gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module

What is gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module?

gShift's Influencer Marketing Module is an online marketing solution powered by Mintent. This industry-leading Web Presence Analytics Software enables brands to effectively understand the impact of content boosting and high engagement rates on marketing. 

It helps brands produce compelling marketing campaigns in collaboration with influencers and creators. It ensures that your published promotions are timely, relevant, and consistent. The solution assists brands in producing personalized messages through social media channels where potential customers spend most of their time and attention.

Do not be the losing contender. With Influencer Marketing Module, you can precisely see how your business is performing against your competitors online. Its comprehensive tools will give you a crystal-clear view of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to your close competitors.

Benefits of gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module

Track your market positioning

The solution features proprietary tools that allow you to determine and analyze the performance of your marketing campaign. It is also capable of comparing your content and its data with those of your competitors’. 

Influencer Marketing Module provides you with metrics that show which content, channels, or regions drive engagement and conversion. Its Tracked Links tool gives you analytics on all your social engagement by campaign, links, channels, content type, geography, and device type. It enables brands to see the overall impact of their brand ambassadors on their marketing campaigns. Finally, it measures the return on investment accurately. 

Exceptional collaboration

Search and outreach with the best content creators and influencers depending on your set filters. Influencer Marketing Module produces outstanding collaborations among its expert team of marketers, legitimate influencers, and businesses. Content made for your brand will be refined according to in-depth competitor content evaluation. For your campaign’s execution, the solution will make sure that your content will be delivered to the right people who will find it valuable. 

Strategic marketing campaigns

Strategy. Even children need to have a strategy to win a PlayStation game right? This app formulates and applies targeted and workable social media strategies, attaining realistic goals aligned to your brand’s objectives. It focuses on utilizing effective platforms to connect you with your existing and new customers.

Influencer Marketing Module will act as your social representative. It will monitor your social media accounts, actively responding and engaging with your audience and convert them into loyal customers. 

Power your growth

Determining and understanding your current positioning in the market is very important. Through this, you’ll know where you can head to next. Given that, let Influencer Marketing Module be your guide map. This automated marketing solution will help you analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. From the gathered information, its expert team will work with you to develop a distinctive brand position that will separate you from your competitors.

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Software Features

  • Search Engine Optimization marketing services
  • Influencer marketing
  • Competitive assessment
  • Site audit
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Brand development
  • Web consulting
  • Return on investment tracking
  • Influencer tracking
  • Faceted search/filter
  • Paid marketing

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Integrations

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Software Pricing

Influencer Marketing Module’s pricing details are available upon request, with prices starting at $500 a month. Tailor-made packages are also available depending on the number of users, the volume of content, and the level of support needed.

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Linux

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Prominent Customers

  • Shomi
  • The Amazing Race Canada
  • Bell

Problems That gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Solves

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Languages Supported

  • English

gShift’s Influencer Marketing Module Social Media Links

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