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What is Rainfactory?

Rainfactory is a full-service digital marketing company that offers marketing strategy development and advertising services to e-commerce and enterprise brands. It specializes in online marketing strategy, customer acquisition, performance marketing, and lead generation. The agency also manages a brand’s paid search, conversion rate, and website development. 

Since 2014, Rainfactory has been effectively connecting online brands to targeted audiences—increasing sales, producing greater return-on-investment (ROI), and growing the business in general. Specifically, the agency delivers the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Product Positioning
  • Campaign Management
  • WordPress and Shopify Development
  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Google and YouTube Advertising
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • Public Relations and Influencer Outreach
  • Email Marketing and Customer Segmentation
  • Web and Ad Designs and Video Creative

This wide range of services is carefully managed, measured, and analyzed by Rainfactory experts. The team aims to help more brands achieve online marketing success and foster trusting long-term relationships.  

Rainfactory Prominent Clients

The agency has partnered with top online brands and helped them with their pay-per-click advertising, conversions, optimizations, and strategic marketing. Some of these brands include: 

  • Balsam Hill
  • Philips
  • Sparkel
  • U-Tec
  • Loomo
  • Cliq
  • Atari VCS
  • Target
  • Sonny
  • Park & Diamond
  • Newheel
  • Lynq
  • Juiced Bikes 
  • Bartesian

Rainfactory Awards and Recognitions

The agency has received various awards and recognitions for its exemplary service, including:

  • Expertise Awards—Best Web Developers in Oakland, CA
  • Promotion World Awards—Best Social Media Optimization Company
  • TopSEOs Awards—Best Social Media Marketing Firm for Small Businesses 
  • AME Awards for Integrated (Mixed Media)
  • Shorty Awards for Multi-Platform Campaign
  • NextGen Crowdfunding Awards for Crowdfunding Videos
  • YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Most-Watched YouTube Ad

Rainfactory Client Testimonials

“They were able to scale our crowdfunding campaign while keeping an eye on sustainability. In addition to being a professional, responsive team, they were thoughtful in their decision-making.” 

-Haj Khalsa, Hangtime Founder and CEO (review via Clutch)

“There were several instances where they were able to advise me on how to handle a specific situation. The client maintained a great RoAS throughout the campaign. The team is responsive and receptive to feedback.” 

-Connor Nemetz, Breakaway Industries CEO (review via Clutch)

“They’ve exceeded all of our expectations. Rainfactory’s efforts led to extraordinary results; the client exceeded the crowdfunding goal of $50,000 by instead raising $1.5 million.” 

-Alexis Courson, CLIQ Products VP of Marketing (review via Clutch)

Rainfactory Certifications

Aside from awards and recognitions, Rainfactory has also received numerous certifications and attributions from large online companies, such as:

  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Google
  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo 
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Klaviyo
  • Burst SMS

The digital marketing firm has been recognized by these companies as a marketing expert, a premium and trusted partner, and a social media marketing strategy champion.  

Rainfactory News/Media Recognition

In addition to its prolific awards and certifications, Rainfactory has been featured in notable publications, including:

  • Under30CEO
  • KillerStartups
  • Forbes
  • BackerKit
  • Mashable
  • The American Genius
  • TechCrunch
  • VentureBeat
  • Wall Street Journal

Rainfactory Major Campaigns

Rainfactory has produced several remarkable campaigns for enterprise brands and e-commerce sites. Its major projects include creating ad content and increasing sales for KOALA Hangtime Gears, Keyto, and Fuze.

KOALA Hangtime Gears

The company launched a super-grip phone harness product and aimed to increase its sales in 60 days and grow its supporters on Indiegogo. By running several surveys, AB testings, and audience analysis, Rainfactory exceeded Hangtime’s goal at 200%. The company has gained 14,462 Indiegogo supporters in 60 days and raised $441,111.

KOALA Hangtime Gears


Like Hangtime, Keyto also aimed to increase its sales in 60 days and grow its Indiegogo audiences. The Rainfactory team managed the company’s social media channels and media buying processes. It also handled Keyto’s copywriting and ad design. Within 2 months, the health and lifestyle brand raised a whopping $1,532,787 and gained 8,000 supporters on Indiegogo. 



The Fuze campaign is one of the most promising campaigns produced by Rainfactory. With hard work and positive collaboration, the brand raised $2.2 million in 50 days and gained 13,492 Indiegogo followers. It has also seen significant growth in its mailing list at 20,000 and sold 23,000 units. Moreover, Fuze was 4,300% funded, and it belonged to the Top 40 Most Funded Tech Campaigns. 


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