What is Collabor8?

Surveys have revealed that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. But as the world continues to rely on the internet for almost everything—where to eat, how to do this and that, what to buy, etc., the traditional way of advertising has slowly become ineffective. The solution? Influencer Marketing. So, if you're a business owner on the transition from old school advertising to social media utilization, then Collabor8 App is the tool for you.

Headquartered in Utah, Collabor8 helps brands limit and filter the collaboration requests they receive to save time and energy. The app uses advanced filtering tools that allow brands to find the right influencer based on their follower count, geographic location, niche, and industry. This platform features a built-in messaging tool for seamless communication, so you no longer have to use a third-party app and wait for a frustrating, one-word cold reply. It essentially allows brands and influencers to have a direct line of communication.

Another aspect you might want to consider in this app is its security features. The app ensures that users are protected from spam and fraudulent activities in several ways.  For instance, influencers who send numerous requests to different brands in a short amount of time will be tagged as a spammer. Furthermore, Collabor8 imposes escrow payment so you can be confident that what you're paying for is worth it. Influencer payment will only be released once the brand verifies accomplished tasks and targets. Finally, you will be provided with enriched campaign analytics and data reports.

Benefits of Collabor8

Advanced filtering tools

Influencer marketing platforms with a vast database of brand ambassadors are a boon but can also be challenging at times. If you're on but in the prospecting stage, browsing and scrolling thousands of influencers might prove boring and even misleading. Fortunately, Collabor8 features advanced filters to help you find the best influencer for you.  Brands can search by geographic location, gender, industry, number of followers, and category.

Collabor8’s filters also benefit brands by limiting who can connect with them via the app. For instance, brands can choose to receive collaboration requests from influencers that have 10,000 followers and above. This is indeed a great feature that saves time and effort because it leads you to parties that are closely aligned with your needs as a brand or influencer.

Built-in communication tool

Sending messages and waiting for a response is time-consuming. Forget the hassle of cold email follow-ups and enjoy seamless communication with Collabor8's built-in messaging tool.  The app features an orderly chat room where brands and influencers can quickly exchange messages with each other.

Safe and secured payment method 

With Collabor8, all payments are held in escrow until the influencer has completed the agreed-upon task. Then, once verified by the brand, the payment will be released via the influencer's preferred payment method.

Collabor8 Software Features

  • Influencer and brand discovery
  • Unlimited brand and influencer collaboration
  • Escrow payment
  • Analytics
  • Messaging tool

Collabor8 Integrations

No information available

Collabor8 Software Pricing

Trial - Free

  • Create an account and connect instantly
  • Free collaboration to get started
  • Build rapport through reviews

Standard - $4.99/month

  • Unlimited collaborations

Gold - $9.99/month

  • Collab with both influencers and brands
  • Co-branded giveaways
  • Toggle between multiple Collabor8 accounts

Collabor8 Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • IoS
  • Android
  • Web-based

Collabor8 Prominent Customers

  • The Am Crew Clothing
  • Aska Custom
  • Pursuit of Portraits
  • Jordan Tourism Board

Problems That Collabor8 Solves

Collabor8 Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Collabor8 Languages Supported

  • English

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