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Cloutboost Review

Founding Date: January 1, 2017
Agency Type: Influencer Marketing Agencies
Editor’s Rating:
9.2 / 10
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What is Cloutboost?

Cloutboost is a full-service gaming influencer agency situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Founded in 2017, the agency is committed to helping brands effectively reach out and engage with millions of users, particularly in the gaming community. Specifically, it offers the following services:

Influencer Marketing

Cloutboost knows that competition on YouTube alone is tough, with more than 40 million video game channels. Hence, it will provide the most suitable influencer for your brand and create high-performing marketing strategies to promote your content effectively. 

Paid Media Campaigns

Cloutboost doesn’t just create attractive and engaging media campaigns; it creates something that will stand out among 500+ new games uploaded on mobile platforms every day. The agency targets the right keywords and establishes a clear ad purpose to meet your company’s goals.  

Video Game PR

Public relations is one of the core services of Cloutboost. To increase brand awareness and Return on Investment (ROI), the agency taps notable media outlets and publications and creates press releases and feature coverages for your company. 

Aside from these services, the agency also specializes in Twitch and YouTube influencer videos creation. Its marketing strategies are data-driven and transparent, and the team fully understands the gaming industry. To launch successful marketing campaigns, Cloutboost connects with over 2.7 billion gaming audiences and delivers the right message on the right social media channels.      

The agency is also connected with world-class gaming influencers, delivering optimal results. Overall, its services are a perfect combination of industry expertise, influencer marketing best practices, and precise campaign analytics. 

If you’re looking to establish a powerful name in the gaming industry, Cloutboost is the best solution. 

Cloutboost Prominent Clients

The agency has worked successfully with big international brands, including:

  • Rovio Entertainment
  • Samsung
  • PlayKids
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • TinyBuild
  • MMORPG Game
  • Wargaming
  • PlatinumGames
  • Lilith Games
  • Freejam Games
  • AFK Arena
  • IDC Games
  • Hotspot Shield VPN

Cloutboost Awards and Recognitions

Due to its expertise and passion for producing data-driven marketing, Cloutboost has received the Top Influencer Marketing Company 2020 Award by Business of Apps.

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Cloutboost Major Campaigns

Cloutboost has produced several notable media campaigns for big gaming agencies across the globe. Its major projects include creating video content and influencer marketing strategies for PlayKids, Rovio, and Platinum Games.

PlayKids XD Influencer Marketing Case Study

The company reached out to Cloutboost to help promote their PK XD game to relevant audiences, particularly to Minecraft and Roblox fans in the Southeast Asian region. To achieve this goal, the agency partnered with the biggest influencers in the region and created 10-15 minute gameplay videos that are supported by giveaways and 30-second ads. 

PlayKids was able to hit its goal, gaining 13.4 million video views, 4.27% average engagement rate, and 55.5% true reach score. 


Rovio Case Study: Preparing Darkfire Heroes for Battle

The company became one of the most prominent brands in the mobile gaming industry after the massive success of Angry Birds. Now, it’s seeking to leverage its global awareness by introducing a new game, the Darkfire Heroes. To effectively build awareness campaigns and user acquisition for Rovio, Cloutboost tapped five mid-tier influencers known for playing mobile RPGs. 

A 60-90 second campaign ad was integrated into the influencers’ YouTube videos, introducing Darkfire Heroes to more than 9 million people. 


Platinum Games Marketing Case Study: The Wonderful 101

The company seeks to promote and find a wider audience for The Wonderful 101: Remastered video game. It aimed to reach gamers across PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. To achieve these goals, Cloutboost created short and long-form videos accompanied by call-to-action links in video descriptions and giveaways. The videos were then promoted by 12 gaming influencers. 

The campaign received high-time commercial success, gaining a total of 5.6 million reach, 1.7 million video views, and a 6.43% average engagement rate. 


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