Humanz Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Humanz?

Today, when consumers are likely to first consult product reviews online before making a purchase, influencer marketing has greatly impacted consumer preference. In fact, statistics show that 97% of people rely on suggestions and recommendations they read about a particular brand online. However, to be able to accomplish this, you’re going to need a robust influencer marketing solution.

Humanz, a Middle East-based influencer software, helps brands generate promotional content like reviews and tutorials for their product or service offering. Founded in 2017, it has already supported some of the world’s renowned brands like Zara, Visa, and Kimberly-Clark. It features a database of brand ambassadors that is filterable based on demographic, geographic, and audience data. 

This robust influencer marketing platform also protects you from fraudulent and ghost followers. Furthermore, the app streamlines processes relevant to the development of your marketing campaign. It is likewise capable of forecasting and monitoring review impressions, engagement rates, and conversions. Its artificial intelligence-powered tools will simplify and reduce your workload so you won’t feel guilty extending your coffee break.

Benefits of Humanz

Streamlined Workflow

Marketing is a time-consuming and fast-paced process. Humanz streamlines all the aspects of your marketing campaign to simplify and eliminate unnecessary and complicated tasks. It makes influencer marketing scalable, predictable, and most especially enjoyable. You can collaborate with legitimate and inspiring online influencers who can create compelling content to promote your brand. Moreover, you can monitor your campaign’s progress and performance and brand ambassadors with proprietary tools and analytics. 

Artificial Intelligence-powered 

The term “human error” was coined because humans inevitably make mistakes. So, the current trend and perhaps most efficient option for businesses is to use AI-powered tools. Although AI sometimes malfunctions or commits errors, its 2% error rate is still tolerable. 

Humanz uses the most advanced techniques in image recognition and natural language processing. Both are combined with deep AI, enabling this app to analyze billions of social profiles and content. 

No more ghost followers

Today, many self-proclaimed online influencers are trying to outsmart social media algorithms and influencer marketing solutions by acquiring thousands of inactive and fake followers. While an extensive network of followers is enticing, its effect on an online campaign is catastrophic. With Humanz, you can leverage advanced and automated social fraud detection. It helps brands get rid of frauds, counterfeit followers, and bot-generated comments. 

Humanz Software Features

  • Influencer discovery
  • Return on investment racking
  • Fraud detector
  • Community dashboard
  • Campaign management

Humanz Integrations

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Youtube

Humanz Software Pricing

Humanz app is free for download and installation. For exact pricing details, you can reach the vendor directly through email.

Humanz Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Web-based

Humanz Prominent Customers

  • McDonald’s
  • Adidas
  • Unilever

Problems That Humanz Solves

Humanz Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise
  • API

Humanz Languages Supported

  • English

Humanz Social Media Links

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