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Niche: Fashion
Country: United States

Who is Julie Sariñana?

Julie Sarinana, widely known as Sincerely Jules, is a prominent fashion influencer and content creator who has significantly impacted the fashion industry. She gained recognition as an early adopter of personal style blogging, launching her blog in 2009. Raised in Los Angeles and of Mexican-American heritage, Sarinana began her journey at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Prior to her blogging career, she worked as an editor and stylist.

With her keen eye for fashion and unique personal style, Sarinana quickly garnered a large following on social media platforms. She has amassed over five and a half million followers on Instagram, who admire her curated fashion content, travel experiences, and lifestyle inspiration. She has also ventured into other social media channels, such as YouTube, where she shares fashion hauls, styling tips, and vlogs. Her YouTube channel has attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sarinana's niche revolves around fashion, encompassing outfit inspiration, trend forecasting, and brand collaborations. Her distinctive style, characterized by effortless chic and a mix of high-end and accessible fashion, resonates with her followers. She has collaborated with numerous renowned fashion and lifestyle brands, further solidifying her influence in the industry.

As a fashion influencer, Sarinana continues to inspire her audience with her impeccable taste, travel adventures, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Her success on social media has provided her with opportunities to expand her brand, including launching her clothing line. Through her platforms, she maintains an authentic and positive presence, consistently engaging with her followers and using her influence to promote meaningful content and topics she is passionate about.

Julie Sariñana’s Awards and Recognitions

  • Top 100 Latina Powerhouse 2022
  • Luxury Lifestyle Awards
  • The Shorty Awards

Julie Sariñana’s Prominent Campaigns


Julie Sariñana for Billabong

Julie Sariñana collaborated with Billabong, a popular surf and lifestyle brand, on a campaign that showcased her beachy and bohemian style. The campaign featured Sariñana in a range of stylish swimwear and apparel, capturing the essence of coastal fashion and inspiring her followers to embrace a laid-back, sun-soaked lifestyle.


Julie Sariñana for Bandier

Sariñana's partnership with Bandier, a luxury activewear retailer, resulted in a dynamic campaign that celebrated fashion-forward workout attire. She curated a selection of trendy activewear pieces and shared them with her followers, promoting the idea that fitness and fashion can go hand in hand. The campaign aimed to motivate and inspire her audience to embrace an active lifestyle while looking stylish and confident.


Julie Sariñana for Reebok

Teaming up with Reebok, a renowned athletic footwear and apparel brand, Sariñana participated in a campaign that merged fitness and fashion effortlessly. She showcased Reebok's latest releases, emphasizing their versatility and functionality in various workout scenarios. Through this collaboration, Sariñana aimed to encourage her followers to prioritize fitness while staying fashionable, promoting the idea that sportswear can be both practical and stylish.


Julie Sariñana for Scünci

Sariñana's collaboration with Scünci, a leading hair accessories brand, highlighted her creativity in styling hair. She curated a collection of hair accessories and demonstrated different ways to incorporate them into various hairstyles, offering her followers inspiration and tips to elevate their looks. The campaign showcased Sariñana's expertise in fashion and beauty, emphasizing the importance of accessorizing to complete a stylish ensemble.

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