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Top Creative Agencies: 15 Firms to Check Out in 2021

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If you work in advertising, you’ve probably heard the term “creative agencies.” It’s a term that’s been thrown around quite frequently, to the point that even non-marketers have heard of it. But what does a creative agency do? Why is it important?
A creative agency handles a company’s varied marketing needs. It helps build a brand and set the tone for your campaign. Moreover, creative agencies can provide not only the necessary design but will also set up the way the marketing campaign will go. They have a department that deals exclusively with copywriting and even SEO needs. To sum up, a creative agency is something that can be very helpful to your brand, especially if you’re just starting. 

In this article, you’ll discover the top 15 creative agencies and their specializations. Examine their distinct characteristics and see which agency best suits your needs. But first, let’s have a quick tour of a creative agency’s relevance to the marketing industry.  

Why You Should Hire a Creative Agency

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Creative agencies offer great services, and hiring one for your marketing campaigns can boost your online presence.

You may ask: what does a creative agency offer? There are many reasons why hiring a creative agency is a good decision. Aside from providing you with great visuals and assisting your marketing campaigns, there’s so much more that creative agencies can do.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a creative agency now:

They provide you with a better perspective

Think about it. Your company is your baby, and inevitably, you’ll miss some signs. That’s alright; nobody’s perfect. But you’ll need someone as a sounding board to offer you a fresh and new perspective on the matter. Creative agencies have the advantage of working with many different companies. They know what works and what doesn’t, and which angle to best view your company from. If anything, you should hire a creative agency to give your business a better perspective. 

They are professionals in the creative and marketing fields

Another good reason to hire a creative agency is that they know what they’re doing, from content to execution. After all, they’re masters in the field. If you’re lucky (or if you can afford it), you get to work with some of the best creative agencies in the world. And that’s invaluable to you and your company. You’ll be assured that the output is professional and expertly concocted. 

One of the ways a startup can be taken seriously by its customers is by presenting its company professionally the way established companies do. After all, appearances are sometimes all that matters. 

They help your company keep up with the trend

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re just starting is to get ‘in’. To be ‘in’ means to know the industry tips and tricks and to gain insider knowledge. But gaining entry to this exclusive club isn’t easy. Insider knowledge is zealously guarded by those in the know. After all, if everyone had access to it then it won’t be insider knowledge, would it? 

Lucky if you have the time and knowledge to devote to this, but otherwise, the other ‘easy’ option is to hire a creative agency. You get all the benefits of insider knowledge and all the tips and tricks of the trade, without having to work that hard for it. 

They can maintain your brand’s positive publicity

In this day and age, public reactions to your marketing campaign can be unpredictable. They say that all forms of publicity are good publicity, but it isn’t true anymore. Bad publicity can absolutely destroy your brand. Thus, the best way to shield yourself is to have a creative agency. A good agency will try to make good outcomes out of your projects, but if worse comes to worst, you can always have a scapegoat for your mistake. Sounds harsh? Welcome to marketing. 

If you want to work with a creative agency, you’ll want to work with the best or at least the best that you can afford. Don’t be tempted to settle for something cheaper but isn’t of good quality. Remember, the agency you choose is going to be the face of your company, so make sure it’s the best. 

Best Creative Agencies

Now that you know a creative agency’s relevance in the advertising world, it’s time to check our list of the best creative agencies for 2021. The agencies are ordered randomly and are applicable to both small and big companies. Evaluate your goals and choose the most appropriate agency for your business.  

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When looking for top creative agencies, integrity and the quality of work are two vital factors that you should consider.

Ogilvy and Mather

Ogilvy and Mather is one of the oldest existing creative agencies in NYC, and the amazing thing about it is that it’s not only existing, but it’s positively thriving. It’s easy to see why Ogilvy and Mather is on the top. Among the top creative agencies in the United States, this firm offered the most in terms of breadth. It has almost 130 offices around the world that are located in more than 80 countries. In an era where the globe is one big interconnected village, it’s immensely helpful to have a firm that can sustain a global operation. 

Simply put, Ogilvy and Mather is one of the biggest and oldest players on the market, and that’s bound to count for something. We mentioned earlier that one of the advantages of getting a creative agency is that they’re insiders of the biz. Well, there are powerful insiders like Ogilvy and Mather. However, the one downside to this agency is it almost exclusively deals with big-time clients. So if you’re a startup shopping for a creative agency, there isn’t much chance that you’ll get this firm.

FlowState Marketing

While we’re on the topic of old established firms, here’s something that proves that older isn’t always better. FlowState Marketing is a newcomer to the market—a baby as far as agencies are concerned. And yet this young newcomer is already proving itself more than up for the challenge. For instance, FlowState has already been recognized by UpCity and Clutch as a top branding agency. It focuses on branding, but it also offers other services such as design, apparel, and email marketing. 

Jacob Tyler

From old guard to newcomer, we come to the middle ground. Jacob Tyler is a firm that’s been existing for a respectable 20 years. Just like FlowState Marketing, Jacob Tyler is an award-winning firm. One advantage of this agency is that it works with both small and large companies; hence you don’t have to worry if you’re large or important enough to merit their attention. Jacob Tyler even branches out to more modern ideas of marketing, and it has been recently named as a top Instagram Marketing Agency of 2020. There’s no doubt that this trend will continue up to 2021.


Founded in the early 2000s, Traction is a firm that’s 19 years in the industry already. Like many of the agencies on this list, it also won awards and was named as a Top Creative Agency in 2018 by Agency Spotter. But what makes Traction stand out from the rest of the firms? For one, it has worked with many big names in the tech and marketing world, such as Apple, Adobe, Lenovo, and Walmart. If these big businesses are confident enough in Traction’s hands, rest assured that you’re in capable hands. 

Havas Canada

Alright, we hear your concerns. What about a firm that specializes in handling small- to medium-sized businesses? Look no further than Havas Canada. This creative agency takes a holistic approach to its creative process, claiming that they aim to make meaningful connections between consumers and companies. Havas itself is a mid-sized operation as far as creative agencies go, having around 250 personnel on its payroll. If you’re a small- or medium-sized firm that doesn’t feel comfortable going to the big leagues immediately, consider going to Havas Canada for your creative agency needs. 


Going on with the topic of creative agencies that deal exclusively with small- and medium-sized businesses, we have Cohere. This creative firm deals specifically with brands that operate in the hospitality, food, and real estate industries. If your business falls under any of these categories, you might consider Cohere. Despite its limited choice of clientele, one thing that isn’t limited is its service. It provides all kinds of services, ranging from branding to interior design.

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The hospitality industry is fast booming. There’s no wonder it needs more marketing efforts and great content creation.


Pepsi, NASA, and Unilever—can you tell what these three have in common? If you’re stumped, don’t worry. The answer is that all three of them have been clients of ThreeSixtyEight. This firm is modern and founded only in 2011. But it’s already racking up big-time clients. You know what they say —if you can’t beat them, join them. 

The Bureau of Small Projects

Let’s go back to the topic of agencies that cater to small businesses. The Bureau of Small Projects is a firm that fits this need well. As the name alone suggests, this agency specializes in handling projects for small companies. It also charges the cheapest fees among the firms listed here, which is something to think about if your budget is stretched a little tightly.

If you want an effective tool to track your projects’ analytics, you may check our Keepface review. Keepface is an influencer platform that helps brands manage their online campaigns through real-time analytics.  

Ignite Social Media

While we’re on the topic of affordable creative agencies, Ignite Social Media is another agency that you should look into if budget is a concern. This firm is a pioneer in digital marketing. However, that’s also a downside, because their services don’t extend to that of a full-service creative agency. From the name itself, Ignite Social Media is mostly focused on social media and nothing else. 


Video marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends today. And HUb is the best agency to tap into if that’s what you need. It’s around 20 years in the industry, so it’s a respectable firm at this point. More importantly, HUb is a full-service firm that boasts the ability to write, create, and film video content for you.

Duncan Channon

If you measure a firm’s success by the number of awards it has received, look no further than Duncan Channon. Its awards are all on its website, and it’s a long list indeed. Some of the agency’s top awards include Global Best of Show, Campaign of the Year, Best Media Plan, and Design and Interactive Award. Duncan Channon can help with brand identity, marketing, and recently—influencers. 

If you want a more comprehensive tool to help you with influencer marketing, you may check our Join review. Join is a platform that connects brands to relevant influencers. 


Burrel is an all-American firm that’s based in Chicago. It caters mostly to the North American Market like advertising firms in NYC, but its experience is diverse and multicultural. The cost of Burrel’s services is also relatively low. However, its creative focus is mostly limited to digital advertising, and it’s not ideal for those who are hoping for a full-service firm. 

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Working with a creative agency that offers great services for a lower price is a bonus for businesses.


Speaking of full-service firms, Burrel may not be the best choice but Traina is. This agency is one of the full-service firms that has been named several times on the ‘best of’ and ‘top’ lists. Traina promises to elevate your brands while amplifying your voice—good news for those worried that hiring an agency might lead them astray from their core values. 


You’ve already heard of ThreeSixtyEight that worked with big brands like Pepsi and Unilever. But do you want a firm that collaborated with McDonald’s and UNICEF USA? If so, you’re in luck. Rule29 is one great creative agency. It offers a wide range of services to its clients, including web design, strategy, and digital advertising. 

Wildish Co.

Wildish Co. is one of the best creative agencies in London, UK. Most companies on this list are top creative agencies in the US, so if you’re looking for a firm with British roots, Wildish is a top choice. It’s new in the field but it has worked with many established brands, such as the BBC, Heineken, Nestle, and Penguin. One advantage of hiring a new firm is the fresh intake of new ideas. 

Have you chosen the best fit for your brand yet?

What to look for in a creative agency
Follow these guidelines when confused about what to look for in a creative agency. | Source: Online Sales Guide Tips

Hiring a creative agency can seem like a daunting task when there are so many to choose from. How do I find a creative agency is a common concern. And some of you may still ask: what is a creative content agency and how do I get the best one? That being said, choosing among the top firms never hurts anyone. Whatever your needs or goals may be, you’re sure to find a firm that works well for you and your company ethic and will fit inside your budget. 

To elevate your marketing efforts and public relations, you may check our guide about the “Top 15 PR Agencies in the US.” Pairing a creative agency with an excellent PR company can boost your business quickly. And you’re lucky if you get a firm that offers all services—content creation, digital marketing, and public relations.  

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