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Searching for the right influencer marketing software can be daunting. We have done all the heavy lifting for you by compiling and reviewing the most powerful influencer marketing software around.

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Post for Rent

Running an influencer marketing campaign can be overwhelming. You know what I mean— influencer searching, negotiations, market study, and a whole lot more. Given that, be sure to subscribe to a comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing platform; just imagine the amount of time (Yes, more time for your favorite series) and resources you can save if […]

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Social Seeder

Often, consumers experience ad fatigue. I mean, don’t we all? How many times have you skipped an advertisement video or closed a window tab because an ad popped up? Many studies show that more and more people are becoming reluctant to see or hear promotions, especially those that are blatant and frequently seen.

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With the continuous boom in online marketing campaigns, perhaps, one of the most debated matters among marketers today is whether brands should partner with social media influencers or celebrities. Some say, collaborating with influencers translates to huge savings and increases engagement rates. On the other hand, celebrities, as famous as they are, are more capable

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One of the common practices of businesses is omnipresence marketing. In this kind of marketing, the goal is to make your brand name present everywhere—whether on social media platforms, magazines, or billboards. It ensures that your product or service offering is delivered on mediums where potential customers spend their time and attention. 

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Who would not agree that we now live in a fast-paced era? I mean, can you still remember when puffed sleeves and exaggeratedly gelled hair were a craze? (Don’t worry, age is no biggie here.) These only prove that trends, even as they come and go, play a vital role in our lives. How much

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According to a study, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Imagine the possible conversion rate various brands can generate with that volume of viewers—no wonder marketers are now utilizing and optimizing this powerful platform. And with the continuous rise of YouTube comes the popularization of Youtubers. These are people who

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Brands, businesses, organizations, and the like, create their own websites to give themselves a distinct identity online. They use websites to provide their potential customers with and overview and details about their company. For brands, in particular, this is where they showcase their product and service offerings. But unfortunately, sometimes the most qualified traffic to

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Today’s marketing environment is very diverse and competitive. This rings true, especially in influencer marketing where every aspect of campaigns must be well planned and executed. Finding the right influencer, outreaching prospects, developing marketing strategies, and studying analytics—there’s a lot to put in place. 

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Influence Marketing

The same principle applies to purchase decision-making. In purchasing, a study has revealed that around 83% of people try brands they hear about from a family member or friend. This is why there are factors that can affect consumer decisions, the most common of which is word of mouth. And this is where influence marketing

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Shout Our Biz

According to industry experts, if you want to achieve your marketing targets, you need to allocate at least 10 hours a week to your marketing efforts. That’s the minimum time frame where everything is supposed to go according to plan. Well, if this number scares you, maybe it’s high time that you seek professional help

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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing software, human intervention and supervision in marketing campaigns have decreased. While state-of-the-art technologies conserve time and energy, they still cannot match human creativity, expert advice, and learned experiences.

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Invites by

Invites by Feathr is an influencer marketing solution that helps brands optimize their online marketing campaigns across social media platforms. Whether you’re promoting your make up line, a seafood restaurant, or a prestigious event, this software can customize a plan that will best cater to your marketing needs.

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Today’s internet users see ad blockers as heaven-sent tools. But while they enjoy uninterrupted social media browsing and video streaming from using these tools, companies, on the other hand, are having a hard time raising brand awareness and reaching out to their target market. To combat this problem, subtle online promotions came to the spotlight.

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Imagine getting paid and being recognized for doing what you love. That’s how influencer marketing works. Creators and brand ambassadors are hired by brands to evangelize their products and services to the public. They create relevant content, have them approved by the brands they’re working with, publish the content online, and engage and do subtle



LinkTrust is a cloud-hosted influencer marketing solution that helps small to extensive marketing and advertising agencies to develop and manage marketing campaigns. Headquartered in Utah, this 12-year-old robust industry leader is recognized for its outstanding customer support and best in class attribution accuracy.  It works with thousands of creators, companies, affiliates, and agencies with its

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LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network that helps online merchants and their affiliates to increase revenues from internet sales. With the rapid growth of online retail, annual revenue from the sector tripled since 2007. Safe to say that this marketing channel is stable, seasoned, and is capable of creating outstanding collaborations.

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Tribe Dynamics

Businesses spend top dollar on marketing and advertising, in fact, studies found out that five to ten percent of a company’s revenue is spent on marketing and advertising campaigns. That’s a pretty large amount of money to put at risk, considering that some promotional activities sometimes fail. Hence, if you’re planning to spend your marketing

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gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module is an online marketing solution powered by Mintent. This industry-leading Web Presence Analytics Software enables brands to effectively understand the impact of content boosting and high engagement rates on marketing. 

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Social media influencers opened an opportunity for marketers to utilize the internet for brand promotions and advertisements. The mere fact that social media platforms are saturated with potential customers has been driving brands to take advantage of these marketing channels.

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