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Top 25 Beauty Influencers 2021: Beauty Personalities to Follow This Year

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Who is the top beauty influencer 2021?
Huda Kattan is considered the top beauty influencer for 2021 in terms of follower count and earnings. She owns one of the largest makeup and beauty brands, Huda Beauty. Currently, Huda has over 50 million Instagram followers (personal and business accounts combined) and 4.15 million YouTube subscribers. Her net worth is $510 million, making her one of America’s richest self-made women in 2020.
Alongside the advent of technology arose thousands of opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds from all parts of the world. And the demand for beauty, skincare, and hair care products have gone through the roof. In the United States alone, the beauty industry generated $89.5 billion in total revenue in 2018. Not just beauty products but beauty influencers are pretty much in demand recently. In this reading, we hope you get inspired by the top beauty influencers 2021 who are hitting the charts. Social media influencers, particularly those on YouTube and Instagram, have highly contributed to the success of the beauty industry. Within just a year, influencer videos made up 86% of YouTube's most-viewed beauty videos, while the meager 16% has been attributed to beauty brand videos. These figures show how powerful beauty influencers are in exposing and introducing fresh beauty trends and products to the digital world. You may be wondering, “who is the most popular beauty influencer?” We’ve curated a list of the top beauty influencers you can follow on social media in 2021. But first, let’s know what a beauty influencer is.

What is a beauty influencer, and what do they do?

A beauty influencer is somebody who is famous for one's knowledge and expertise in makeup, skincare, and even hair care. The most popular ones have millions of followers who came to trust their product recommendations and beauty counsels. Often, creators in the beauty niche curate content on other influencer categories, too. However, they mainly focus on all things beauty. And these influencers are usually active on YouTube and Instagram. Most beauty influencers are sponsored by brands to review and create try-on videos of their products. But sometimes, they just willingly do it even if it’s not sponsored due to fans’ requests and demands. These influencers also give out various beauty-related guides and tips to their followers and general audiences.

Who are the top beauty influencers?

You may ask, “who are the top beauty bloggers?” Like any other influencer category, there will always be the cream of the crop. Out of the thousands of beauty influencers, a few stand out in terms of influence, Instagram follower count, and popularity. The list of top influencers may vary each year, but some sit on their thrones longer than others. Check out these top beauty influencers 2021 and see how they can help you upgrade your beauty and self-care routine!

Huda Kattan

This Iraqi-American makeup influencer and empress has successfully established her empire in the digital world. She owns one of the generation's biggest makeup brands, Huda Beauty. Before establishing her billion-dollar makeup giant, Huda created her YouTube channel in 2007. She currently has over 2.3 million Instagram followers and 4.15 million YouTube subscribers. Her business' IG account, @hudabeauty, has 49.1 million followers.

James Charles

This New York-based popular makeup influencer and beauty vlogger has 24.8 million YouTube subscribers and 25.1 million Instagram followers, making him one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram 2021. At the young age of 17, James became the first-ever male ambassador of the globally known cosmetics brand, CoverGirl. And amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s been hosting YouTube's new original series called “Instant Influencer.”

Chiara Ferragni

Her IG account, @chiarraferagni, has over 24.5 million followers. Chiara is an Italian entrepreneur, beauty and fashion influencer, and designer. This empowered queen has a fashion blog turned global retail business called “The Blonde Salad.” Moreover, she was nominated by Forbes in 2017 as “the most powerful influencer in the world.” If you wish to connect with highly talented creators, check this VAMP review.

Jeffree Star

Fourth on the list is the shining, shimmering makeup and skincare influencer, Jeffree Star. With 16.3 million YouTube subscribers and 13.5 million Instagram followers, Jeffree is one of YouTube's top-subscribed beauty influencers. Now, who would've thought that the young guy who only started wearing makeup in high school would set to earn $18 million in 2018? Thus, he’s now considered the 5th highest-paid YouTuber. Alongside his love for makeup, Jeffree Star is also an avid car collector and is acknowledged as a car influencer due to his exceptional collection of exotic cars.

Bretman Rock

This hilarious, sassy, and quirky beauty influencer has 17.4 million followers on Instagram and 8.78 million subscribers on YouTube. Essentially, Bretman is loved by millions of followers because of his great sense of humor and the fun personality he exudes video after video. Moreover, he has a partnership with the cosmetics brand Wet N Wild, and he’s among the ambassadors of Nike's #BeTrue campaign and the footwear, Crocs.

Nikkie De Jager

Famously known as @nikkietutorials, Nikkie De Jager is a 24-year-old Dutch online personality and became one of the top skincare influencers 2021. She currently has 15 million IG followers and 13.8 million YouTube subscribers. In 2020, Nikkie became an ambassador for the United Nations and focused on issues surrounding gender equality. She also used to work with brands like Marc Jacobs and Maybelline.

Nikita Dragun

"The Mother of Draguns," Nikita Nguyen is one of the most prominent beauty influencers with a whopping net worth of $400,000. She has 9.2 million IG followers and 3.65 million YouTube subscribers. Like Huda Kattan, Nikita has her own makeup brand called “Dragun Beauty.” Looking for a tool that will help you achieve your expected marketing results while benefiting your chosen influencer? Read this Terareach review.

Mario Dedivanovic

Along with James Charles and Bretman Rock, Mario Dedivanovic is one of the top male beauty influencers focusing on makeup. His IG account, @makeupbymario, has over 8.9 million followers. Mario inspires numerous makeup fans and enthusiasts through his makeup training and mentorship course called “The Masterclass.” He’s also famous for working with big-time Hollywood celebrities, one of which is his muse, Kim Kardashian!

Jaclyn Hill

This social media personality is one of the most followed and renowned makeup influencers and beauty vloggers. Jaclyn has taught her millions of followers the proper method of applying the right makeup. Currently, she has 6.6 million Instagram followers and 5.73 million YouTube subscribers. Jaclyn is also famous for her makeup line, Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Aimee Song

One of the top beauty influencers under the clothing niche and a bestselling author is Aimee Song. She’s widely prominent for her "Song of Style" collection. Currently, Aimee has over 5.9 million Instagram followers and manages a website where a shop of her preferred style is given a spot.

Lauren Conrad

A prominent tv personality, successful entrepreneur, makeup influencer, fashion designer, and author Lauren Conrad has over 5.8 million IG followers. She’s popular for having been featured in"Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," an MTV reality series. Moreover, this renowned girl boss has a fashion line after her name.

Amra Olevic Reyes

The Instagram superstar and sensational beauty influencer who runs her IG blog “Amrezy” is none other than Amra Olevic Reyes. She has an impressive 5.7 million follower count on Instagram and strong brand collaborations. Amra commenced her glistening makeup career with Sephora and was hired by MAC Cosmetics at a later time. Because of her stunning makeup looks and big brand collaborations, she earned a spot on the top beauty influencers 2021!

Carli Bybel

This fiery hot momma needs no introduction! Carli has a massive 4.7 million follower count on Instagram, and she’s well-known as a top makeup influencer who serves quality social media content. If you need some fashion advice for date nights or summer outings, you might want to check Carli out.

Chantel Jeffries

Being an internationally renowned model, beauty influencer, and social media queen, Chantel Jeffries is, for sure, coveted by many brands. She has over 4.7 million IG followers and 1.05 million YouTube subscribers. Aside from being a beauty influencer, Chantel also makes great music!

Patrick Starr

This beauty influencer is an Instagram and YouTube superstar! Patrick sure knows how to put glamour and humor together to produce content that followers wouldn't want to miss. Currently, he has a strong IG following of 4.3 million and YouTube subscribers of 4.36 million. With impressive collaborations and a turban, Patrick Starr is set to conquer the world of beauty influencers.

Desi Perkins

Because she has been posting since the early 2010s, Desi Perkins is no longer alien to the world of beauty bloggers. Aside from the stun that her makeup tutorials and lifestyle posts offer, they’re also informative. Desi has over 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 3.31 million subscribers on YouTube. Without a single doubt, she's indeed one of the beauty influencers to look up to.

Manny Gutierrez

Otherwise known as Manny MUA, Manny Gutierrez is one of the world's most notable makeup influencers and bloggers. He currently has over 4.8 million YouTube subscribers and 4 million Instagram followers. One of his most notable feats was becoming Maybelline's first-ever male ambassador. In 2018, Manny launched his own beauty brand called “Lunar Beauty.”

Rachel Levin

This female beauty influencer became popular through her YouTube channel, RCLBeauty101. Rachel currently has 14.6 million YouTube subscribers and 3.4 million Instagram followers, earning her a spot on the top beauty influencers 2021. Moreover, she has scored some major collabs with Clinique and CoverGirl cosmetics. Want to know why YouTube is an effective platform for influencer marketing? Read this “87 YouTube Marketing Statistics: 2021 Data, Market Share, and Facts.”

Tati Westbrook

Famously known as GlamLifeGuru, Tati Westbrook is a makeup-obsessed influencer popular for her hauls, beauty tips, tutorial videos, and unbiased product reviews. She has 8.79 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 million Instagram followers. Like most influencers on this list, Tati owns a makeup line called “Tati Beauty” and supplements brand “Halo Beauty.” She’s also considered one of the top beauty YouTubers 2020.

Shayla Mitchell

Best known as MakeupShayla, Shayla Mitchell is an Instagram influencer with 2.7 million IG followers and 757,000 YouTube subscribers. She has collaborated with the famous cosmetics brand Colourpop.

Amanda Steele

This American beauty blogger is famous for her self-titled YouTube channel full of makeup, lifestyle, and fashion vlogs. Amanda currently has 2.4 million Instagram followers and 2.57 million YouTube subscribers. Apart from being an influencer, she also manages her Steele clothing brand and is one of the top beauty influencers 2021 Cannes film festival attendees.

Safiya Nygaard

This US-based beauty influencer rose to stardom because of her features in Buzzfeed's Ladylike series. She eventually became a well-loved icon due to her eccentric and exciting lifestyle vlogs. Currently, Safiya's Instagram follower count has reached 2.2 million, and she has gained 9.22 million subscribers on YouTube.

Simply Nailogical

If you’re looking for content on all-things nails, Simply Nailogical is one for the books. Cristine Raquel Rotenberg, famously known as Simply Nailogical, is a beauty influencer for her YouTube comedic nail art videos. Her Instagram fans have now reached 2.2 million, and her YouTube channel has 7.7 million subscribers. Moreover, Cristine had collaborations with top nail polish brands, such as F.U.N Lacquer.


This Miami-based Cuban-American beauty influencer has over 1.9 million Instagram followers and 4.16 million YouTube subscribers. Since starting on YouTube in 2013, Kathleen has expanded her influence and became the top makeup guru of her generation. She has also worked with the distinguished makeup brand Colourpop.

Summer McKeen

Considered a candid and inspiring beauty influencer, Summer McKeen has over 1.8 million IG followers and 2.23 million YouTube subscribers. By being her true self, Summer has gained influence across various social media platforms. Her content is realistic but outright empowering. In 2018, Summer's popularity landed her a role in “After-Schooled,” a hit teen web series.

Who’s Your Favorite Top Beauty Influencers 2021?

Consider these factors when looking for an influencer for your brand. | Source: Mediakix
Thanks to these beauty influencers, getting a hold of fresh beauty products and trends is now easy. Have you followed any of these influencers? Have you seen their work and how they helped a brand grow on social media? If you’re looking for collaborations or simply want updates and reviews on freshly dropped makeup products, you know who to turn to. Make your search and connections easier by hiring an influencer marketing agency!
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