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Top 10 Online Restaurant Management Systems for Your E Restaurant


Nowadays, a thriving restaurant takes more than just your ability to fill seats. To keep up, it requires an entire ecosystem of tools that can deliver the memorable dining experience that your customers expect. These tools include but are not limited to reservation management, personalized dining profiles, online reservations, table management, brand reputation, and banquet/group dining.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Management: These systems offer tools for reservation management, personalized dining profiles, online reservations, and table management.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Many of these systems are cloud-based, facilitating easy sharing of operational data across multiple locations.
  • Customizable Features: Systems often include customizable interfaces and feature-rich software tailored to restaurant needs.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Features like real-time table readiness notifications and integrated marketing tools help improve customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Many systems aim to provide more features at lower costs than their competitors, reducing operational expenses.

Switching to an E-Restaurant is not a luxury; it’s an absolute must. However, if you’re still using some outdated yet overpriced system that fails to communicate with each other, then it is definitely ruining your profit potential. If that’s the case, then it’s time you get connected with an online restaurant management system that gives you customizable management solutions that are rich in features and consolidate all of your front-end operations. Such features should include but are not limited to a customizable interface, feature-rich software, management solution, and consolidated operations.

Having an e restaurant with special systems in place like this is created with the restaurateur’s business priorities in mind. What are the benefits of restaurant management system? Here are some of them:

  • Customers are notified when their table is ready
  • You have a better brand relationship
  • One that costs less than its competitors
  • You have shorter wait lines
  • Getting real-time access
  • Having personalized dining profiles

So, what is online restaurant management system, and what is its most significant role in your business? You can transform from being a single-platform restaurant to being in control of everything, not only from taking reservations or managing your store’s online branded presence. You are also offering a personalized dining portfolio for your guests.

Furthermore, it’s all in the cloud, making sharing your operational data with your team and other key players easier regardless of the number of locations. We are talking about the owners and management, your culinary team, your waitstaff, and the customers. For example, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Miami, Las Vegas, or New York. The whole system works seamlessly for you.

Not only does this eliminate plenty of mistakes and inefficiencies on your part. The fact that you do not require contracts or reservation fees, just reasonable prices to utilize the system, can literally take your restaurant to a whole new level. And here are the top 10 online restaurant management systems to suit your e restaurant needs.


SevenRooms restaurant management system
SevenRooms gives restaurateurs exceptional experiences for customers to boost revenue and repeat business.

SevenRooms is the perfect platform to keep up with your customer’s journey. It gives you insight and control of the entire guest experience, from order takeouts and reservations to turn times and total customer satisfaction. These critical insights and automated tools not only save you time but also lets you create unforgettable experiences that make your guests want to keep coming back for more.

SevenRooms lets customers interact with your brand, from booking reservations to joining the waitlist or placing an order online. You have complete control of your digital presence across all direct, organic, and third-party channels to ensure optimal revenue and profitability.

The platform does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, so your front-end team has the freedom and insights to guest customers with care, has seamless service, and conducts takeout orders flawlessly. Your guest profiles also give you a full view of every guest, ensuring each experience delights them every time.

Repeat business is done automatically without having to get additional staff or expertise. Customer feedback alone will expire your next big idea as you look back at your customer’s sentiments through property and marketing channels. These automated and personalized marketing campaigns will run even when you’re fast asleep. Now that is 24/7 hospitality.


inresto restaurant management system
inresto provides users with everything they need to manage and grow their restaurant business

inresto is a plug-n-play, one-stop technology solution empowering restaurateurs to manage their daily operations efficiently. It caters to all front and back-end house affairs. The inresto modules allow restaurateurs to integrate their processes with apps for table reservations, while their white-label module equips your partners to build a compelling web presence.

The platform’s marketing and events services increase your visibility amongst diners and help map the customer’s behavior through its 360-degree marketing campaigns. This allows you to launch customized campaigns and, in turn, gives your restaurants high ROI.

inresto’s valet to valet plug-n-play product suite is your one-stop solution for managing your restaurant anytime, anywhere. Not only does it integrate both front and back-end operations, but it also furnishes exceptional experiences for both guests and restaurateurs.

The platform also has other amazing features, such as Procurement Services, Kitchen Equipment Automation, Logistics Services, and Lending services to help you sustain a smooth and flawless operation for your e restaurant.


NextME restaurant management system
Manage waitlists and get more customers through the door with NextME Que Management App.

Technological advances such as the NextME platform are helping the restaurant industry, especially because it has tight margins. It will save restaurateurs loads of money while increasing their revenue. Here’s how it’s done.

Get rid of those pagers and tap into the technology your diners are already carrying with them. The NextME waitlist app replaces all that outdated equipment using just your iPad or iPhone.

NextME keeps your guests engaged to prevent them from walking out. They will know exactly where and how long they are in line, via SMS texts, without downloading a separate app. They can also browse the menu from menu maker, check your specials for the day, read reviews across your social media channels, or engage with your brand while waiting.

Speaking of social media, boost your online presence utilizing a social media management app that helps you create, publish, manage, and scale content for your brand. Learn more from our Lately review.

Restaurateurs also double their table turns by displaying digital menus to guests while they wait. This can cut down the time they spend at the table deciding what to order. NextME also has a customer-facing mobile marketing page that allows users to display their menu, specials, socials, and other promos to every guest on the waitlist. This leads to twice as fast tables to turn.


OpenTable restaurant management system
Accept and manage online reservations in one place with OpenTable

Power up your hospitality with OpenTable. This is one of the most complete, easiest-to-use, and absolutely reliable platforms for restaurants out there. They have the all-in-one solution for maximizing seatings and setting up your operations for success, whether you’re big or small.

With OpenTable, you can now accept and manage online reservations in one place, so you can easily plan and manage shifts. Their custom profile and listing allow your guests to see vital info, such as your location, menu, and photos, about your resto to boot. It also allows you to maximize your seatings and streamline your service using smart table assignments as well as server section management tools.

OpenTable’s in-house and online waitlist means you won’t have to turn guests away. You can use waitlists to fill empty seats and cancellations with guests eager to dine with you. You can also customize your robust inventory settings to maximize your books and control the flow of your dining area.

Real-time inventory makes last-minute bookings fuss-free, all while avoiding double or overbooking with your reservation inventory. Everything is always up-to-date and available. You can also connect your POS with the platform to track your revenue, acquire order insights, and allow auto-table status to speed up turn times and seat more guests. Moreover, you can also connect with those doing online orders from home to increase your guest base while diversifying your revenue.


Avenista restaurant management system
Get the best restaurant table booking system for less with Avenista

This is one of the best restaurant table booking software for less. Now you can cater to your guests, ease the burden of arduous tasks from the staff, and increase your revenue. Avenista makes life for restaurateurs so much easier, and the reviews speak for themselves.

No-shows are some of restaurateurs’ biggest headaches, as this could mean lost revenue. Now, you can have the upper hand on these time wasters by preventing No-shows upon booking. You can ask for a non-refundable deposit upfront or even capture their card details so you can charge them if they don’t show up.

Avenista gives users the ultimate user-friendly experience to help you and your team navigate its wide range of features. Here, you can control ‘live’ resto table bookings, manage your wait lists, build customer databases, and more. Furthermore, each restaurant has its exclusively designed table plan, so they have a system that is uniquely theirs.

The best part about it is that real people back it. Amazing software is great, but people lose their minds when they can’t speak to a real person to discuss their problem or answer a question on the software. With Avenista, getting help to change your resto setup is no problem. Whether switching to new operating hours, setting up a new widget, etc., all you need to do is call them.


ResyOS restaurant management system
Boost ROI by optimizing seats and reducing no-shows with ResyOS.

This is the restaurant technology partner that helps users earn more and do more. ResyOS enables you to increase your ROI by optimizing seats and reducing no-shows. You can notify your guests if a reservation is available to maximize revenue. Establish new revenue streams through ticket-selling of on-premise or virtual events, and even create a library of items your customers can add to their experience, such as cookbooks or bottles of wine. You can also customize and automate confirmation texts to save time and prevent no-shows.

Streamline operations by maintaining control anytime, anywhere. You can access all your devices and customize permissions for appropriate access for your team. A 360 visibility into your restaurant’s performance is available through customer insights and custom reporting. Public-facing reviews are also not necessary because of their automated surveys.


Quandoo restaurant management system
Increase your online presence and take control of your reservations with Quandoo.

Quandoo for Restaurants empowers restaurateurs with reservation management solutions to boost their online presence and allows you to take control of reservations. It is designed for simplicity and built for growth. You can get reservations where guests turn to first- Google. So now you can be directly bookable via the Google network.

Offer customers a smooth reservation experience with the responsive booking widget on your website and across your social media platforms. They are partnered with Google, Instagram, TripAdvisor, and more, so you can expand and increase your reach by tapping into this extensive dining network. Also, scheduling posts and managing content across multiple social media platforms for your brand is easier than ever. Learn more from our Postify review.

Reservation management has never been this simple, and you can save time by having a centralized view of reservations, doing quick modifications, putting in reservation notes, and much more. Not only do you stay on top reservations, but you also control the diner’s flow, optimize your service levels, and easily manage busy periods. You will have a 360-view of your diners and access insightful reports while analyzing your restaurant’s performance in real-time.


Tock restaurant management system
Drive revenue to all your restaurant services with Tock

Sell more with one platform by managing reservations, special events, pick-up, and delivery, all in one place. Tock drives revenue to all services. Moreover, they have flat pricing and zero per-cover fees, so getting penalized for your success is never an issue.

Growing faster is easier than ever with Tock’s network. Here you can get your business in front of millions of customers with their fastest-growing network used in 26 countries in over 200 cities. They have strategic integrations with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Chase, and WineDirect, which provide users with tools to market directly to their guests and track conversions.

They have all the tools you need for a thriving business, including contactless ordering and payments, two-way messaging, an upgraded waitlist, pre-dining questionnaires, pick-up and delivery, and real-time changes needed in your floor plan.


Yelp restaurant management system
Enjoy a smooth front-end operation with the Yelp restaurant management system.

Yelp has amazing intuitive tools to manage the flow. Your hosts and servers have all they need for a smooth front-end operation, including a custom floor map and sections, takeout features, and integrations with POS and other systems.

They have robust analytics so you can track your daily performance. These daily insights are vital in tracking key metrics that can be done from any device, wherever, whenever. Now you can measure performance, discover opportunities, and see the impact of your recent training or campaigns. Yelp’s dedicated success manager helps restaurateurs tailor their Yelp for Restaurant experience to meet their needs and support them all the way.


simpleERB restaurant management system
Discover one of the most straightforward yet efficient electronic reservation systems for your restaurant today with simpleERB

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient electronic reservation system, get simpleERB today. It is the simplest restaurant diary and booking management system for your business. You can book guests, manage stay time, set up sittings, take payments, secure credit card hold, end no-shows, and more.

The simpleERB platform has a monthly contract and no lock-in. This way, you have the freedom to pause your plan and then restart it anytime you like. You can also downsize or upsize your plan as your business goes up or down.


  • Q: What are the key benefits of using an online restaurant management system? A: They streamline operations, enhance customer service, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Q: Can these systems help reduce customer wait times? A: Yes, by efficiently managing reservations and table allocations.
  • Q: Are these systems suitable for any size restaurant? A: Yes, they offer scalable solutions that can be customized for different sizes and types of restaurants.
  • Q: How do these systems handle customer data? A: Many systems include secure, cloud-based storage and management of customer data and profiles.
  • Q: Can I integrate these systems with other software? A: Most systems offer integration capabilities with various POS systems and marketing tools.

It is cloud-based, so there is no need for new hardware. This multi-user software works great on PCs, Macs, Windows POS’s and iPad.
Your e-restaurant works seamlessly because of this system. It has been developed to provide service facilities to restaurants and customers. For instance, a restaurant reservation system UK is designed for restaurant employees to handle clients better, take their orders and help them easily find free tables and book reservations.

For more information on managing your business online or leveraging social media channels to do so, check out our post, 39 Instagram Hacks You Need to Learn Today.

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