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Top PR Agencies in the UK: List of the 20 Best Firms

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What is the top PR agency in the United Kingdom?
Berkeley Communications is the top PR agency in the United Kingdom. They're notable for delivering high-quality results and exceeding clients' expectations. Every project that Berkeley produces gets placed on front pages and top-tier publications. As for online exposure, the firm brings high engagement and builds a loyal audience for companies.

Looking for top PR agencies in the UK? A strong PR firm will help you promote your business and build relationships with the public. Whether you want to establish a good reputation online or cultivate a professional connection with the media, PR is essential.

Top PR Agencies in the UK

What is a PR agency? A public relations firm is an organization that provides professional services for any business type. They manage a company’s image by producing written messages and speaking on behalf of the client. For example, when your company is invited to a press conference, you may send a PR staff to represent you. PR agencies are also beneficial in solving image crises and maintaining brand consistency online.

To help you find a partner, we’ve compiled a list of the top PR agencies in the UK. Firms are selected based on customer recommendations, positive reviews, and high ratings. Check descriptions, specialist areas, and credentials to determine which can best match your company’s needs and values.

Berkeley Communications

Clutch Rating: 4.8 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Before going into the description of Berkeley, you may ask: what is the largest PR agency in the world? Edelman is the world’s largest PR agency, located in the United States. For the record, Berkeley Communications is on top of our PR agencies UK list. Apart from public relations, the agency specializes in marketing strategy, digital strategy, and branding. Berkeley is notable for helping clients get featured on front pages and top-tier publications. As for online visibility, the firm promises high engagement and a loyal audience for businesses. It caters to e-commerce industries, telecommunications, and IT organizations.


Clutch Rating: 4.9 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

Prohibition’s primary clients are midmarket companies from the retail industry, consumer products, and business services. Founded in 2012, the firm is known for securing high-quality placements on radio and national publications. It has strong media contacts and maintains open communication with clients. Furthermore, Prohibition provides PR services, social media marketing, video production, and content marketing. They’re one of the top PR agencies in the UK that deliver satisfactory results at a low price.

pr 1
Having a PR agency partner that offers premium services for a valuable price is a bonus for businesses.


Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

You’ve got it by the name. Hustle is composed of empathetic and efficient staff that values accountability and consistency. It finds ways to build creative solutions to complex problems while remaining transparent about its work. According to Stormline, a leading clothing manufacturer worldwide, they’ve seen an online sales growth of 30%40% yearly since they partnered with Hustle. Luckily, this success heightened the firm’s credibility and reputation in the PR industry. Hustle’s services include PR, web development, web design, mobile app development, and e-commerce development.

Pietryla PR & Marketing

Clutch Rating: 4.8 | Min. Project Size: $1,000+

Pietryla PR & Marketing is a Chicago-based PR firm with an office in the United Kingdom. It’s one of the top PR agencies in London, having worked with notable clients like Whitehead Energy Solutions and United Federal Credit Union. Like most agencies, Pietryla specializes in PR, marketing strategy, and social media marketing. Their recent project involves helping various companies increase their social media followers and sales amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for a PR and marketing firm that delivers impressive social media results, Pietryla is the best choice.

Pearl Lemon

Clutch Rating: 4.8 | Min. Project Size: $1,000+

Unlike the other PR agencies mentioned above, Pearl Lemon doesn’t capitalize on public relations (although it still offers PR services). The firm focuses on search engine optimization, voice services, pay-per-click, and email marketing. If your business relies on digital and SEO strategies for growth, Pearl Lemon would be a perfect partner. They know how to roll with the SEO game and delivers good impressions to your online marketing efforts. Pearl Lemon is also one of the top PR agencies in the UK with engaging, helpful, and responsive staff.

pr 2
The staff is the backbone of every PR firm. You must train your employees to be responsive and communicative with clients.

Arlington Research

Clutch Rating: 4.9 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

Arlington Research is a full-service agency that offers PR, market research, graphic design, branding, and content marketing. They worked with clients from the IT industry, advertising, and consumer products. As noted by their clients, Arlington sets a communicative workflow for every project that they do. The firm provides weekly reports, comprehensive surveys, and easy-to-understand data. With Arlington, your business analytics are timely monitored and updated.

You may also use an influencer tool to get real-time analytics for your business. Head on to our Keepface review to get acquainted with the software. 

Milk & Honey PR

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

Such a delightful name for a PR agency. Milk & Honey PR is a public relations and marketing firm that provides crisis management, digital design, and video production services. According to Teleware PLC, the agency is endowed with story-telling skills and creative initiatives. They’re capable of building original, successful, and cost-effective campaigns—improving brand awareness and social media engagement. Milk & Honey PR is also one of the best PR agencies to work for in London. They earned respectable awards, including PR Week Powerbook 2019 and Best Banking Communications Campaign Award 2019.

Spreckley Partners

Clutch Rating: 4.8 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

Spreckley Partners is one of the longest-running PR consultancies in the United Kingdom. It started in 1983 and continues to provide expertise in public relations, digital marketing, and content marketing. Spreckley mostly focuses on the IT industry and their biggest clients include ASUS and Adblock Plus. As reviewed by their partners, the firm always works proactively to fulfill every client’s marketing needs and deliver a successful PR campaign.

Racepoint Global

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Like Berkeley Communications, the minimum project size for Racepoint Global is quite higher than the other agencies on this list. Nevertheless, they’ve still acquired high-time, clients including New Balance, Samsung, and Huawei. One of the agency’s biggest projects was with an automotive electronics company. They created a campaign that successfully targeted the automotive OEMs. Through ad placements, social media, and press releases, the OEMs became the company’s newest customer base. Apart from PR and social media marketing, Racepoint Global offers graphic design, web development, and video production.

pr 3
The best thing about modern PR agencies is they don’t only focus on publications; they’re extending their services to digital and social media marketing.

Digital Trails

Clutch Rating: 4.9 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

From the name itself, Digital Trails specializes in digital marketing, PR, and SEO. They cater to small business clients in the financial and education sectors. Moreover, Trails received praises for increasing a business’ organic search and online reputation. Their dedicated team ensures a seamless workflow and remains open to suggestions and modifications. If you’re looking for an agency that will improve your SEO rankings and site traffic, choose Digital Trails.

Code Red Security PR Network

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: Undisclosed

The three pillars of Code Red Security are public relations, digital strategy, and content marketing. Their services might be common, but they still stand out in our top PR agencies in the UK list. The firm’s biggest project was handling PR for a cybersecurity company. While working for the client, Code Red reached out to journalists and placed three articles on top-tier publications monthly. The campaign generated many organic leads and the company gained a huge ROI. Code Red’s professionalism and high-quality services extended to several clients, including Duo Security, Fortinet, and Watchful Software.

Full Fat

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Full Fat is in line with Racepoint Global and Berkeley Communications in terms of project size. However, the PR firm caters to wider industries such as entertainment, arts, media, leisure, and hospitality. Two of their notable clients are Atopia and Backyard Cinema. As stated by one of their partners, Full Fat helped the company gain 300 subscribers in three months. The PR agency also delivered high-quality marketing services and assisted several brands in identifying their niche markets. Because of their commitment and passion, Full Flat earned the Best PR Company award.

Citizen Relations

Clutch Rating: 4.5 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Citizen Relations is a PR and marketing agency that’s headquartered in New York. They’re also accessible across the globe with office locations in London, Canada, and Singapore. Citizen Relations started three years earlier than Spreckley Partners, and they’ve already proven their excellent service in the PR industry. The firm provides PR, social media marketing, and other design services to large companies. Citizen Relations’ biggest client was Netflix—the world’s leading streaming entertainment platform. If you can Netflix & Chill, your brand can definitely Grow & Chill with Citizen Relations.

pr 4
Getting your business featured on top publications is the best proof of great PR work.

TopLine Comms

Clutch Rating: 4.5 | Min. Project Size: Undisclosed

“An extension of one’s company” is how TopLine Comms is perceived by most of its partners. The team ensures that there’s transparency in every project, and clients can easily access them around the world. As narrated by Frindow, TopLine produced an animated video to explain their product to a targeted audience. The video gained praise and highly contributed to Frindow’s website credibility. Generally, TopLine Comms offers PR, SEO, and content marketing services to any business type.

The Reputation People

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $1,000+

As the name suggests, The Reputation People is a PR agency that takes care of a company’s reputation. They provide strategic solutions to a business’ online and media communications. The firm focuses on public relations, social media marketing, and corporate training. Like Pietryla PR & Marketing, Reputation People have made worthy contributions to several organizations during the pandemic. They managed a luxury skincare company’s social media and provided PR support for a software business. Overall, the firm’s campaigns gained successful engagement and more traffic—fostering their own reputation in the PR industry.


Clutch Rating: 4.9 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Palm is a London-based agency that provides PR, social media marketing, and branding services. They’re quite similar to Full Flat in terms of target industries, project size, and services. However, what sets Palm apart from other PR agencies is its ability to help brands expand through multiple sites and into new categories. The firm has solid connections with many reputable publications and online influencers. Additionally, Palm is run by Hospitality & Travel experts, which gives them an edge over other hotel-catering agencies.  The agency was a PRCA National Awardee and PRCA Workplace Champion.

If you want to connect with relevant influencers, you may use an influencer tool. Check our Join review to get started. 


Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: Undisclosed

Frank is a London-based PR firm with additional offices in Sydney and Manchester. This is the brilliant agency behind 20th Century Fox and Burger King’s PR success. One of Frank’s most notable projects was the in-app game development for a fast-food restaurant. The project aimed to create an entertaining product and increase app downloads. As targeted, the client gained 400,000 downloads within 45 days. That project was high-time for Frank as its success proved their expertise in content marketing and advertising.

Don’t Cry Wolf

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $5,000+

Don’t Cry Wolf speaks for its name—to set up a clear purpose in mind and communicate honestly. Unlike traditional PR practices, Don’t Cry Wolf supports honest opinions and commentaries. They help organizations build an authentic image by staying true to their brand message. Some of Wolf’s clients were Tangle Teezer, Elvie, and the British Heart Foundation. They strived to get loyal and engaged audiences for companies, increasing their online and offline credibility. If you want to secure high-profile placements for visibility, reach out to this PR firm now.

Relevance of PR graph
Based on statistics, PR is still relevant to any business’ marketing efforts. | Source: ResearchGate


Clutch Rating: 4.6 | Min. Project Size: $1,000+

Represent is a creative PR agency that can literally represent your brand well. They worked with large companies, including Royal Highland Show, The National Wallace Monument, and The Scottish Council of Independent Schools. Moreover, Represent won the CIPR Pride Awards 2019 and Marketing Society Star Honors. They specialize in public relations, digital strategy, and SEO. Based on collective reviews, clients were satisfied with Represent’s work caliber. They’ve seen impressive growth in their social media engagement, followers, website traffic, and SEO rankings. Overall, Represent is a great PR agency for the agriculture, education, and tourism sectors.

Transmission Private

Clutch Rating: 5.0 | Min. Project Size: $10,000+

Now, we’re down to the last PR agency on our list—Transmission Private. The firm focuses on public relations, digital strategy, business consulting, and event marketing & planning. Unlike other PR companies, Transmission Private works with successful individuals rather than large companies. Their clients include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and high-net-worth individuals. Transmission Private once collaborated with a retail company and helped grow its digital identity through low-profile efforts. According to the retail company, the PR firm was efficient, competent, and creative during the campaign.

So, what is the best PR agency in the UK?

If you look at our list, it’s obviously Berkeley Communications. However, the answer relies on you. Every public relations firm has different specializations and skills. Some may meet all your needs while others may not be competent enough for you. When choosing a PR firm for your business, remember your goals, marketing budget, and qualifications. Determine the type of campaign you want to create and select the one who can help you accordingly.

The list we’ve provided is only a guide to get you started. You can always create your top PR agencies list or even build your own public relations firm. If you plan to run a PR business, you may wonder: how do I get PR clients? You can find the best ways here.

Meanwhile, if you want to know the best PR agencies in the United States, you can read our post—2021 Marketing Guide: Top 15 PR Agencies in the US.” Good luck on your PR firm hunting!

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