What is Crowdly?

Brands, businesses, organizations, and the like, create their own websites to give themselves a distinct identity online. They use websites to provide their potential customers with and overview and details about their company. For brands, in particular, this is where they showcase their product and service offerings. But unfortunately, sometimes the most qualified traffic to patronize your products is from people who never even make it to your website.

Don't be secluded ever again, moving forward. Effectively reach your target audience through various social media platforms and third-party content or links using Crowdly. This advocate marketing solution connects brands with the best and trusted advocates. It believes that more than influencers, brand advocates are driven by their own deep convictions and stand, thus making them more committed to evangelizing. Just imagine the impact it will make if your brand will be promoted through word of mouth and powerful User Generated Content.

Crowdly is all about authenticity. It creates exceptional partnerships between brands and their avid users who are willing to be their advocate. The app helps you drive loyalty and engagement through its white-labeled and efficient services. It lets you recruit thousands of your customers to join your advocate community, allowing you to build a genuine and vast network of opinion leaders. The app also provides you with a streamlined hub that will serve as your digital platform where you can engage with your advocates. Finally, this smart tool will also make your progress monitoring seamless by keeping your data and reports in one easy-to-use and orderly dashboard.

Benefits of Crowdly


Forget about rented influencers. With Crowdly, you can collaborate with genuine and opinion-driven advocates. This powerful marketing tool helps brands optimize online word of mouth marketing by connecting them to their products' existing users. With 92% of worldwide consumers relying on recommendations by someone they really know and trust, Crowdly ensures your content are delivered to potential audiences who find your brand relevant. This white-labeled and fully customized digital platform will help you connect, engage, and manage your relationship with your advocate community.

Audience re-targeting

Aside from advocacy marketing, Crowdly also uses third-party links and content to optimize online selling of your product or service. It expands your borders, connecting you to audiences who don't have the opportunity to visit your website. The tool delivers your content to other websites or online platforms where there's a high volume of traffic. It is easy-to-use and requires zero energy. With just a few clicks, people can now view your content, giving you greater chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Streamlined campaign process

Unlike any other form of marketing, advocacy marketing is easy-to-use and set up. There's no need for you to chase influencers and pay them top dollar to promote your brand. With Crowdly, you will simply invite and encourage your existing consumers to become your brand advocates. People trust who they know. And that's how this comprehensive solution works. It helps you target your advocates' network, allowing you to engage and drive loyalty.

Crowdly Software Features

  • Campaign management
  • Rewards management
  • Report exporting
  • Real-time reports

Crowdly Integrations

No information available.

Crowdly Software Pricing

Crowdly's pricing details are available upon request. You can request for a demo and quotation by leaving a message on the vendor's website.

Crowdly Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Web-based

Crowdly Prominent Customers

  • Uniqlo
  • 7Eleven
  • Swarovski
  • Gillettte
  • Sony Pictures

Problems That Crowdly Solves

Crowdly Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Crowdly Languages Supported

  • English
  • German

Crowdly Social Media Links

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