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Video Tags and Categories: Top Things to Know


Did you know that over 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute? This huge amount makes video tags very important for YouTube SEO. They help your videos stand out and reach more people.

YouTube tags are like keywords. You add them to your videos to show what they’re about. The right tags help your videos show up when people search for similar topics. So, more viewers can find and enjoy your content.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine worldwide. It has over 2 billion people using it each month. Learning how to use video tags well makes your content more visible to the right audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Video tags are essential for YouTube SEO and content discoverability
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine with over 2 billion monthly active users
  • Effective use of video tags can significantly improve your content’s visibility and reach
  • Video tags help YouTube’s algorithm understand the topic and context of your content
  • Incorporating the right tags can increase the chances of your videos appearing in relevant search results

Understanding Video Tags

steps to pick video tags
Ways to pick the best video tag. Source: Tunepocket

YouTube tags are words and phrases that describe a video’s content. They help tell YouTube what the video is about. This can influence where the video shows up in search results. So, tags are like clues for YouTube and Google, helping them understand your video better.

What are Video Tags?

Video tags are like labels for your YouTube videos. They are keywords and phrases that summarize what your video is about. When you use the right tags, YouTube can show your video to people who are interested in that topic. Studies show that good tags can help your video get a better ranking on YouTube.

Why are Video Tags Important?

Think of YouTube tags as a kind of magic for your video’s SEO. They help YouTube place your video in the right category or topic. This makes it easier for viewers to find your content when they search. By choosing the right video tags, you increase the chances of more people watching and liking your videos.

Tips in Writing Video Tags

youtube closed captions
Writing the best video tags will increase your views. Photo source: Simplilearn YT Chanel

When thinking about video SEO, YouTube focuses a lot on your first tags, especially the very first one. So, make sure your first tag is the exact keyword you want to rank for. This makes YouTube understand your video’s topic and context better.

Be Specific with Video Tags

A good strategy for video SEO is using both broad and focused tags. Broad tags give YouTube important information about your video. Focused tags help it know the specific topic. But, don’t stuff your videos with too many tags. Using only 5-8 tags that fit your video’s topic is better.

Include Synonyms and Variations

It’s also key to add relevant synonyms and variations of your keywords in your video tags. This can help more people find your videos when they search using related phrases. Adding diverse, relevant tags can make your videos more visible and easier to find in YouTube searches.

Optimizing Video Tags for SEO

video SEO
Using the right keywords optimizes your tags for SEO.

Making good video tags is key to making your videos more visible online. It’s smart to use long-tail keywords as tags. These are specific words that help you stand out in searches.

Long-Tail Video Tags

mobile ad networks
YouTube video tags are in the description.

Adding long-tail keywords as tags can improve how YouTube understands your video. This makes it show up in searches that fit the video’s topic. So, choose tags that really describe what you’re showing.

Brand and Series Tags

If your video is part of a series or linked to a brand, add relevant tags. Viewers might then find your work when looking at similar videos. Using these tags can make your video seem more trusted and easier to find.

Best Practices for Video Tagging

If you want your video to be found easily, good tagging is key. It’s important to use the right tags and avoid the wrong ones. Tags that don’t match your video can hurt its chances of being seen and make viewers unhappy.

Tools like YouTube’s autocomplete and Google Trends can help. They let you see what words and topics are popular. Then, you can use these insights to tag your video better. This means more people might see your video when they search for related content.

Avoid Irrelevant Tags

Don’t use tags that are wrong for your video. This could lead to your video being taken down. Plus, it’s unfair to viewers who trust the tags to find videos they want to watch. Make sure your tags truly describe what your video is about.

Use Tools for Research

Keywords Everywhere Hashtag Research Tool
There are multiple tools for keyword research.

Using the right video tags extractor tools can change how you tag your video. Tools like YouTube’s autocomplete and Google Trends are great for finding the best keywords. Doing your homework and choosing tags carefully can improve where your video shows up in search results.

Aside from the mentioned tools, you can also use SEMrush for your keyword research. Check out this SEMrush review.


Video tags play a big role in video SEO. They help search engines and viewers understand your videos. Using the right tags can make your content more visible. This leads to more people watching and interacting with your videos.

It’s important to use video tags well. Avoid tags that don’t fit. Use research tools to find good tags. This will help your videos stand out in the online video world. The goal is to reach your target audience, not just search engines.

Adding these tips to your video strategy can really boost your video reach. They can help you get more meaningful leads and conversions for your business. Remember, effective video tags copy is crucial for online video success. So, focus on using them the best you can.


  • What are YouTube tags?
    YouTube video tags html are important words or phrases you add to your videos. They show what the video is about. This helps YouTube put your video in search results that fit.
  • Why are YouTube tags important?
    Tags are key for your videos to be found. They work with YouTube’s search to match your video to related searches. Without tags, your video can get lost among others. Tags are crucial for SEO on YouTube. They play a big role in how well your video does online. So, using the right tags helps more people find and watch your video.
  • How should I use YouTube tags?
    Use both general and specific tags. Mix in common terms and exact keywords. This way, YouTube sees the overall and detailed content of your video. It’s best to choose 5 to 8 tags that directly tell what your video is about. Put your most important tag, your main keyword, first. This tells both YouTube and viewers what the focus is. It’s an effective tag strategy.
  • What are long-tail keywords and how should I use them as tags?
    Long-tail keywords are specific, niche terms. They’re less used but target a certain audience well. Including these as tags can make your video more visible for these detailed search terms.
  • Should I include brand or series tags?
    If your video relates to a series or brand, definitely add those tags. This can put your video with others from the same series. Viewers who like those videos may find yours, too.
  • What are some best practices for video tagging?
    Tag with care to avoid issues. Don’t add tags just to get more views. This might lead to your video being removed. Always pick tags that truly fit your video. YouTube’s tools, like autocomplete and Google Trends, are great to find good tags. They help you use tags that are both popular and accurate for your content.

Aside from video tags, your descriptions must also be optimized for search. Discover more about it in this “Effective Video Descriptions: Strategies for Boosting Engagement and Discoverability” article. 

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