Brand Champ Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Brand Champ?

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” This famous line by Mr. Doug Conat, CEO of Campbell Soup Company, is an eye-opener. Appreciated and valued internal customers will take good care of the external customers. The way you manage your employees will reflect on their work performance for your brand. 

BrandChamp, an online solution for ambassador marketing, adheres to this people-centric approach. It is dedicated to helping businesses establish ambassador communities to increase sales, engagement, and raise brand awareness across social media platforms. It believes that the people-centric approach produces a motivating work environment that will eventually lead to lasting customer relationships and brand loyalty.  

Furthermore, this comprehensive influencer marketing software features tools for campaign management, progress tracking, and social media metrics. It connects brands to influencers who will make user-generated content for the optimization of marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of Brand Champ

People-centric approach

Investing in your brand ambassadors is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Brand Champ promotes a people-centric approach because it believes that motivated internal customers perform outstandingly. 

The app lets you utilize social activities created by your brand ambassadors. It can be in the form of content, product discounts, gift cards, or custom rewards. The system will automatically issue the incentives for every sale or referral your influencers generate. 

Campaign management

From the first step of finding brand ambassadors to the drafting of final reports, Brand Champ has all the tools you need to make your campaign hassle-free. Ambassador Directory gives you access to thousands of inspiring and credible influencers that you can work with. During the execution of your marketing campaign, you can also create tasks such as creating videos and content for influencers to accomplish, exposing your brand to a broader audience. 

Furthermore, Brand Champ’s Ambassador and Management Reporting tools make communication fast and easy. It tracks activities and progress for transparent reporting. The workflow design is simple—brand ambassadors will propose UGCs, the approval decision is yours, then, rewards and incentives will be automatically issued. 

Customer outreach

One of the effective ways to reach customers is through the use of user-generated content. In this way, brands can have a better understanding of their target audience’s behavior and preference. It also increases your engagement and responsiveness rate on social media platforms, building customer trust, and brand loyalty. Brand Champ allows your influencers to submit creative content for your approval. This app also collects and analyzes social proofs and reviews about your products or services to increase brand awareness and win new customers. 

Ambassador-friendly programs 

Brand Champ ensures that influencers will be rewarded for their hard work. The utilization of referral links and discount codes is like hitting two birds with one stone. People will patronize your brand (after all, who doesn’t love discounts?) and influencers will be incentivized because of their referrals. 

All of your brand ambassadors’ rewards are available on the dashboard for easy monitoring of earnings each month. It is conducive for performance tracking—who performs best and who performs least.

Brand Champ Software Features

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Campaign management
  • Faceted search and filter
  • Influencer relationship management
  • Payment tracking
  • Social media metrics
  • Return on investment tracking

Brand Champ Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • Amazon
  • Google Analytics

Brand Champ Software Pricing

Starter - $195.00/month, billed annually

Growth - $ 450,00/month, billed annually

Community - $850.00/month, billed annually

For these packages’ inclusions and features, you can reach the vendor by sending an email through its website.

Brand Champ Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Web-based

Brand Champ Prominent Customers

  • HerbaLand
  • Just Fab
  • Sweet Sweat
  • Skirt Sports

Problems That Brand Champ Solves

Brand Champ Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Brand Champ Languages Supported

  • English

Brand Champ Social Media Links

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