Social Seeder Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Social Seeder?

Often, consumers experience ad fatigue. I mean, don't we all? How many times have you skipped an advertisement video or closed a window tab because an ad popped up? Many studies show that more and more people are becoming reluctant to see or hear promotions, especially those that are blatant and frequently seen.

So on your next marketing campaign, make sure that the audience will warmly accept it. Go subtle while generating high traffic and engagement rates through influencer marketing.

To accomplish this, you might want to check out Social Seeder, a Europe-based marketing software that creates influencer communities by streamlining communications between you, your co-workers, and their social networks. It empowers your ambassadors to share relevant messages in a just few clicks across social networks. Social Seeder's outstanding campaign management process starts with a hands-on workshop with its customer success team members who help map all the necessary steps using Ambassador Canvas. This tool intelligently provides you with strategies for recruiting, inactivating, and engaging your community of ambassadors.

Once you're done launching your program and recruiting your ambassadors, the campaign execution comes next. The software features an easy to use platform that optimizes content, segments influencers, and amplifies campaigns. Finally, brands can track their progress in a customizable dashboard. Within a few clicks, you can access the data of your internal and external engagements, the impact of your campaigns, and the level of conversions.


Benefits of Social Seeder

Internal customers first

Engaged employees are the best ambassadors you can ever have. If they are happy and satisfied at work, they are more inclined to talk about your brand in a positive light. Let's put it this way, who would you ask for road directions if you got lost in an unknown place? Obviously, those who actually live in there. The same goes for employee advocacy. With Social Seeder, you can equip your internal customers to be your brand advocates because people will more likely trust them.

Your trusted influencer community

Social Seeder believes that your co-workers can share a role in your marketing campaign. Boost your sales by developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your employees and consumers as part of your sales process. People are more likely to trust recommendations from their friends and family compared to traditional blatant advertising. The app will help you unlock the enormous potential network composing your employees and consumers while providing them with relevant content.

Optimize your marketing

Boosting brand awareness has never been easier. By engaging your employees and consumers, they feel like they are part of something big—evangelizing your brand. And through their help, you can reach a tremendous amount of people with the right content and frequency.

Social Seeder Software Features

  • Campaign management
  • Employee referral management
  • Rewards management
  • Contact management
  • Referral tracking
  • Campaign monitoring/metrics
  • Customized reports

Social Seeder Integrations

No information available.

Social Seeder Software Pricing

Social Seeder's pricing details are available upon request. Interested parties can ask for quotations via email.

Social Seeder Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Web-based

Social Seeder Prominent Customers

  • Unilever
  • Toyota
  • BMW

Problems That Social Seeder Solves

Social Seeder Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Social Seeder Languages Supported

  • English

Social Seeder Social Media Links

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