Catapult Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Catapult?

According to statistics, by the year 2021, there will be approximately 2.275 billion online gamers in the world. For almost four decades now, people, especially members of the young generation, enjoy these games as a pastime for numerous reasons. First, they are accessible. A few clicks and minutes of browsing on the internet can lead you to a free and downloadable online game. Also, online gaming can enhance your critical and problem-solving skills. The huge gaming market has resulted in the need for developers to use marketing tech.

Catapult, an influencer marketing tool, gives game developers and the like the opportunity to promote their brands on social media platforms. How does it work? Simple. If you’re a game developer, you just have to create a publisher account and a game page. Once your page has been approved, which takes less than 24 hours, your game will be featured on the platform, accessible to media and gaming influencers. Brand ambassadors, on the other hand, can sign up and request to be verified on the press and influencer page and select a primary channel from the options. If you’re a journalist, you may click the Media Signup button on the same page.

After signing up on the platform, brands can launch campaigns and wait for influencers’ requests and offers to stream their game. Finally, they will get notified when videos are created for their brand.

Benefits of Catapult

Be visible everywhere

Marketing is all about the numbers. Catapult has 390 million followers and 2,080 partner creators, providing a whole new marketplace for gaming brands. The platform allows them to hire verified gamers who will directly promote their product to millions of viewers across the world. It features Boosts, an intelligent tool that powers gaming content. It helps you reach your targeted press, YouTubers, and streamers through an automated system. You can receive or send interview requests to verified users who review or stream games. 

Once Boost is activated, you can watch your brand’s social interactions on the system’s live report. Easily track engagement, key redeems and comments from press, streamers, and YouTubers. 

Find good content

Smart Discovery, Catapult’s comprehensive search tool, lets you discover newly-developed games. The tool allows you to receive early access to games, find titles you might have missed,  find your next ad video and new content. You can also select your favourite genres, so the system can precisely filter out games you and your audience enjoy the most. 

Do not miss out on any opportunities

List your games and get in touch with thousands of pre-verified press and streamers. It is absolutely free and easy to set up. Simply upload a link to your mobile game page, and the platform will match you to press and streamers. You can receive requests on the platform, view influencers’ channels, and freely select who you want to work with. And since Catapult creates exceptional matches between game developers and streamers, it will result in high conversion rates of quality users visiting your store page, reviews, and more prolonged engagement than traditional advertising methods. Need proof? Watch Catapult’s 3,550 streamed and review

Catapult Software Features

  • Smart discovery
  • Profile verification
  • Game discovery
  • Boosts
  • Press release
  • Reporting

Catapult Integrations

  • Youtube
  • Twitch
  • Mixer

Catapult Software Pricing

Free Account - $0

  • Set up unlimited pages
  • Get organic key requests
  • Appear on the discovery page

Youtuber Boost - $99.00

  • Youtube
  • Boost your game to YouTubers
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Access to detailed reporting

Streamer boost - $99.00

  • Twitch, Mixer
  • Boost your game to streamers
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Access to detailed reporting

3 in 1 Boost - $199.00

  • Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, WWW.
  • Boost your game to streamers, YouTubers, journalists
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Access to detailed reporting

Press boost - $99.00

  • Boost your game to journalists
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Access to detailed reporting

Catapult Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Linux

Catapult Prominent Customers

  • Playstation
  • X box 
  • Oculus

Problems That Catapult Solves

Catapult Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Catapult Languages Supported

  • English

Catapult Social Media Links

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