BrandBacker Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is BrandBacker?

Establishing a brand name in the industry is a very challenging task. Although perceived this way, such is possible to attain. It may take a lot but the outcome is rewarding—a top-of-mind consumer choice. So, if you’re a business owner aiming to reach a larger audience, then an influencer marketing platform will be of great help to you. 

Brand Backer is a fast-growing influencer content marketing platform. Promotion of businesses is made fast and easy through its vast network of 500 million followers. It specializes in creating original articles, reviews, unique videos and social posts by legitimate creators and influencers. For over eight years now, Brand Backer has been able to work with some of the world’s most famous brands effectively. According to its numbers, thousands of interactions with its created content are made daily.

Benefits of BrandBacker

Gain brand exposure

To be able to reach a broader audience, brand exposure is a critical marketing step to accomplish. Finding the right influencers and creators is something that Brand Backer is an expert in. Your newly-formed team of influencers and creators serves as your idea factory to regularly work on high-quality content to promote your brand. And since they act as intermediaries between you and their network, they can also give feedback and insights to your brand. It allows you to hit your target market through content published to millions of followers. See it yourself with Brand Backer’s figures: over 100,000 content posted and four billion generated impressions. 

Meanwhile, Brand Backer team managers will assist you in setting up real-time analytics, managing content creation, and everything that’s needed to ensure effective marketing.

Engage and educate your customers

Be connected to your audience through quality and engaging content across your social media channels. Brand Backer allows you to publish your brand profile to its Brand Directory so influencers can learn more about your product or service offering. In this way, influencers and creators can work with you hand in hand to produce articles, surveys, events, campaigns, and tutorials—all to raise brand awareness.

Influence purchasing behavior

Before the actual purchase, potential customers are likely to first search on the web for a particular product/service. Now, this is where team effort comes in. Feature or repost the creative and informative content created by Brand Backer’s trusted influencers across all your brand’s social media channels. Build trust in the conversion funnel through content that instills confidence in your brand. Make a desirable impression for your brand before the actual purchase by your potential customers through informative content and reviews to influence their purchasing decisions.

Improve brand discoverability 

Be present everywhere by featuring fans and influencers using your products. Most consumers prefer to discover brands themselves through internet browsing. That’s what makes published content about your business so impactful. Moreover, these content can boost your search engine ranking. Brand Backer also allows you to determine what influencers and publications are saying about your brand.

BrandBacker Software Features

Content Creation

  • Build your Influencer Team
  • Engage with Influencers
  • Influencers in Your Market
  • Create Content Intelligently
Influencer Analytics
  • Intelligence Algorithms
  • Brand Influencers Profile
  • Measure Content Influence
  • Media and Video Aggregation
Content Showcases
  • Do More with your Content
  • Discovery and Curation Tools
  • Brand Backer Content Manager 
  • Brand Backer Showcase Manager

BrandBacker Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

BrandBacker Software Pricing

For the list of pricing plans, contact Brand Backer directly through email.

BrandBacker Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

BrandBacker Prominent Customers

  • Loreal
  • New Balance
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Evian
  • Hask

Problems That BrandBacker Solves

BrandBacker Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

BrandBacker Languages Supported

  • English

BrandBacker Social Media Links

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