Jocial Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Jocial?

Today's consumers prefer their close friends' product or service recommendations to hard-selling advertisements. This has resulted in the increased popularity of influencer marketing. Why? It's because when an online influencer supports a brand campaign online, the campaign becomes as personal as a friend's recommendation.

Jocial, a leading influencer marketing software, provides bloggers and social media trendsetters with tailored solutions in a completely personalized way. It focuses on ensuring that the product and the brand are harmonized with the influencer to achieve the best possible results from marketing campaigns. This is why to improve your brand image, the tool likewise specializes in developing genuine and compelling partnerships. The platform acts likes a communicator for top-rank influencers who have a big audience and demand and advertisers or brands.

The app is a pioneer in the process of determining high-performing influencers and profitable campaigns, ensuring client satisfaction without breaking your piggy bank. It is widely available to businesses and enterprises of any size at any level. Jocial is headquartered in London and is continuing to expand in all of Europe. Developed and maintained by great innovators in the field,  the app guarantees exceptional results. It is committed to expanding your network and reach across social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, WeChat, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

Benefits of Jocial

Influencer discovery

Save time and energy looking for campaign ambassadors elsewhere. Remember, it isn't always about the follower count, you must also consider authenticity and an app's ability to connect to the public. With Jocial, you won't be left behind. You can search for the largest global influencers data as determined by intelligent proprietary tools. Easily identify influencers by category and location with the most active influential search engine on the market. Discover top-performing influencers who can secure your brand, on-message, and speak to your target audience on various social media platforms. The software features high-level search filters that allow you to focus on the level of influence, social channels, audience demographics, niche topics, and more.

Manage and maintain relationships

Maintain long-lasting relationships with your influencers in a central system-record and centralize your catch-ups with a full-fledged communication portal. Jocial CRM enables you to efficiently maintain your influencer program.  It lets you share your summaries, collaborate and approve content, provide process payments, and sign agreements in one comprehensive platform.

Brand protection

Jocial prioritizes your brand's reputation and security.  Its vetted influencers adhere to the values of your brand and ensure a fraudulent-free environment. The tool lets you manage automated brand security checks, exact audience authenticity, and build an approval flow. You may also search the entire content history of an influencer so you can be sure your brand matches the influencer's personal values to avoid future uncertainties.

Transparent pricing

Jocial will surprise you with optimized campaigns, not with hidden and extra charges. The platform ensures no hidden fee so you can always rest assured that you are not overspending on a single aspect of your whole marketing journey. From campaign fees to reporting, the rates are all-inclusive.

Jocial Software Features

  • Influencer discovery
  • Influencer relationship
  • Quality assurance
  • Contract management
  • Content guidelines management
  • Paid ads
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Content management

Jocial Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Whatsapp
  • TikTok

Jocial Software Pricing

Jocial does not publicly disclose pricing details. Interested parties can request for a quotation through email.

Jocial Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Web-based

Jocial Prominent Customers

No information available.

Problems That Jocial Solves

Jocial Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Jocial Languages Supported

  • English

Jocial Social Media Links

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