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Top 10 Influencer Apps for Brand Collaborations in 2022

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Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that have proven to bring success to most brands. However, it can be quite a handful for brands to source the best and most promising influencers. And at the same time, it is also difficult for influencers, especially the budding ones, to land decent-paying gigs as the number of talented creators increases every day. Hence, this list of top influencer apps for brand collaborations can be a guide for brands and influencers alike. 

Reports show that 92% of marketing professionals find influencer marketing effective. Furthermore, the influencer marketing size was expected to balloon to $21.1 billion in 2023 from $16.4 billion in 2022, demonstrating the health, success, and effectiveness of this industry. This exponential growth also opens the influencers’ doors to more brand collaboration opportunities.

Influencer marketing apps for brand collaborations are convenient for influencers and brands looking to work with each other. These apps allow for brand new opportunities and reduce the hefty task of connecting brands with an influencer for collaboration. 

So, if you want to know the top influencer apps today, you might want to read until the end of this article. 

What are Influencers?

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Influencer marketing has been making waves since 2013 until the present. Hence, influencer apps for brand collaborations are important to marketers and brands. 
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A social media influencer is somebody in your niche that has sway over your target audience. They are people whose reputations are founded on their specialized authority and knowledge of distinct subjects. Influencers post regularly about their chosen niche on their social media channels and generate numerous enthusiastic and engaged followers. 

Brands often opt to collaborate with influencers because of their capability to create trends and promote products. There are several types of influencers, and they are grouped according to the number of followers, content, and influence level.

Which Application Can Make You an Influencer?

Becoming an influencer is a tough job. The famous and successful influencers today worked hard to be where they are now. Thankfully, to keep the load lighter, several applications are available to help anyone become one. Here are the top 10 influencer apps for brand collaboration: gif maker 5
There are various influencer apps for brand collaborations to choose from. Choose wisely!


For influencers who like to do product reviews, ExpertVoice is the app for them. The app has linked more than 500 brands to over a million influencers who give product reviews and recommendations. Influencers may enjoy up to 60% discount on certain products, thus, making it easier for them to get their hands on the products and give reviews based on first-hand experience. 

The app’s objective is to allow influencers to explore various products within their niche. Plus, its interface is user-friendly with top-notch customer support. And it offers a free trial! 


For lifestyle, health, beauty, and wellness-focused influencers, Octoly can be a helpful app. This French company has successfully hooked over 300 brands with 40,000 influencers. 

Octoly is uncomplicated to use, and its customer care and support staff are easy to contact. Although, it only operates on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, with specific requirements for every platform, the app is convenient to utilize, and influencers are privileged to try products for free. 


Mavrck functions uniquely from the other apps. It aims to convert consumers into influencers because who else can market the products more profoundly than loyal consumers themselves? Among all types, the app is more focused on tapping micro-influencers. 

The app has helped set up influencer collaboration with brands as big as Dunkin’ Donuts, New Balance, Universal Studios, Gillette, and Proctor & Gamble. With the roster of big brands they’ve worked with and their unique approach, Mavrck is worth your subscription. 


SocialBook, otherwise known as BoostInsider, hooks brands with influencers who are closely associated with their products. The app is accessible to everyone, including vloggers and bloggers, with a functioning and relevant social media presence. 

Promotions are thoroughly examined to ensure that only relevant influencers share a brand’s campaign. The app is also free of charge. All you have to do is fill in the necessary information and connect the app to your social media platforms. 


Way before the popular days of influencer marketing campaigns, IZEA had already entered the market. The influencers on IZEA do not have a hard time creating a free profile on the app. Hence, making their first step easier. 

IZEA does more than just connect brands with influencers. It offers all the necessary tools and services an influencer needs in an influencer marketplace, such as distribution, campaign management, payments, and of course, collaboration. It also has a feature known as ContentMine where all the content created in a campaign are stored. 


Klear has a smart influencer discovery tool that can help brands easily track influencers by location and category. It possesses advanced filters that allow brands to sift through influencer profiles and look for the relevant ones. It works more for the brand than it does for the influencer. 

Furthermore, Klear assures brands that it will only hook them with influencers that have real followers, and it is able to do this through its FakeSpot technology. The technology is AI-powered and can detect faux followers and bot-generated engagements. 


Intellifluence is one of the top-notch marketing apps you can find. It doesn’t just pair brands with trusted influencers; it also connects influencers with the same niche to increase exposure. The app works with major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

All facets of the campaign are streamlined with the app’s influencer marketing solution. So, missing out on something is the least of a brand’s concerns. It also has a free and paid plan, with the paid plan starting at $99 a month. 


IndaHash, although 8th on this list, is one of the major players in the world of influencer marketing apps. It has hooked more than a million influencers and over 500 brands in 80 countries. The app is great, but it only focuses on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and it has a library accessible to influencers who want to reuse content across different channels.

Influencers on Indahash must meet the following requisites: minimum of 5,000 followers on any social media platform, high engagement rates, 40 high-quality published content, and an authentic audience. 


SocialLadder is the app for influencers who are aiming for long-term brand partnerships. It hooks brands with brand ambassadors and interested influencers. The app helps brand ambassadors discover and reach out to influencers.

Brands may use SocialLadder to communicate, assign tasks, track engagement, and give due recognition to brand ambassadors who exert effort in their work. The app works on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 


OpenInfluence is quite different from the mentioned apps as it focuses on content creation for brands and influencers. They extend a hand to create engaging stories and novel content. Although, it is still useful in locating the best creators and influencers. 

OpenInfluence allows for campaign management, creator discovery, brand safety, content syndication, analysis and reporting, and paid social support. Its official partners are Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. 

There are also other influencer apps that pay for brand collaborations to help you get started. Read about them on this Vamp review and Tidal Labs review.

How Do You Get Collaborated with Brands?

With the deep pool of influencers and creators today, it can be challenging to get brands to collaborate with you. However, it isn’t impossible. So, how do you ask for collaboration as an influencer? Here are some tips to help you get started: 

Build A Portfolio

Brands, like almost every employer and client, always like to see your portfolio. Hence, it’s crucial to keep building yours. It doesn’t matter if you have to start from scratch. 

Through your portfolio, you can showcase your skills and capability. If you’re an influencer, aim to establish a strong brand loyal audience by creating quality content. There is no specific follower count, but brands prefer to work with those who have at least a few thousand. Make sure that your website or social media account exhibits your work caliber. No brands want to see a full portfolio. 

Conduct Research

Other creators prefer to set up their portfolios and wait for brands to reach out to them. But, collaborations would be more possible if you proactively do your part. You can start by making a list of your dream collaborations, then do your research after. 

Make a breakdown of brands’ niches and scroll through their Instagram accounts or websites. Look for brands that echo your visions and values. Discover their accomplishments, goals, products, and audience. 

Stand Out

Lastly, learn how to stand out. Standing out is relative to what your portfolio is going to look like. A good portfolio means a better chance of standing out. Remember, you have competition everywhere. Hence, you must learn how to attract attention. Brands need to know what makes you the better influencer.

Show off your accomplishments and skill sets. However, you also must know how to do this concisely as PR teams are very busy. You can start by introducing yourself, telling them why you love their brand, showing them what makes you a great fit, placing a call to action, and attaching a stellar portfolio. 

What are Some Influencer Brand Collaboration Examples?

Sixty-three percent of marketers today collaborate with 10 or more influencers on every marketing campaign. Brands and marketers rely heavily on successful influencers for marketing. Here are some ways by which brands can work with influencers: 

Sponsored Content

The most common collaboration is sponsored social media content where brands partner with influencers in exchange for sponsored posts. This is simple since an influencer creates content to promote brands to their followers on their social media accounts.  

Brands looking to work with influencers must inform them of the company’s goals, visions, guidelines, objectives, and even restrictions. You can often see this type of collaboration on Instagram. As a matter of fact, 59% of micro-influencers say that the most effective platform to engage their followers is Instagram. 

Guest Blogging

To be effective in this strategy, a brand needs to identify a set of influencers who manages a website or blog with a high domain authority and is under their niche. When done, brands can contact the influencers and ask whether they accept guest blog posts on their site. 

If the influencer agrees, brands need to create informative and engaging content. The link to the brand’s website must not be forgotten as it can drive additional traffic. Not adding the link forfeits the purpose of guest blogging. gif maker 1 1
Today, users still turn to blog posts for reliable information.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Aside from social media platforms, some people go to blogs to look for trusted information. This has always been the case before social media platforms came into the limelight, and it is still the case today. 

One type of sponsored blog post is called a dedicated post, and it revolves entirely around a brand’s product or services. The content of the post will showcase the brand and may include exclusive discount codes and vouchers for the audience. Another type is where brands can ask the blogger to mention them in a roundup of posts on services and products. In this type, the blog posts will include one brand among the roster of other brands. 

Gifting gif maker 2 1
Gifting products to influencers is a good way to have them promote your brand.

Another popular method of influencer collaboration is gifting. A brand can send gift products or samples to an influencer and encourage them to create content or posts about the products. 

However, brands must be careful of the catch. If they are simply gifting an influencer and not paying them, then the influencer isn’t obliged to promote the gift. Influencers have the free hand to promote it or not, especially when unpaid; it all depends upon their liking. 

What App Has the Most Influencers? gif maker 3 1
Among the many social media apps today, Instagram has the most number of influencers.

Since the number of influencers is budding year after year, it pays to know which social media app has the most successful influencers. The answer might already be so obvious, and it is none other than Instagram. It is the top platform for influencer marketing, and it offers the best results. 

Why Are Influencer Apps for Brand Collaborations Important?

With a wide array of social media influencers in the market, it can be challenging for brands to choose the best and brightest ones. Hence, it is advantageous to invest in influencer apps for brand collaborations to help them pick out the best influencer who can drive results and bring success. If still in doubt, the apps in this list are surely worth trying. 

Now that you know the top influencer apps for collaboration, you might want to gain more ideas on influencer collaboration through our article, “Influencer Collaboration: Ideas, Types, and Examples.”

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