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Searching for the right influencer marketing software can be daunting. We have done all the heavy lifting for you by compiling and reviewing the most powerful influencer marketing software around.

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Influence by Newswire

Do you want to be rewarded while building partnerships with brands that you look up to? As a creator, you are this generation’s storyteller, evangelizing products and services in ways today’s consumers will buy into. Be the best and top-performing influencer that you can be, be verified by Influence by Newswire.

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Technology has been serving as a catalyst for success for businesses for a very long time. In marketing, technology fuels up the traditional promotion efforts of advertisers. This is where social influencer marketing software Hashoff shines. The platform effectively ups old fashioned marketing. It merges word of mouth marketing with artificial intelligence. It was also

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How does a data-powered and expertly managed marketing solution sound to you? Yes, the right balance between cutting edge technology and human intelligence – that’s what inCast is all about.

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Guest Crew

Back in 2013, the developer of this high-performing influencer solution started with a vision of creating a platform that will allow small business owners to amplify their reach and promote their businesses more effectively online. Blogger and experienced marketer Uttoran Sen and Angel Investor Oleg Kaluger brought GuestCrew into the spotlight. Their goal was to

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Beauty Clout

When you look at your closet or your vanity kit, who do you remember? Yes, we may have our own style and preferences, yet for sure, at some point, we bought and used what the internet told us to. You probably know what I mean if you’re a social media influencer or a beauty and

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Casting Asia

Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi established AnyTag in April 2016. Today, this Japan-based technology company has expanded to cloud manufacturing, D2C brand incubation, entertainment tech, and, perhaps, its most promising service—Casting Asia, an influencer marketing solution.

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Today, as social media sites become a place where brands try to increase their visibility, promotions have become a bit more complicated than what they used to be. Even though these social media platforms connect brands to millions of potential customers, analytics, data reporting, targeting, and other jargon in online marketing are a different story.


Advanced marketing tools are what most brands consider when choosing an influencer marketing software. They look for a solution that will help them save time and money and manage their campaigns with little supervision. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you know, “influence” is another story.

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There are combinations we just can’t resist – burger and fries, peanut butter and jelly, thick blankets and bed weather; there are too many to mention!  But for marketers, influencer marketing and gaming live stream has become the perfect combo of all. Studies show that by 2021, the global video game industry would reach $139

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Old advertising schemes? Uh, yes, those one-sided communications and brand orientated promotions. Well, they might work for you but not for long. Today’s consumers are empowered by what they see online and their own convictions. They want to be heard.

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Surveys have revealed that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. But as the world continues to rely on the internet for almost everything—where to eat, how to do this and that, what to buy, etc., the traditional way of advertising has slowly become ineffective. The solution? Influencer Marketing. So, if you’re a

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For decades, Blackbaud has been changing the way the fundraising industry works. Founded in 1981, this cloud fundraising and relationship management solution is headed by Michael Gianoni in the hustle and bustle city of New York. Its core value centers on “building a better world.” Leading uniquely at the intersection point of advanced technology and

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Lefty is an end-to-end platform that guides brands through the influencer marketing process—from influencer discovery, through campaign management, until reporting. That’s how straight forward it is. Type in a keyword when prospecting, reach out to influencers, hold the product brief, and so forth. With influencer marketing campaigns’ demand for time and close supervision, it is

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Today, when it’s easy and fast for brands to hire influencers, authenticity has become rare. Unlike other influencer platforms, Carro is primarily built for trust and transparency. It doesn’t just entice you with a database of millions of online trendsetters; instead, it connects your brand’s genuine followers. Its developers believe that impactful promotions are possible

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Ambassador Referral Marketing

Many businesses today use referral marketing. Why? Simple, it promotes trust and conversion. A study has found out that people are four times more likely to try a product or service when it is referred by a friend, creating a sense of trust before a purchase is made. Referral marketing helps businesses to raise awareness

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You don’t go to war naked. You prepare, strategize, and, most importantly, spend time knowing who your opponents are. Likewise, in business marketing, to be ahead of the competition, you must develop business strategies, plot your activities, and identify your competitors. With Companion, a one-stop influencer marketing software, you can study how other companies perform.

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We live in a digital era where technology plays a prominent role in our daily lives. Just imagine how catastrophic it will be if cashiers in the supermarkets still use the abacus, right?

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The Blogger Programme

The Blogger Programme is a Europe-based influencer marketing solution that provides campaign management services and proprietary tools for brands and online advocates. It features influencers in diverse genres and niches in different parts of the globe. It helps brands associate with top-performing influencers to creatively evangelize their product and service offering across social media platforms.

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With marketing platforms costing companies practically an arm and a leg, a new entrant to the industry might find it challenging to catch up and pay for a marketing solution. Truth be told, businesses without professional help with their marketing steps in today’s very competitive environment is like going through the eye of a needle.

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Blog Trumpet

Blogs provide a very effective channel of communication between businesses and customers. This inexpensive way of marketing drives traffic to websites, enhances inbound marketing efforts, and increases online visibility. While some brands opt for television and radio advertisements, blogging is proven to be an effective form of subtle promotion. Today’s consumers no longer buy into

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Post for Rent

Running an influencer marketing campaign can be overwhelming. You know what I mean— influencer searching, negotiations, market study, and a whole lot more. Given that, be sure to subscribe to a comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing platform; just imagine the amount of time (Yes, more time for your favorite series) and resources you can save if

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