Popular Pays Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Popular Pays?

Popular Pays is a creative collaboration software that helps brands work with content creators and influencers with ease. The platform boasts of a robust search engine and a comprehensive set of relationship management features, allowing companies to quickly discover its community of over 60,000 individuals. Popular Pays understands that effective collaboration is a crucial aspect of business success, so it made communication with companies’ selected partners accessible. With the Threads feature, brands can interact with influencers one-on-one or at scale through its Campaign workflow tools. Influencer marketing data and content performance are all-in-one place, so companies can assess their results more efficiently. With this software’s powerful set of functions, businesses can execute their influencer and content production strategies seamlessly.

Benefits of Popular Pays

Smart influencer discovery

Popular Pays equips companies with tools that allow them to quickly find the perfect partners for their brand in a variety of ways. Through this platform, businesses can discover influencers by network, skill, location, or demographic. If companies prefer a more straightforward search process, they can also perform a direct search by typing in the influencer’s name, handle, or keywords in a caption to reveal a list of creators that match their purpose. Popular Pays helps companies choose the right influencer for their brand by providing data showing a prospect’s portfolio and social health.

Easy network management

Popular Pays allows companies to segment influencers or creators by tags to develop curated lists that will be useful to the execution of their specific strategies. Companies can also target campaigns to a distinct set of creator groups. Popular Pays also permits the invitation of off-platform creators so companies can manage their communities easier.

Streamlined collaboration

With the Threads feature, Popular Pays offers companies an easy way to collaborate with their influencers and creators. Through this messaging platform, companies can share creative ideas with their partners, ask them questions to see if they’re the right fit, and negotiate pricing and availability concerns. This feature also permits the sharing of any file format required to work through a project. It also supports unlimited collaborations so that companies can work with as many partners as they want.

End-to-end campaign support

Popular Pays ensures that it provides the support needed for companies to accomplish every part of the campaign life cycle, from brief creation with the Automated Brief Builder to holistic and individual post-performance tracking. This ensures that every campaign will get companies the results they aspire for.

Organized asset library

Popular Pays ensures that companies find all their assets easily by aggregating them in one place through the Google Vision Search powered content library. Companies can also save their assets by bulk or individually and directly export their content to Facebook and Pinterest Ad Managers.

Practical data review

Companies can review their marketing data and see their top-performing influencers and content with campaign insights that include key metrics, such as highest engagement rate, most viewed post, and most likes. Popular Pays provides them with automatic and real-time data so they can make informed decisions regarding their campaigns.

Popular Pays Software Features

  • Efficient influencer discovery process
  • Importation of off-platform influencers or creators
  • Threads for easy collaboration
  • Automated Brief Builder
  • Google Vision Search powered content library
  • Aggregated influencer marketing data and content performance results

Popular Pays Integrations

Popular Pays Software Pricing

Popular Pays offers three subscription plans: Lite, Suite, and Single Buy. The pricing information for each is available upon request. Please visit the vendor’s official website to request a personal demo of the platform.

Popular Pays Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Popular Pays Prominent Customers

  • Bobbi Brown
  • Amazon
  • Nike

Problems That Popular Pays Solves

Popular Pays Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Popular Pays Languages Supported

  • English

Popular Pays Social Media Links

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