Markerly Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Markerly?

Today, most influencer marketing software offer the same basic services. Just about every tool provides a database of influencers and creators, content reach boosts, analytics services, and a few other standard features of the run-of-the-mill influencer marketing platform. This makes searching for a unique yet reliable solution for your brand like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, there’s Markerly, the only influencer marketing platform that offers an on-call concierge for your marketing needs.

Established in 2012, this marketing technology platform specializes in influencer identification and tracking. It powers impactful marketing campaigns on social media platforms, such as Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is well known for advertising amplification, reaching over 300 million people monthly. This software manages influencer marketing, custom content creation, and the distribution of articles as “recommended reading” on premium publisher sites. 

Markerly will not just work with you in the execution of your marketing campaign, but it will help you throughout the duration of your campaign. Its expert team will study your previous practices and your current positioning to formulate strategic marketing initiatives that will entail exceptional results. 

Benefits of Markerly

You’re in control

Let’s talk about influencers and creators. Markerly quickly searches through millions of accounts based on keywords, hashtags, and lifestyle choices. Once you’re done handpicking influencers and creators for your brand, take full control of your professional relationship. From the selection, negotiation, brand briefing, execution, and monitoring, you have all the say. 

Hassle-free influencer recruiting

Markerly readily provides a custom list of your potential brand ambassadors, saving you time and money. Its years of expertise in the industry will lead you to the right influencers who will make relevant content for your brand. The platform comes with an on-call concierge that quickly attends to your influencers and creators tracking inquiries. It’s so convenient as if you’re just making a call to your favorite restaurant to order food. 

End-to-end workflow

Markerly makes collaborations fast and effective. This platform has two viewing options—admin view and client view. It consolidates the approval process of content and influencers in one location and allows internal notes to be seamlessly communicated. Its proprietary technology streamlines workflows from end-to-end: from contract management down to tracking and reporting. 

Pricing Transparency

Although this software will assist you in every step of your marketing campaign, the process of negotiating with influencers and creators will be at your own discretion. This promotes transparency as you can directly work out pricing with your brand ambassadors. 

Supporting media spends

Markerly makes sure that the services you are provided with are worth every penny. Supportive media is an essential aspect of a marketing campaign. This software allows you to implement other media elements, such as comment-to-buy, SMS marketing, email, and phone number collection, conversion tracking by the influencer—all to ensure optimal success. 

Precise analytics 

After the execution of your marketing campaign, tracking your progress is crucial. Markerly’s real-time dashboard allows you to monitor all social activities of your campaign, such as engagement rates, mentions and impressions generated, conversions, earned media, reach, and total media value.


Markerly Software Features

  • Streamline Workflow
  • Influencer Discovery Tool
  • Full-Service Campaign Management
  • Real-time Reports
  • Influencer Customer Relationship Management
  • White-labeled Platform

Markerly Integrations

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Markerly Software Pricing

Markerly’s rate and packages are available upon request. You can directly contact the vendor through email.

Markerly Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Markerly Prominent Customers

  • Coca-Cola
  • Michelin
  • Alessi

Problems That Markerly Solves

Markerly Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Markerly Languages Supported

  • English

Markerly Social Media Links

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