Wizdeo Analytics Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is Wizdeo Analytics?

Wizdeo is a YouTube analytics platform that helps both brands and creators grow their channels. It has generated more than 160 videos of branded content, allowing its clients to get more than 55 million natural views. The solution works with all industry sectors, including NGOs, toys, gaming, mobile apps, and FMCG. Wizdeo also ranks as one of the top Multi-Channel Networks in Europe. The company manages more than 600 YouTube channels for its creators, advertisers, and media, with more than 25 million subscribers and 700 million views every month.

The platform's network channels cover every YouTube category, with most of them in the entertainment, film, and gaming channels. Wizdeo has an audience that mainly spreads to the 18 to 44-year-old demography. This proprietary tool for big data analyzes and tracks more than 700,000 channels all over the world. Included here are 40 million users, 55 million videos, and 17,000 brand channels. Wizdeo Analytics gives brands and creators personalized suggestions automatically to work on benchmarking the competition in terms of the best ad campaigns, top influencers, and market share on YouTube.

With Wizdeo Analytics, YouTube creators can match the needs of brands for specific campaigns when it comes to brand content. It allows them to target the audience of influencers, particularly the segments that are most profitable. With Wizdeo, you can guarantee great ROI and campaign performance to your clients in terms of watch time, engagement rate, core demographics, and more.

Benefits of Wizdeo Analytics

Optimize Branded Content and Select Influencers

Look for the right influencer for your brand campaign by using the best type of search engine. What you choose can only be just as good as the search engine.

The cutting-edge Wizdeo Analytics influencer search engine gives all of the tools that will allow you to identify the best influencer. That person may be a particular audience's leading influencer or an expert in a specific county characterized by its demography or interests.

The Measurement Program of YouTube has fully verified this engine, including all displayed influencer data like channel groups, subs and views for channels, and the demography of the influencer's audience.

Build Your Audience

It allows Talent Agencies and MCNs to deal with both the brands and the creators. They can help search for new opportunities for revenue and build the audience of YouTube influencers by proposing for brands to have sponsored creator videos with opportunities for paid media.

YouTube Creator Matching

For a long time, talent agencies and MCNs have partnered with creators not just for a single operation. They must have an understanding of the talent, and data can help with this. Here, it involves the kind of evolution that the creator may possess in the future, how he is compared to others, and the creator's track record. Wizdeo Analytics provides all these indications with its tool that has backing of statistical analysis to forecast its performance in the future. Because of its depth, size, and database quality, any talent agency or MCN can pore into the number of influencers that may be relevant to their business. 

YouTube Channel Analysis

Creators depend on the provided data by YouTube Analytics to know what is happening to their channel. However, if you want to see how the other creators are performing, including those who are successful, it can be possible to use the information that third-party sites provide. 

YouTube Channel Ranking

Users and creators can depend on ranking algorithms and data given by Wizdeo Analytics. With Wizdeo Analytics. You can detect influencers with the same audience that may either be your potential partners or real competitors as you grow your channel. You can do this by closely matching and examining other media, including your community.

Advanced Analytics for Channel Development 

YouTube creators interested in digging deeper to understand how and why other channels are highly successful can check out these lessons and apply them to their channels. Because of verified YouTube data from Wizdeo Analytics, people can access many highly advanced indicators. It can provide information on those with high rankings on SEO, which videos are viral for your subscribers, or have complete playlists.

Wizdeo Analytics Software Features

  • Creators and content discovery
  • Compare your channel with others
  • Creator analytics
  • Content protection

Wizdeo Analytics Integrations

Wizdeo Analytics can integrate seamlessly with third-party software through its API.

Wizdeo Analytics Software Pricing

The vendor does not publicly display pricing information. You have to visit its official website and ask for pricing details.

Wizdeo Analytics Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Wizdeo Analytics Prominent Customers

  • P&G
  • SFR
  • Danone
  • Electronic Arts
  • Warner Bros
  • Lovoo
  • SNCF
  • Garnier
  • Mattel
  • Honor

Problems That Wizdeo Analytics Solves

Wizdeo Analytics Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

Wizdeo Analytics Languages Supported

  • English

Wizdeo Analytics Social Media Links

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