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Jonathan, a.k.a. H2ODelirious, is a popular American YouTuber widely recognized for his psychotic laughter, misspeaking, and gaming videos. He launched his YouTube channel in May 2007 and, since then, has uploaded gameplay and clips from games like Grand Theft Auto V, Black Ops II, Fallout 4, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Garry’s Mod.

In 2011, the influencer reached out to co-YouTube gaming influencer VanossGaming, expressing how much he liked the latter’s Call of Duty trolling video. He then asked to collaborate with Vanoss. From thereon, the two influencers and their other friends became good friends and frequent collaborators.

Delirious hasn’t revealed his true face, so a common request from his fans is to do a face reveal for milestone celebrations. A lot of his influencer friends have done a face reveal, but Delirious refrained from doing so.
While most influencers have little to zero privacy, Delirious maintains to be a very private person. Nobody knows his true face and his life outside of YouTube. What’s known of him is where he originally came from and where he is located now.

This YouTube gaming influencer is best friends with the gaming YouTuber CaRtOoNz. CaRtOoNz dated Delirious’ sister for eight years, resulting in a tight-knit friendship between the two. Delirious may not have revealed his true identity, but he is able to score relationships with other artists, including a love relationship with cosplayer Liz Katz. Liz and Delirious now have two children.

H2ODelirious accumulated 13.4M subscribers on YouTube, 811K followers on Instagram, 270.3K on TikTok, 178K on Facebook, and 7.4K on Twitter.

Awards and Recognitions

  • YouTube Diamond Creator Award

H2ODelirious Prominent Campaigns

Guerilla Games Collaboration

Source: Official IG Account

PlayStation Game developer Guerilla Games collaborated with Delirious to advertise the New Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC, the Burning Shores. You can check out the sponsored post on his Instagram account.

Epic Games Collaboration

Source: Official IG Account

Being a unique gaming YouTuber, it only makes sense that different games would partner with him. Another collaboration Delirious had is with Epic Game Store. The influencer advertised the developer’s Dead Island 2 game release. 

EA Sports Collaboration

Source: Official IG Account

Another video game developer, EA Sports, teamed up with Delirious on the new season, maps, and legend release of the APEX video games and a free game pass and access to the Battlefield video game. 

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