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What is Adwizar?

Adwizar is an influencer marketing agency that provides marketing campaign services to products, people, and brands. It delivers excellent service for more than eight years and consistent until today. 

It helps businesses and influencers to produce remarkable campaigns and let their story went viral online. This agency is devoted to helping someone achieve their marketing goals effortlessly. 

It has a team of professional experts proficient in Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook. They already have proven success in increasing brand awareness by creating the best content, gaining followers organically, and increasing web traffic. 

Adwizar manages influencer marketing, social media growth, monetizing, social media management, social media consulting and training, Facebook follower growth, and Instagram follower growth. Once signed up with them, Adwizar will assign you a personal team of experts who will handle your accounts. 

It also has its platform that can implement engaging mass following to their clients. It can help individuals and businesses to generate residual funds through their social media outlets. Adwizar also allows their clients to have complete access to all content posted, view campaign strategies, and track campaign activities in real-time. 

It delivers solutions that can achieve your marketing goals and reach out to your target fanbase. 

Adwizar has been featured in Forbes, Digital Journal, The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and many more for providing innovative methods and excellent results.

Adwizar Prominent Clients

Adwizar has been working with 500 clients that contain prominent companies, aspiring influencers, and personality brands. It also includes the following:

  • Mightyduck
  • Trina
  • Kevin Gates
  • Soulja Boy
  • Pretty Ricky 
  • Bone Thugs in Harmony
  • Kennedy Summers
  • Colgate
  • Snickers
  • Pepsi
  • Wendy’s
  • Ford
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Coca-Cola
  • Microsoft
  • Sony Pictures

Adwizar Awards and Recognitions

  • Inc. 5000 – Ranked at No. 262 on fastest-growing companies in America’s list in 2017.
  • Clutch – Top B2B Companies in California 2018
  • Featured in, Digital Journal, Inc. 5000, The Miami Herald, Black Enterprise, The Huffington Post, Rolling Out, VH1, and,

Adwizar Client Testimonials

“In my opinion, every eCommerce brand needs a strong social media presence to succeed at the highest levels. I have and continue to recommend clients to engage Spectacular’s team at Adwizar to successfully plan and implement their social media strategy. Adwizar has a proven model that can really augment and amplify your efforts.”

—  Rahul Singh | Business Development at AMAZON (review via Adwizar)

“Spectacular Smith and his team at Adwizar deliver exactly what they promise, explosive organic growth on Facebook. Employing several advanced tactics, they can provide you exposure and help your content reach millions of eyeballs. The team, in general, is super responsive to client needs and deeply cares about the success of clients campaigns. Having partnered with several other social media guru’s and agencies I can confidently say that Adwizar is hands down superior in technique and technology. If you are considering hiring anyone for organic growth on Facebook, Adwizar should be your first choice.”

— Josh Eberly | Director of Monetization at THE INCOME STORE (review via Adwizar)

“The deliverables from their team are always above and beyond my expectations.”

— Mario Arrizon, Senior National Sales Director, Primerica (review via Clutch)

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Adwizar Major Campaigns

Adwizar has created over 24 major social media marketing campaigns that help businesses and individuals gain followers and reach the maximum possible ROI. Some of its finest campaigns are Creative Influencer Marketing for 2 Chainz, Build Social Media Technologies for Mighty duck, and Monetization for Pretty Ricky.

Social Media Influencer MightyDuck

Adwizar increased its social media presence and has acquired 150 million views in just a single Facebook video. It has also driven 1.5 million followers on its social media account. After partnering with Adwizar, MightyDuck gained another five million followers through Adwizar’s revolutionary technology.

Social Media Influencer MightyDuck

2 Chainz Dabbin Santa Sweater

During Adwizar’s campaign launch, 2 Chainz Dabbin Santa Sweater magically sold 37,000 units of sales in just 30 days. They were able to gain $1.2 million in revenue.

2 Chainz Dabbin Santa Sweater

Platinum Recording Artist Pretty Ricky

Adwizar has grown Artist Pretty Ricky’s Facebook followers. It has driven four million likes on its Facebook page, coming from only 450,000 followers. It also monetized for about $225,000 within a year of the campaign.

Platinum Recording Artist Pretty Ricky

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