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What is The Influencer Marketing Factory?

The Influencer Marketing Factory helps brands leverage their influencer marketing on top social media platforms. The company has expertise in TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram marketing. It also creates campaigns for other video-sharing sites, such as Triller and Twitch. 

To reach a brand’s full marketing potential, the agency sets the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and strategies based on the brand’s goals and objectives. It also assists in audience targeting to make sure that a solid Return on Investment (ROI) is reached for every campaign. 

Aside from audience targeting, the Influencer Marketing Factory also identifies the best influencers for a brand. They evaluate the influencer’s niche, following, reach, and engagement to see if the creator is a perfect fit for the brand. Once an influencer is selected, the agency will assist in the collaboration process — from connecting to the influencer to finalizing a legal agreement. 

Content creation is also offered by the company. They value high-quality and engaging content. The Influencer Marketing Factory is an expert in creating different content on various social media platforms. They aim to produce campaigns that will make the brand and influencer’s followers interact. To ensure that goals and KPIs are met, the agency tracks results and provides insights to the client.

Other services include TikTok Ads Creation & Management and Talent Management.

The Influencer Marketing Factory Prominent Clients

The Influencer Marketing Factory has worked with 30 big companies, including:

  • Google
  • Snapchat
  • Sony Music
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Music Group
  • Amazon
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Hilton
  • Ablo

The Influencer Marketing Factory Awards and Recognitions

  • The Drum Marketing Awards US – Finalist 2020
  • Business of Apps – Top Influencer Marketing Companies 2020
  • The Manifest – Ranked #1 on Influencer Marketing Agencies Category
  • Influencer Marketing Hub – Top Influencer Marketing Agencies 
  • Shane Barker – Best Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Clutch – Top Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Featured on Forbes, BBC, Time, Business Insider, and BuzzFeed News

The Influencer Marketing Factory Client Testimonials

“Social media growth has taken off thanks to The Influencer Marketing Factory’s work. Their attention to customer needs and willingness to implement changes were particularly noteworthy.”

David Azar, Outsmart Labs CEO (review via Clutch)

“The Influencer Marketing Factory provides a perfectly-run campaign and understandable reports. It’s a really great agency. They selected the best influencers for our campaigns and produced a report including results and tracking of the campaign.”

Casper Andersen (review via Business of Apps)

“A trusted agency. After being very satisfied the first time, we asked them multiple times to help us out. Up to now, we have already required their services four times and the service has always been effective — in time and came with detailed reports. We are very satisfied and we do not think we will change agency soon.”

Iraide Barsotti (review via Business of Apps)

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The Influencer Marketing Factory Major Campaigns

The Influencer Marketing Factory has created over 10 campaigns for different clients. Some of its major campaigns are the CringeCarter x Dunkin’ for Dunkin’ Donuts, 7 Days of Christmas for FOREO, and the VisitKorea – Imagine Your Korea for the Korea Tourism Organization.

CringeCarter x Dunkin’


This campaign aims to promote the new products of Dunkin’ Donuts via TikTok. The agency connected with the influencer Carter Kench (@cringecarter) since he’s obsessed with Dunkin’. CringeCarter has 2.8 million fans on TikTok and 71.2 thousand followers on Instagram. During the campaign, he created several funny videos trying new Dunkin’ drinks. Carter’s fans engaged with his content positively and the campaign gained over 10 million views, 5 thousand TikTok shares, 3.5 million likes, and 11 thousand comments. 

CringeCarter x Dunkin’

FOREO – 7 Days of Christmas

7 Days of Christmas is another TikTok campaign that gained success with the help of top influencers. This time, the agency selected seven influencers to promote FOREO — a beauty company that sells skincare devices. As the title suggests, the campaign was run during the Christmas season. For each day of the week, the influencers produced high-quality content, giving away one FOREO skincare product per day. The campaign gained optimal results with more than 305 thousand views, 183 thousand likes, and a 79% growth on FOREO’s TikTok account. 

FOREO – 7 Days of Christmas

VisitKorea – Imagine Your Korea

Unlike Dunkin’ and FOREO’s campaigns, VisitKorea wasn’t promoting products. The Korea Tourism Organization tapped the Influencer Marketing Factory to help promote its “Visit Korea From Home” contest. With the help of six US-based content creators, the organization was able to reach its goal of educating the Gen Z audiences about the culture of Korea and inspiring them to enjoy the culture in their own homes. The campaign also showcased the beauty of Korea as a travel destination.

The influencers created content featuring KPOP songs, sharing their Korea bucket list, and trying out delicious Korean foods and dishes. To create hype, the creators challenged their followers to upload their own videos sharing their favorite Korean culture, dishes, and places. Once a user uploads content with the hashtag #VisitKoreaFromHome, they’ll have a chance to enter the prize giveaway. 

The campaign gained ultimate success with more than 1.2 million reach on TikTok, 1.6 million views, 218 thousand likes, and 43 million combined followers.

VisitKorea – Imagine Your Korea

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