $34.30/month (billed annually)

  • 20 users
  • 3 social media managers
  • 20 user files monitoring up to 100 MB
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page link builder
  • Brand mentions monitoring

Pro - $79/month

           $55.30/month (billed annually)

  • 40 users
  • 5 social media managers
  • 30 user files monitoring up to 100 MB
  • Unlimited posting
  • 1 page link builder
  • Brand mentions monitoring

Onlypult Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac

Onlypult Prominent Customers

  • Samsung
  • Coca-Cola
  • New Balance
  • CNN
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • KFC
  • Motorola
  • Nutella

Problems That Onlypult Solves

Onlypult Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Onlypult Languages Supported

  • English
  • German

Onlypult Social Media Links

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