What is Influicity?

Founded in 2014, Influicity is one of the industry pioneers of the concept of bringing authentic marketing technology,  enriched data analytics, and artificial intelligence to the world of influencer media. As brands worldwide began to embrace this billion-dollar aspect of online marketing, the platform has transformed "influencer marketing" into measurable media. This modern media company leverages today's online trendsetters and their ability to connect with people. It works unceasingly with marketers and advertisers to build and run cutting edge programs, discover top talents, boost distribution, and improve analytics. Influicity's team thrives on discovering and distributing new products and solutions in the rapidly changing media marketing world.

The software intelligently collects and stores over 1.6 billion social media profiles with deep analytics on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other high traffic social media sites. You can freely select influencers who will carry your brand name. By hyper-targeting geography, demographics, psychographic, and behavioral attributes, exceptional sales are ensured. Influicity also lets you manage offers, approve content, communicate with creators, and monitor your campaign's impacts. It empowers you with turnkey solutions for online marketing, podcasts, and emerging platforms. With an innovative approach combined with deep analytics, Influicity focuses on rigorous results and professional growth.

Benefits of Influicity

Built for your success

Influicity is dedicated to developing and providing custom solutions that will stand the test of a competitive environment. Using turnkey ad solutions backed by robust analytics, the app produces high-profile podcasts, impactful influencer marketing, and high-velocity campaigns on emerging platforms. Get access to in-depth insights and data to ground your decisions. Drive awareness, coupon downloads, content seeding, and performance marketing to increase your visibility and conversion rates. 

Outstanding sales results

Turn your business from a cost center to a profit engine. Influicity provides 100% of the influencer inventory across the social web—from lifestyle bloggers to movie stars. Don't be afraid to take chances and opportunities! The app will back up your estimates with performance guarantees, and it's basically the advanced learning tools that will tell you where to go next. Human intervention will also be properly observed as it offers brand-specific account leads to plan, execute, and measure campaigns, from start to finish—truly, an extension of your team.

Start your career right
Influicity is neither a talent agency nor a management company. But it does excel in creating exceptional collaborations with top brands and influencers. It simplifies the creator onboarding process by creating a free account on its easy-to-use platform. After that, it'll be Influicity's job to search and find you when the right opportunity comes up. Get the chance to work with and for advertising campaigns, other social media creators, and even celebrities.

Influicity Software Features

  • Influencer discovery
  • Filter and search  tools
  • Campaign management
  • Data monitoring
  • Reports

Influicity Integrations

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WordPress

Influicity Software Pricing

Influicity's pricing details are available upon request. You can reach the vendor directly through email.

Influicity Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Linux

Influicity Prominent Customers

  • Toyota
  • Revlon
  • Subway
  • Bank of America

Problems That Influicity Solves

Influicity Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Influicity Languages Supported

  • English

Influicity Social Media Links

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